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Cleveland Ohio Small Business Grants | EMS

Cleveland, Ohio Small Business Grants and Resources

Are you looking for a Small Business Grant?

Starting a business takes talent, innovation, and a lot of dedication. At the same time, it also takes money to start a company and keep it running.

While many business owners take out loans, sometimes it’s just not enough because the initial costs are often more than initially perceived. Barring a magical money-growing tree, what options are out there for entrepreneurs looking to keep their business alive?

If you’re a small business owner in Cleveland, you’re in luck! Not only are entrepreneurs exposed to a large talent pool, they also have access to many Ohio small business grants and resources to help them succeed.

Here are some of the best business programs and grants you can apply for if you live in the Cleveland area!



Flashstarts is a firm dedicated to helping startups in Northeast Ohio.

Their organization offers up to $50,000 in business grants and they have had over 1,000 applications. They focus on startups in healthcare, IT, analytics, AR/VR, and enterprise SaaS.

Their business grants are different from others because they offer coaching and resources alongside their investment. Flashstarts works with people in all stages of the business development process and works to build people’s careers.

With classes, networking opportunities, and plenty of resources, Flashstarts is helping Cleveland business owners achieve their dreams.


Jumpstart is a company that works with startups and scale-ups in the Cleveland area. They work with a diverse set of talent and business ideas.

For over a decade, Jumpstart has helped companies raise more than $2 billion in capital, generate $2 billion in revenue, and create more than 10,000 jobs. Jumpstart offers grants based on the stage of business, its needs, and potential.

One of the best parts about Jumpstart is it partners with other business funds and works to match them to business owners who need them. Apply on their website and their staff will assess what type of grants are right for you.

Aviatra Accelerators

The Aviatra Accelerators (formerly known as Bad Girl Ventures) is a state-wide organization dedicated to helping women achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

They offer classes for both seasoned business owners looking to drive greater success and female entrepreneurs who are just learning the ropes of starting their own business. Their programs have created over 5,000 jobs and women who enroll in the program have an 80% success rate.

One of the benefits of going through this program is there are opportunities to earn business grants. Aviatra Accelerators works to raise money for business women in their program who are in need of resources.

If you’re a woman with a passion in the Cleveland area, you should think about enrolling in one of their classes!

Urban League of Greater Cleveland

The Urban League of Greater Cleveland is a nonprofit that has been helping business ventures for over 100 years. Their main focus is to help minority groups prosper through education, networking, and funding.

The Urban League of Greater Cleveland grants around 50 loans totaling $8 million.

These funds help Cleveland businesses grow, in turn creating jobs and economic prosperity. In addition to funding, they offer seminars, workshop development, and education programs for high schoolers.


Bioentreprise is a company dedicated to helping health and science-based companies grow. They partner with professionals and give their clients access to clinical institutions from around the world.

They’ve helped over 350 companies raise $2 billion in funding and offer business grants and loans to those who need them. If you’re an entrepreneur with a passion for health, science, and well-being, Bioentreprise is worth checking out.

The Cleveland Colectivo

The Cleveland Colectivo is an organization that works to obtain funding for enterprises that they deem worth investing in. They accept donations from people in the Cleveland area and work to pool them together to create grants.

Their grants are categorized in areas such as the Arts, Economic Development, Education, Social Services, and Environmental. If you’ve got an innovative idea and believe your business would thrive with one of their grants, check them out!

EMS Supports Cleveland Entrepreneurs

At Electronic Merchant Systems, we are proud to support the talent and drive found in the Cleveland area. Without small businesses, Cleveland would not be able to be the great city it is today.

EMS offers efficient electronic credit processing systems that can help your small business thrive. We work to make processing transactions as easy and seamless as possible. We are dedicated to small businesses and assist in them achieving grants.

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