EMS Achieves Glassdoor’s OpenCompany Status

EMS has Reached Glassdoor's OpenCompany Status

If you are interested in a Payment Processing Merchant Company that has OpenCompany status on Glassdoor, Electronic Merchant Systems is for you.


Electronic Merchant Systems is proud to announce it has achieved Glassdoor’s OpenCompany status

Glassdoor launched its OpenCompany program to recognize companies that emphasize transparency between employer and employee.

In qualifying for OpenCompany status, EMS has shown it values relationships with current and prospective employees by encouraging reviews and feedback to improve the workplace.

The program has been adopted by high profile companies such as Cigna Healthcare, United Airlines, and Deloitte. More and more industry leaders are embracing workplace transparency and putting an emphasis on socially engaging their employees. Electronic Merchant Systems is no exception.

Electronic Merchant Systems strives to create positive, open and healthy relationships with its employees.

Achieving OpenCompany status is a testament to the transparent workplace EMS provides. EMS will continue to encourage employees to actively participate in the discussion.

Social engagement in the workplace fuels company-wide growth and encourages best practices. EMS believes in an open dialogue in the workplace in order to retain, attract and improve its talent.

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