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Electronic Merchant Systems for Jewelry Store 

Are you a jewelry store owner in need of a reliable easy payment processing system that will work for your business's unique needs?

If this is your current situation, then EMS is perfect for you!

Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) was established in 1988 and worked hard to the largest independently owned credit card processing company in North America.

Technology has changed a lot over the last three decades and we have stayed on top of the evolving payment options. As a jewelry store owner, you have probably realized your need for a processing system that can keep up with all of the various payment options out there in order to keep your customers satisfied. 

Continue reading to learn more about the innovate opportunities EMS can provide for you and your jewelry store.

Jewelry Store Payment Processing Solutions


Jewelry Business Processing System

Jewelry may be about the bling but as a jewelry store owner, it's about closing the deals.

When processing transactions as large as some jewelry items are priced you will want to make sure it is secure and your customers' information is safeguarded so they will continue to purchase with you.

Having a set jeweler is always good for the customer because it provides them with the assurance that they are getting a great deal and they can rely on their jeweler to help them with all of their precious purchases.

This is exactly what a business owner wants when doing business with a credit card processing company; reliability, security, cost-effective, and loyalty.

Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) is all of those things so if you are a jeweler or jewelry store owner in the market for a better CC processing company we are the team you want to partner with.

Not only will transactions be secure you will also be about to upgrade your business to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, all major credit cards, gift cards, EMV chip, and checks making it easy for your customer to pay you in their convenient style.  

By offering so many payment options you are less likely to have loses from unpaid bill meaning more income for you!

What are the Benefits For Your Jewelry Store When They Partner with EMS

For a jewelry store to be successful and stay in business for years, you not only need to sell jewelry but you need customer loyalty. For most people, jewelry purchases are not a weekly or monthly purchase but a once or a few times a year purchase so you want to make sure that each of those purchases they are coming to your jewelry store.  

EMS wants to help you build that loyalty with your clientele so you can maximize your revenue.

Here is How EMS Can Help Your Business

We offer the latest terminals making you the most tech-savvy jewelry store in town. You can have mobile processing stations on tablets for more tasteful transactions at any counter.

Jewelry Purchase 

Our processing fee is the lowest in the industry at 2.25% so you will have more money to put back into your business.

We offer multiple services that can help small to large size jewelry store to grow their business.


Here are some of the service our clients utilize most:

  • EMS Mobile

  • MaxxPay

  • Bizfunds

  • Gift and Loyalty Cards

  • Mobile Loyalty

  • Website Design

  • Retail Sales

These services along with our outstanding customer service that has been rated an A+ by the Better Business Bureau will improve your jewelry stores operation.

Get To know EMS

Here are facts that set us apart from our competition:

  • SECURE: For over 10 years EMS has been a certified level 1 PCI provider.

  • LONG-STANDING: We are a payment processing powerhouse that has been in business for 30 years.

  • RECOGNIZED: Retail CIO Magazine has ranked us at a CIO Top 10 Retail Mobility Solutions Provider.

  • COST-EFFECTIVE: We provide your business with low wholesale processing rates.

  • RELIABLE: The Better Business Bureau gave us an A+ rating for our outstanding customer service.

  • REPUTABLE: We proudly hold a 4.7-star rating with our Google reviews!

 Jewlery Transaction

We are an American ran and owned company with our headquarter in Cleveland, Ohio and 100 sales offices all over the US.

Our 24-hour merchant helpline is here in the U.S. providing you with service representative hat talks you through any challenges you may encounter.

We are the largest independently owned and operated payment processing company in North America.

Contact EMS and See How Our Services are the Perfect Fit For Your Jewelry Business!

Contact EMS to learn why business owners of small- to medium-size companies, like your jewelry store, are choosing us over the competition.

You won't find a CC purchasing company with better products and services, lower processing fees, or more dedicated customer service representatives than us so your search can stop today!

If you are ready for a better solution for Merchant Services in your jewelry business and you are interested in learning more about EMS as a payment processing partner, call today.

We look forward to talking with you!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The customer service folks are beyond helpful — they make sure I have resolved my issues while keeping me on the phone. Courteous and kindness are their strong points along with great products to serve.

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If you think that EMS Mobile will be a fit for your business, reach out to us today for a consultation and let’s get this started! Our representatives always reach out within 24 hours.