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Best Payment Processing Solutions for Small Retail Businesses

As a retail business owner, you understand the importance of having an efficient and safe credit card processing system for your sales.

We've all been there, waiting in a line for an eternity and wondering how much more grinding our teeth can take.

You know that the lack of a good system could slow your business down and even cause you to lose customers.

An ideal payment processing solution should seamlessly fit into your retail store, and help the business grow, not hinder it.

And maybe you're a business that accepts cash only, and although that is a way around messing with a credit card processor, that approach alone could be hurting your business.Credit Card Payment Services

Did you know that 75% of consumers prefer to pay with plastic versus cash?

No matter if you are cash-only or using a slow, complex processing system, you are losing business and money - guaranteed.

For an easy-to-use system that implements cash and credit card payments, contact Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) for the best payment processing solution for your retail business.

How valuable would it be for your business to streamline a payment processing system?

That is just one of the ways that EMS can help you continue to grow your retail business.

Scroll down to learn more about how EMS is here to help!

Benefits of a Streamlined Credit Card Processing System for Retail

Small Business Opportunities

When you implement an easy payment processing system, you will supercharge customer satisfaction, make more money per transaction, increase profit, dip or swipe cards with EMV chip-enabled payments, and quickly get your customers checked out and on their way!

How can you increase profits overall?

It's simple: With a streamlined process for payment acceptance, EMS services allow you to increase the number of transactions you can complete in a given time period.

When the amount of transactions per hour increase, the customer experience is improved, along with your sales.

What are benefits to an EMS credit card processing solution?

EMS merchant accounts allow retail businesses to authorize point-of-sale (POS) transactions as efficiently as possible with our advanced technology and software.

That means your customers will have more payment flexibility. They can dip their chip, swipe a magnetic strip, wave their card or phone with near field communication (NFC) processing, and more. With more options to choose from, customer satisfaction will increase, along with the potential for repeat business.

The improved customer service offered through faster checkout times and secured payment processing will also help drive increased sales.

Close to 60% of United States retail stores are accepting chip card payments. EMV-enabled chip cards are more secure than a magnetic strip, reducing the risk of credit card fraud in card-present transactions.

Accepting this type of payment helps to minimize your liability risk, and increases your customers' confidence levels in your business security.

Whether your are looking for an EMV card reader to jumpstart online sales with a Virtual Terminal, or a physical terminal solution, you have options to choose from at EMS.


We offer our merchant account holders unparalleled 24/7/365 customer support, a wide range of merchant services and products, and simple integration with your retail store's operations.

EMS gives every small business owner an easy way to accept credit cards that will streamline your credit card processing system and won't empty your wallet

Implementing a Retail Payment Processing Solution

Combine security and functionality

As a business owner, we understand that your primary focus needs to be on your store- not fussing with a credit card system.

With inventory management, creating new products, and marketing your business, the last thing you want to spend time and energy on is a payment processing system.

This is where Electronic Merchant Systems comes in with simple, transparent, and safe payment processing solutions.

As a total transparent company, you can rest easy knowing that there are no hidden fees and our systems are PCI-certified. We're 100% safe and secure as a Level 1 PCI DSS certified payment processor.

For every merchant account holder, we work hard to replicate unparalleled, always-there customer service, support, and top-notch products.

Credit card processing is a must these days, and it's important to consider how your customers would like to pay. Implement a system that allows for multiple payment options to suit their needs.

Our payment processing systems are all easy to implement in your store and designed to streamline - not complicate - your retail business.

Growing your retail business with EMS

Merchant Services

Once you integrate one of EMS' credit card processing solutions into your business, there are more opportunities available at EMS that can help your store to scale.

Did you know that 87% of consumers want customer loyalty programs at their favorite stores?

Current merchant account holders who run small retail store businesses have benefited from implementing customer loyalty programs.

Having a customer loyalty and rewards program helps to build loyal customers and increases customer retention.

Opportunities at EMS to help with retaining customers include:

  • Gift cards
  • Customizable card designs
  • Loyalty cards (to earn points and rewards)

All of these opportunities will help your retail store stay competitive with other small retail businesses that offer customer loyalty programs or gift cards.

The options of customizing gift cards and loyalty programs to your specific retail store are endless, and it all works together to build relationships with your consumers while increasing new customers and repeat business.

Why Choose EMS for Retail Credit Card Processing?

More than just payment processing

Having an easy-to-use payment processing system is just the start of what we can do for your retail business.

We understand that running a business is stressful, hard work.

As the owner, your attention can only be focused on so many things at one time, so let EMS worry about some of the responsibilities.

"But why should I choose to work with EMS?"

EMS is a national company that has locations across the United States, with 11 locations total including our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

Since our start in the merchant services industry 30 years ago, we have accumulated more than 800 customer reviews on Google, resulting in a glowing 4.7/5-star rating.

Take a look at the customer reviews for yourself, so you can learn how EMS has helped businesses grow their concepts since we started working with them.

Retail Payment Processing

At EMS, we offer our merchant account holders 24/7, U.S.-based customer support. No matter if you call us at 3 PM or 3 AM, we'll be there to assist you.

All the payment processing solutions we offer are safe and PCI-compliant, meaning that your money, your customers' information, and more are 100% secure.

On top of payment processing systems, we offer payment gateways (like our Virtual Terminal) for easy online credit card processing, gift and loyalty cards (for higher customer retention), and online website development and design (to build out your small business's online presence).

We understand that a proper payment processing system is a fraction of what makes businesses run smoothly- which is why we offer services and products so we cover everything that helps your small business grow!

Take Your First Step with EMS Today

Get your Retail Payment Processing Needs met at EMS!

Don't let another day pass where you lose money because you aren't processing customers' payments with help from Electronic Merchant Systems!

With credit card processing solutions from EMS, you will:

  1. Retain returning customers and attract new customers
  2. Raise daily sales with the hike in per transaction amount spent
  3. Streamline your business down to the inventory specifics

Use EMS for customer loyalty programs and more...

As mentioned above, we can do more than streamline your payment processing system!

EMS offers customer loyalty programs, gift cards, online web design, and payment gateway options for when you are ready to take your retail business sales to the Internet (if you haven't already!).

With a plethora of credit card processors to choose from, gift and loyalty cards, and online website design options, we are here to provide excellent, customizable products and services to benefit any local small business.

Click the image below and one of our representatives will contact you within 24-48 hours to find out what specific needs your retail business has and how EMS can assist you.

Retail Store Merchant Services

Learn more about Credit Card Processing

An efficient credit card processing system is a great way for small businesses to increase their daily sales, quickly cash customers out, and increase the yearly profit of the retail store.

Fill out the form to the right to learn even more about the payment processing solutions EMS can supply for your retail business.