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Retail Sales

Electronic Merchant Systems’ new NFC/EMV terminal will provide you with an EMV/NFC-capable terminal. Your customer can hold their mobile device up to a wireless payment terminal near the cash register and then use Touch ID to complete their purchase. This solution for the October 2015 liability shift that incentivizes merchants to accept EMV chip cards.

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Credit Card Processing for Retail Sales

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, EMV

Give your customers options to pay. Electronic Merchant Systems has all the current payment solutions that your customers want to pay with.

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Countertop Point of Sale Terminals

If you are looking for simplicity, payment acceptance with a credit card POS terminal is the way to go. Our countertop POS terminals allow for not only credit and debit cards acceptance but also can handle checks, EMV, EBT and gift, and loyalty cards.

Finding the Right Terminal for Your Retail Store

Believe it or not but all terminals are not the same. EMS has a variety of terminal to best fit your needs and budget.

Our two main hardware suppliers are Ingenico and Verifone. Each brand has several models to fit your individual needs.

If you already have a terminal, we can see if our system can be download on it saving you from having to buy a new terminal.

However, if you end up needing new hardware here are some of the options.


Point of Sale solutions for Retail Businesses


ICT 220 Terminal: Designed for mobility EMV chip and NFC certification

Secure Versatile, Affordable

  • EMV chip with PIN or signature & PCI Certified

  • Accepts contact and contactless payments

  • NFC mobile wallets: Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal

  • Credit PIN Debit, Altus Premier, Check Services

  • Supports retail and restaurant markets

Menu driven display that ensures simple navigation. Lightweight, so it is simple to pass from clerk to customer. Magic Box, cable management feature, reduces countertop clutter, and it makes installations simple.

You can choose from a one-piece handover solution or a two-piece solution, depending on which fits your needs and budget best.

ICT 250 Terminal: The Smart Multi-Payment Countertop Device

Robust, Secure,  Modern

  • EMV chip with PIN or signature & PCI certification

  • Accepts contact and countless payments

  • NFC mobile wallets: Apple Pay Android, PayPal

  • Credit PIN Debit, Altus Premier, Check Services

  • Supports retail and restaurant markets

Lightweight design keeping the customer in mind. Easy to pass from clerk to customer for safe, secure PIN transactions. Simple installation with a little footprint on your countertop keeping your checkout station looking neat and tidy.

Upgraded screen to full-color making transactions easy to see. No need to guess about prompts making checkouts fast and enjoyable for both the clerk and customer.


iWL255: Designed for mobility EMV chip card and NFC Certified

  • Accepts EMV chip card, contactless cards, mobile wallet and legacy magnetic stripe cards (Credit and PIN- Debit only)

  • Compact size

  • Extended battery life

  • 3G communications

  • On the go transactions

With the on the go transactions, this can allow for quick, secure checkouts from anywhere in your store keep holiday shopping enjoyable. It is also great for any pop-up stores or other transactions that happen outside of your traditional store setting.

This terminal can also be used as a hardwired device as well as wireless. There is a charging station where you can use it while it charges than when you need it to go with you just take it off the charging station, and it is ready to go with your hours.

Bright, colorful display making prompts easy to see and check out much faster. With the compact size is lightweight making it easy to take with you and hand back a forth between your clerk and customers.


iPP 310 Pin Pad: Pit the power of secure PIN entry in the hands of the purchaser

  • EMV chip with a PIN or signature & PCI certified

  • NFC Mobile wallets: Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal

  • Consumer-facing payment

  • Easies to install PIN pad on the market

  • Add on design with iCT220 or iCT250

  • Lightweight and Compact

  • Plugs directly into the Ingenico countertop device

  • Fast, Private convenient and secure transactions

You can add on a PN privacy shield that gives your customers more comfort inputting their PIN. There is a crisp LCD display with a large backlit keypad with raised-symbol keys make PIN entry easy for all users.

Verifone Hardware

VD520: Transactions Optimized

  • Delivers speed, reliability, and ease of use with the powerful combination of the VX platform and the proven Verix operating system

  • Secure with future-proof technology and PCI PTS 3.X certification

  • Optimizes usability with a compact, ergonomic design featuring a full range of connectivity options and longer-life components

  • Provides maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption and  VeriShield Total Protect

  • Internal PIN pad streamlines debit transactions

This device is designed to be one of the fastest transaction devices making checkout lines shorter and likely to increase sales. No more walkaways because there are slow lines, with this terminal no matter how many customers you have to check out it will go speedily.  

It is long lasting with a smart card reader build five times the life expectancy of fiction readers. With consistency and high usability, it ensures a lower cost of ownership and ease of use.


VX 805 Pin Pad: Next-Generation Contactless

Reliability, Usability, & Convenience


  • EMV chip with Pin or signature & PCI certificated

  • NFC mobile wallets: Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal

  • Sleek device that is easy to hand over

  • Simple to use

  • Rugged to stand up to the most demanding retail environments

  • Latest security protections

  • Lightening fast processor

  • Backlit display provides on-screen prompts for easily readable

With a fast processor, you are sure to have checkout lines customers do not dread making them more likely to shop at your retail store. Since this terminal is top of the line, there are fewer re-swipes, errors, and less training required.

This device is so sleek it barely takes up any countertop space, and it is lightweight making it easy to hand over to customers for secure purchases.


VX 680 Wireless Terminal: Brilliant Payment Anywhere

Small Design, Big Performance

  • Wireless connection through GPRS or Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo or 3G

  • Mobile payment with Verifone’s NFC software technology

  • Supports loyalty-building, profit-producing, and value-added applications

  • OfferS maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption

  • PCI PED 2.0 and PCI PTS 3.0 approved

  • Small portable handheld device

  • Powerful processor for ultimate processing speed

  • Touchscreen

  • Vibrant Color

When using the VX680, your lines will move so fast keeping customers happy with the minimal wait time.  It also has a large enough bandwidth to download colorful graphics, pictures, and videos to enhance the user experience.

Retail Store POS Terminal

Transactions in Retail Stores

Choosing the right terminal for your retail store is a big decision, and with the help of EMS sales team, you will be paired with the best-suited terminal for your needs.

Although budget plays a key role in your decision, we offer different payment options for your business to keep up with the time and still have the revenue you are used to.

Retail stores terminals need to be more about the customer and their experience. As technology advances and millennials become a large part of your target customer, the more diverse your payment will be vital to the transactions in your store. Make in-store shopping as fun and easy as online sales.

Our partnerships with point of sale developers allow us to implement payment processing with most commercially available applications.

If you are ready to bring your store up to date and customer friendly, then talk with one of our knowledgeable sales members about the next step for your transactions!

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