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May 26, 2021

3 Tips to Help You Overcome a Negative Review

Samantha Hubay

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Samantha Hubay

3 Tips to Help You Overcome a Negative Review

Positive online reviews are key contributing factors to the success of any business today. We're probably not the first ones to tell you that, but in case we are, go back and read that sentence again. 

Yes, positive reviews are wonderful ways to gain new customers and grow your reputation. But, what happens if a customer finds a negative review? Could that sway their purchasing decision? 

It absolutely could, unless you know how to overcome those discouraging comments. In this post, we'll explain a bit more about negative reviews and share a simple strategy to help you overcome them.


How to Handle Negative Review Roadblocks

According to a recent survey from BrightLocal, 79% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. This same study found that 94% of consumers are more likely to use a business with positive reviews. Wow! That’s a lot of stake placed in the experiences and opinions of others.

When reviews are mostly positive, these statistics are incredibly helpful in making the sale. However, if a merchant stumbles across a negative review, it can hinder your efforts. In order to successfully overcome objections attributed to a negative review, there are two things you should know.

First, negative reviews are inevitable. At least one can be found for every company, product, or service in the world, even if 99% of the other reviews are positive.

Second, not all review sites are reliable. There are some industry-specific sites out there that require “pay-to-play” participation. To secure positive reviews or recommendations on third-party sites like these, companies must compensate the site owner. If they don’t participate, the site may post negative reviews discouraging consumers from supporting the company.

If a potential merchant brings a negative review to your attention, make sure it is from a reputable source that does not require payment to participate, such as Google or the Better Business Bureau.


Here are a few tips to help you overcome objections associated with a negative review:

  1. First and foremost, make sure the merchant understands that any big company is bound to have some complaints online. Consumers are always free to speak their mind regarding their experience and opinion of a purchase, and sometimes those experiences or opinions are negative.

  2. Inform the merchant about credible third-party review sites like Google and the Better Business Bureau. Then, let those third-party sites do the talking. For example, Electronic Merchant Systems' positive ratings on these sites assures merchants they are making the right decision by choosing us as their processor.

  3. If the merchant is still concerned about the negative review they read, try this technique to show them there are always negative comments to be found:
    • "I respect that you were doing some research. That's important, and I recommend it. Do you mind if I ask you where you came across this review?"
    • "Who is your cellular carrier, if you don’t mind me asking?"
    • "Will you do me a favor? Go to the website where you saw the negative review and search for reviews of your carrier. Do you see any negative comments?”

It’s important to remember not to be too pushy when navigating this situation. If you spend too much time trying to convince the merchant that their findings are wrong or if they feel you aren’t taking their concerns into account, you’re going to lose them.


How EMS Compares to the Competition

Electronic Merchant Systems is currently in excellent review standing with both Google and the Better Business Bureau. We have achieved:

  • A 4.7-star rating on Google with 972 reviews, compared to Square’s 2.4-star rating on Google with 397 reviews.
  • 4 stars with the Better Business Bureau from 147 reviews, compared to Heartland Payment Systems’ 1.0 star from 5 reviews.


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