May 26, 2020

5 Characteristics to Help You Persevere in Sales

Samantha Hubay
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Samantha Hubay

5 Characteristics to Help You Persevere in Sales

As an Agent and a sales professional, one of the most important things you do is persevere.

You may be wondering, what does it mean to persevere? The dictionary definition of the word perseverance is, “persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” In other words, when you practice perseverance, you don’t shy away from a challenging sale or abandon pursuit after hearing the word ‘no.’ That fact alone makes perseverance a pivotal part of effective selling and a successful career.

Successful perseverance isn’t something that just happens. Like anything worth doing, it takes practice and focus to get it right. To start practicing, however, you need to know where to start.

That’s where we come in! With this post, we’ll highlight five characteristics required for effective perseverance.


How to Practice Perseverance

Keep these five characteristics in mind each day and you’ll be on your way to a successful career!


1. Self-Discipline

This is the foundation for perseverance. Show up on time every day and always think about what tweaks you can make to improve your strategy and schedule. Focus on keeping yourself accountable to your merchants, your team, and yourself. When you excel at accountability and self-discipline, you encourage yourself keep moving forward even when times get tough.

2. Optimism

Being optimistic about the outcome of a conversation or sales pitch helps you to stay encouraged and motivated! We’ve talked in the past about maintaining a positive mental attitude and the abundance mindset as part of your strategy. These optimistic tools are all great ways to help you stay dedicated to your work, no matter what.


3. Competitiveness

In sales, being competitive means learning as much as you can about your customer, their business, and especially the competition you are facing. Watch your competition closely. Stay aware of what they are doing at all times, and you will always be able to explain why your solution is better.


4. Initiative

Taking initiative means being proactive rather than reactive. This means constantly staying vigilant and hunting new opportunities instead of waiting for them to fall into your lap. Those who take initiative are not intimidated by challenges, but thrive on them. You are responsible for getting what you want in life, and in your career. If you simply sit and wait for the right opportunity, you will limit your chance for success.



5. Resourcefulness

It’s tempting to shrug and say, “oh well, I did everything I could” when a customer rejects your proposal. Resourcefulness allows you to persevere until you find a way to succeed. When you’re resourceful, you’ll realize that the game is never over, even after the final buzzer.


Perseverance is essential for outstanding Agents and sales professionals. It will allow you to succeed where others will fail. It gives you an immunity to the word “no.” It shows customers that you are worth talking to and helps you nurture relationships with them, even before getting the ‘yes.’ Use the five characteristics we outlined above to keep you focused on overcoming the odds, and your career will only grow.

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