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February 14, 2018

How To Rock Your Next Payments Industry Trade Show

Cole Godsey

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Cole Godsey

How To Rock Your Next Payments Industry Trade Show

3 Ways to Prepare For Your Payment Industry Trade Show

Successful ISO Agents provide new and innovative solutions to solve merchants' complex marketplace problems.

As the fintech industry evolves, it is essential for resellers to stay up to date with payments industry trends.

In addition to reading industry publications like The Green Sheet and Digital Transactions, ISO Agents can strengthen their business by attending industry trade shows like TRANSACT, an annual show hosted by the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA).

Here are three ways to take advantage of the next payments industry trade show you attend.


1. Create a daily agenda

As an investment of your time and money, you want to get the most out of an industry trade show.

Prior to attending, determine what you want to accomplish. From educational sessions to networking luncheons to keynote presentations, trade shows can provide significant value in a short amount of time.

Many trade shows even offer receptions to connect first-time attendees with industry veterans. Review the schedule and outline which events you want to attend.

2. Seize valuable opportunities

TRANSACT, the show hosted by ETA, includes a payments pitch-off.

Attending or participating in an event like this can be a great way to keep up with industry advancements.

TRANSACT’s Payments Pitch-Off provides “startups the opportunity to demonstrate their innovative new electronic payments technology product or service to an audience which includes media, venture investors, and potential industry partners.”

3. Take Notes on Business Cards 

Business Cards for Payments Industry Trade Show

While you’re surrounded by media, venture investors, and other industry professionals, you should be building your network!

After you exchange business cards, take notes on the back of the card to jog your memory when you follow up. To maintain these connections, reach out after the trade show concludes (via email or LinkedIn) and reference something specific from your conversation.

Even if you can’t work together today, future collaboration is always a possibility.

Three critical steps you want to take are:

  1. Create a plan
  2. Take advantage of opportunities
  3. Network with decision makers

If you can’t attend in-person, you can still participate in trade shows by following the show's official hashtag. This can be an efficient way to gain insight and wisdom through text, photos, and videos.

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