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Secured Payment Processing and POS Systems for Ski Resorts

Ski resorts accommodate family vacations, romantic getaways, weekend hobbies, races, events, lessons, and more.

With so many different activities to participate in at a ski resort, there are a lot of unique needs that a business owner or manager has to keep in mind to make all of these events run smoothing so visitors will come back every year for their winter fun.

EMS can help Ski Facilities with one primary task that will improve their business and meet their customer's needs, transactions.

From annual ski passes to weekend stays to ski rental to private lesson to dining there are so many times transactions will make your business successful or not.

When customers participate in any of these activities you want it to be a pleasant experience with secure, fast payment processing.

Let EMS help your Ski Resort succeed with industry-leading credit card processing systems and more.

Ski Facilities Payment Processing Systems


What EMS offers the Ski Resort and Management Industry

Electronic Merchant Systems is an American owned and operated credit card processing systems since 1988 helping businesses like yours meet the needs of your customers.

Over time payment processing has changed and staying up-to-date may seem challenging, but with our great products, you will find it easy to provide your guest with the most convenient payment options around.  

We not only have traditional terminals that are secure and fasting keeping the lines short but we also have a wireless terminal that can be used all over the resort for stands, extra checkouts for busy times, and wherever it is most convenient for your ski facilities unique needs.

We can help with an online website design that adds a shopping cart for stay, rentals, and gear to buy or reserve before your guests arrive.

We provide gift and loyalty card programs that are all housed on your customers’ phones for easy tracking and incentive for people to want to spend more time at your ski facility.

Another great feature that many of our clients enjoy is the Bizfunds they have access to just for being clients of ours. Bizfunds allows businesses to borrow an amount of money to get through slow seasons or make improvements without having an interest rate to pay back.

All money is paid back by a percentage of the transactions you have at your facility until it all paid off. This provides flexibility for you as a ski resort manager or owner to get what your business needs without the hassle of a loan.

Service we offer our Clients:

  • EMS Mobile

  • Terminal

  • MaxxPay

  • Bizfunds

  • Gift and Loyalty Cards

  • Mobile Loyalty

  • Website Design

If these services seem appealing to you then its time to talk with a sales representative at EMS to get the perfect fit for your ski facility.

If you still have some questions continue reading to learn more about EMS!Ski Facility | Credit Card Processing

Why EMS Flyes Over the Competition

Like mentioned above EMS has been in business for over three decades and is a US company with their headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio and 100 offices across the US.

We are the largest independently owned and operated payment processing company in North America.

Our customer service line has a person here in the U.S. ready to answer your questions 24/7 so any challenge you encounter our team is here to help you.

Best of all our processing fee is the lowest in the industry at 2.25% so you will have more money to put back into your business.

A few other things we pride ourselves on is our 4.7-star customer rating on Google reviews.

We have an A+ rating for outstanding customer service from the Better Business Bureau.

Retail CIO Magazine has recognized us as a CIO Top 10 Retail Mobility Solutions Provider.

We have a long-standing payment processing powerhouse.

Our business has been a certified level 1 PCI provider for over ten years. 

EMS Custom Payment Processing Solutions Ski Facilities

Working together will upgrade your business to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, all major credit cards, gift cards, EMV chip, and checks making it easy for your customer to pay you in their comfortable style.  

Stop worrying and searching for the right answer for your business’ payment processing system because EMS is the company that can solve any credit card purchasing concerns you may have.

EMS has better products and services, lower processing fees, and more dedicated customer service representatives than any other cc processing company in the US.

We look forward to talking with you about your ski resort and how we can help your growth snowball:)!

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“The customer service folks are beyond helpful — they make sure I have resolved my issues while keeping me on the phone. Courteous and kindness are their strong points along with great products to serve.

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