Virtual Terminals

Virtual Terminals are web-based, real time credit card payment applications that enable you to process and manage payment card transactions quickly and easily in a back office, phone, or billing environment.

“OneClick” Report Generator

Merchants have quick access to all of their transaction history. Reports from our virtual terminal can be viewed online or downloaded for import into third party applications.

Automated Recurring Billing

Create a reoccurring payment schedule with EMS Virtual Terminals. A great fit for merchants such as Health Clubs, Subscription Services, ISPs, Schools, Insurance, Utilities, Daycare Centers, etc.

Recurring Customer

Create customer database records, including secure storage of payment card information, for convenient reuse when payment amounts are not the same. With EMS Virtual Terminals customer database management is easy.

Shopping Cart Compatibility

Already integrated for “plug and play” installation with most shopping cart applications.

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