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June 03, 2021

The Advantages Of Becoming A Merchant Services ISO Agent With EMS


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The Advantages Of Becoming A Merchant Services ISO Agent With EMS

In the last year, businesses' need for flexible payment processing services increased. Merchant services ISO agents have never been in more need of a payment processing partner that can help their clients adapt to these ever-changing times. Having brick-and-mortar, online payment options, contactless, and card-not-present options is a necessity now.

But there are a number of ISO Agents out there that don't know the opportunities available to them. Specifically, they don't know that they could be partnering with the best ISO agent program in the country today.

The Electronic Merchant Systems ISO Agent Program can help agents:

  • Expand their merchant portfolio
  • Offer cutting-edge payment processing products and services
  • Get access to their residual income when they need it
  • Access to an industry-leading agent portal
  • Transparency and responsiveness

Read on to find out the numerous benefits that partnering with EMS can have for your merchant services industry career.

Merchant Services Resellers with EMS Have Access to More Sponsor Banks Than Any Other Provider

The first significant benefit of partnering with Electronic Merchant Systems is that they cooperate with more sponsor banks than other ISO programs.

The core benefit of partnering with an ISO Agent Program with more sponsor banks is that it can allow you to get into more verticals and boost your residual income. This is because you will be able to find a home for those merchants in challenging verticals. 

Another benefit to joining a program with the most sponsor banks is the ability to close deals quicker. If you have a merchant that is in a challenging vertical, it can be difficult to close the deal. But when you have a program that has multiple sponsor banks, you won't lose time trying to make sure your deal gets closed. 

If you're a credit card processing sales agent looking to close more deals and expand your portfolio, having access to more sponsored banks is an undeniable advantage, as is Electronic Merchant Systems' daily residual program. 

Benefits of a Daily Residual Program

this-merchant-services-reseller-is-becoming-a-registered-iso-with-emsBeing limited to when you can receive the residuals you earned can be frustrating. It's income you've earned, and you want it more than once a month.

By partnering with EMS, we give you control.

This is thanks to our daily residual program.

While other programs limit you to getting your residuals once a month, as an EMS Agent, you can have access to your residual income the day after your merchant starts processing.  

If you like having one payday, that's great! If you want to get your residuals weekly, you can. With EMS, you are in control of when you get your money. 

Another benefit you get as an agent with us is peace of mind. Too often in this industry, we've seen agents have to jump through hoops to ensure they were getting paid what they are supposed to.  

As an EMS Agent, you don't have to thanks to MyPortfolio.


A Committed Agent Portal, MyPortfolio

Business management is no easy feat. Unless you've spent years developing a portfolio management system at no small cost, having an agent portal designed for agents by agents can save you time and money. 

You can track your residuals accurately and spend less time worrying if the amount you're getting is correct. 

All EMS ISO agents have complete access to our comprehensive agent portal, MyPortfolio. 

This system enables merchant services ISO agents to take control of their own business, wherever they are. MyPortfolio can be accessed from anywhere with a secure internet connection, with numerous security features already in place.

As one of the best agent portals on the market, MyPortfolio's comprehensive features include:

  • Merchant Acquisition tools including DocuSign and customizable pricing plans
  • Deal Tracking with real-time notifications
  • Sub-agent management capabilities
  • Thorough Residual Reporting including summaries and visualizations
  • Regular Merchant Tracking options

MyPortfolio serves as a powerful, transparent tool that can transform the way you do business.

Without the proper management, it can be challenging to perform your best in this competitive industry. To ensure you're seeing the success you want selling merchant services, MyPortfolio can help you see how your merchants are performing and be able to anticipate their needs to help them grow.

And as an Electronic Merchant Systems ISO Agent with us, you can white-label MyPortfolio as your own. 

White-Label Agent Portfolio

Not only does EMS offer MyPortfolio, but we also offer the opportunity to white-label it with your business name and logo. 

As an EMS Agent, you won't have to spend time and money trying to develop business management software. Your time is valuable and should be spent growing your merchant services business.  

Our white-label capabilities gives your company the professional, sleek look without having to invest time and money.

You can have the appearance of a sophisticated business in far less time or money than it'd take recruiting someone to develop the software for you. You'll also have complete control of the direction your design takes every step of the way.

With the ability to white-label MyPortfolio, you'll have the support of professional software that allows you to manage your business effortlessly. In addition to this, you'll also have industry-leading customer service support.


24/7/365 Support and Partner Assistance

Electronic Merchant Systems' ISO Agent Program operates by the "Sundown Policy." This means that you will receive a response from us by the end of the day about your issue.

We often hear from merchant services agents who join our program how much they appreciate the consistent communication we provide. It's all too common in the payments industry that agents with other programs won't hear back from them for days.  

At EMS, you'll have a dedicated relationship manager to help and respond to your questions. In addition to this, you also have access to our US-based customer service team 24/7/365.  

If you have any questions, they are available to answer them. If your merchant has any issues or has a question that you don't have an immediate response to, you can contact our support team and get the answer you need. 

We make it our mission to ensure that all of our partners get the support they need to succeed. 

Our team is trained extensively to ensure they provide the support that's clear, concise, and easy to follow. We're in this alongside you to ensure that your business succeeds in the way we know it can.

At Electronic Merchant Systems, Agent success is our mission. Ensuring that you have the tools and support you need to be a leader in the payments industry is our goal.

Join The Leading Merchant Services Agent Program Today!

For over 30 years, we have been helping ISO Agents get the success they deserve.  

As an EMS Agent, you'll get benefits like:

  • More Sponsor Banks Than Other ISO Programs
  • Daily Residuals
  • Access To A Portfolio System Designed By Agents, For Agents
  • White-Labeling MyPortfolio

If you're ready to get the support you deserve and take the next step in your merchant services business, join the EMS ISO Agent Program Today!

Get the Sales Support You Need

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