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Point of Sale Technology for Sports Stadiums & Arenas

When fans come to your facility, they don’t just come for an event. They come for an experience.

Your fans may have taken time off from work, coordinated with their friends, and planned a whole night out around the big game.

Wouldn’t it be awful if something as minor as a credit card transaction ruined their evening?

Transaction failures and software glitches put a damper on your fan’s excitement and leave a lasting impression of your facility.

professional sports arena pos system

Get Seamless Transactions from Ticket Sales to Concessions 

A good POS system keeps transactions in the background, where they belong on game night.

If your guests are out of their seats, let's make sure it's from a great play and not from waiting too long in the checkout line. No one wants to miss game-changing plays for a 30-minute hotdog.

Why not stoke your fan’s excitement with quick, seamless transactions from ticket sales to concessions?

Electronic Merchant Systems is an industry leader in payment processing.

EMS currently services tens of thousands of businesses nationwide and handles over $3 billion in annual credit & debit card transactions.

We have the payment systems you need to handle your biggest game of the season. 

EMS Stats & Standings

  • 4.7-star rating on Google with over 700 customer reviews

  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

  • Ranked as a CIO Top 10 Retail Mobility Solution Provider by Retail CIO Magazine

  • Certified as a Level 1 PCI Service Provider for data security ten years running

Get More from Your Merchant Services Company

EMS is not only an industry leader in processing transactions. EMS retail POS systems have specialized software designed to keep up with your fans, sales, employees, and more.

Your concession, merchandise, and ticket sales won’t be the only aspects of your facility running smoothly. We also offer:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Accounting
  • Data and analytics
  • Employee Management
  • Gather and store customer and sales information
  • Virus and Fraudulent Protection

EMS' simple, intuitive POS system provides tools for back office management, inventory, transaction reconciliation, labor, and insights. Our sports venue partners benefit from accelerated employee training times, heightened guest experience and increased revenue opportunities.


Point of Sale Technology Options for Your Sports Facility

At Electronic Merchant Systems, it is our mission to be the industry leader in merchant services.

We work toward our mission by providing an innovative suite of business solutions and professional, dedicated employees.

We work hard to provide a variety of options for payment processing backed by a support team invested in your success.

With EMS, your sports team or organization can accept payment in four main ways:

  1. Countertop Card Reader - basic credit card reader
  2. eCommerce - online sales
  3. Touchscreen POS Terminal - process transactions on an iPad or tablet. You can track, manage, and improve business based on data and analytics reporting.
  4. Mobile Phone Reader - Turn a cell phone into a credit processor.

Your facility may want to utilize one type of payment processor or a combination.

Our comprehensive MaxxPay POS software platform can be used in all areas of your venue, including ticketing office, restaurants, bars, concession stands, in-seat service, box seats, suites, retail and merchandising.

1. MaxxPay Mini is the ideal point-of-sale system for processing orders for in-seat services. Fans will get the service they want without missing a play.

2. MaxxPay Pro is a standalone point-of-sale with a separate cash drawer. Process every transaction quickly and efficiently.

3. MaxxPay Premier offers full-service payment processing services with a 360º view of business. Easily see inventory management, sales reports, customer reports, employee clock-in, and more right from the terminal.  

Employees love how simply and quickly they take and deliver orders with EMS pos systems. Transactions are simplified whether your fans order from a MaxxPay mini in the VIP suite or a MaxxPay Premier at the concession stands. 

EMS is a one-stop shop for any of the sales functions and capabilities you are looking for.

EMS Support Will Strengthen your Team

EMS is committed to excellence in everything we do. It all starts with excellent customer support.

Our US-based, live support team is available to our merchants twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year.

Our team is accessible by phone, email, and live chat and our hold times are significantly lower than the industry average.

The EMS 24 / 7 / 365 commitment to customer service is always free for our customers.

There are no additional costs or hidden fees from utilizing our customer support services.

When we team up with merchants, we commit to resolve issues quickly and thoroughly.

Local Payment Processing

Many processing solution providers have a single corporate location.

Maintaining a strong local presence sets EMS apart from other POS companies.

EMS has regional sales offices throughout the country which help us stay connected to our merchants and their needs.

Our merchants feel secure knowing their transactions are handled by a company that understands the challenges they face day to day in their communities.

EMS is always expanding into emerging markets across the U.S., so if we aren’t in your neighborhood yet, we may be coming soon!

Adjust your Payment Services for Profitability and Efficiency 

Many payment processing vendors are single service, only offering one POS option.

If you want to change or expand services with a single service payment processing provider, you are out of luck. You will have to change companies.

With EMS, you can easily adjust your account to include the payment acceptance services of your choice.

EMS offers a range of services beyond payment processing. You can take advantage of these services at any time during your partnership with us.

Additional Services EMS Offers:

  1. Web hosting and Design

  2. Loyalty programs

  3. Advanced merchant funding

  4. Mobile Payment Options including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Paypal

  5. Gift Cards

Gift cards and loyalty programs may not be first on your list for a sports arena or athletic complex.

12-18% of gift cards are never redeemed. Unredeemed gift cards may mean free money for your business.

Gift cards also help to reduce transactions fees. Customers spend freely without penalties against your facility's profits.

Loyalty programs can also be helpful to build long-lasting relationships with your fans.

These programs ensure your fans stay connected to your facility and keep you in mind for their next night out for a game.

With EMS, loyalty programs can be completely mobile.

With mobile rewards, you can offer your fans convenience rewards like priority scheduling and shortcuts in line.

Mobile rewards sports arenas and athletic facilities engage and build relationships with fans.

 Professional Sports Arena Payment Processing


The Unique Payment Challenges of Professional Sports Teams and Organizations

High Demand Transactions

Sports concessions are demanding. Black Friday aside, concessions are one of the busiest purchasing windows around.

Hundreds to thousands of fans all rush to the same few checkout counters in the same fifteen minutes.

Speed is essential when it comes to handling sales at sports arenas and athletic facilities.

Not only do managers staff to peak busyness rather than average; every element of a stadium is designed to accommodate the maximum spectator capacity.

The point of sale (pos) system your facility uses needs to be the same.

You want a system designed to handle your maximum number of ticket sales, food and beverage purchases, and merchandise sales.

Despite the sports and entertainment industry facing some of the highest peak-load challenges, these facilities consistently operate with the most antiquated technology.

Payment innovations like Square are great for smaller operations, but large scale operations demand more.

EMS is a great option for fast, efficient transactions. EMS equipment and software will keep your operations running smoothly and deliver an exceptional fan experience.

You have the option to serve your fans anywhere in or outside your facility with EMS’ fixed, portable and handheld point of sale devices.

Irregular Busy Seasons

Blackout days are part of the challenge of running a sports venue. Teams only play on select days during sports seasons, making business irregular.

Sales and purchases boom while the sport is in season, but in the offseason, business is inconsistent.

Away games during the regular season create additional ‘dark days’ for sports facilities.

To reduce the number of dark days, stadiums often host outside groups and organizations for concerts or other entertainment.

Sporting venues need an excellent POS system to handle the various, high-intensity sales of games or events.

EMS is the Best Choice for Comprehensive Venue Management

From basic POS and credit card processing services to marketing, cash advances, and more, EMS provides flexibility.

Whether you are a recreational facility, minor league stadium, or one of the largest sporting venues in the NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL, EMS can handle your electronic payment processing needs.

EMS can do the job of numerous merchant service industries.

Our variety of services gives your facility the services you are looking for without the hassle of contracts and partnerships with multiple companies.

  1. Contact EMS for a quote
  2. 24-hour customer support entirely based in the U.S. Help is available every day of the year.
  3. Intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface.
  4. eCommerce online sales are fully integrated with the facility system.
  5. Quick, secure transactions your fans will love.

EMS offers a range of POS options for sports stadiums, arenas, and complexes. Our fast, easy-to-use systems will shorten ticket and concession lines.

Our POS systems are versatile and will suit the needs of whatever team or event your facility hosts. 

Click below to contact a local EMS vendor. Find out if EMS is right for your sports facility.

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One of our experienced customer service team members is available to answer your questions, or you can stop into a location near you!

EMS is industry famous for our high customer satisfaction, low processing fees, and comprehensive payment processing services for your sports arena.

Call EMS today at 800-615-1330.

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