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Payment Processing and Merchant Services for Dental Professionals

Are you a local dentist or oral health professional looking for a reliable credit card processing system?

Since EMS was established in 1988, we have made it our mission to lead the industry in merchant services and are proud to have become the largest independently owned and operated credit card processor in North America. 



Dental Office Merchant Services



When you run a busy dentist office, the last thing you or your patients want is a line out the door to pay.

Credit card processing, check processing, and mobile payments can make all the difference in the flow of your office’s daily operations.


For healthcare practices, it is also essential that these payment processes keep patient information secure and may need to be HIPPA compliant and accept Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards.


Rates and fees must also be taken into consideration. You want to pay as close to wholesale as possible and make sure the credit card processing company you choose charges a reasonable fee.


After all, everyone loves a good bargain.


The good news is that, in general, dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and other dental professionals are considered low-risk.


This means securing a low rate for your credit card processing fees should be a cinch.




Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) isn’t your regular credit card processing company.


With the latest in easy-to-use payment technology, customer service when you need it, and excellent safety and security, everything you’re looking for in payment processing can be yours.


Here are a few highlights from our repertoire of services we’ve designed just for you.


Check Processing

  • eCheck & eCheck Plus Conversion: Process checks electronically for face-to-face transactions. It works just like a credit card.

  • Check 21 Plus: Accept and process any kind of check with limited restrictions.

  • ACH Debit: Single or scheduled recurring ACH check payments without the check.

  • Checks-By-Phone: Accept and process check payments over the phone.


Payment Gateway

  • Process Card Not Present transactions in "back office" environment on a computer

  • Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS).

  • Add an eCommerce shopping cart to your website


Payment Processing Terminals (Credit Card Readers)

  • All Major Cards Accepted

  • Debit & Credit Card Processing

  • Reliable Credit Card Terminals

  • EMV Chip Card Certified

  • Apple and Android Pay Compatible

  • Handles Gift & Loyalty Cards


EMS Mobile Payment Processing

  • Turn a Smart Device into a Credit Card POS

  • iOS Supported App

  • Android Supported App


Web Solutions

  • Digital Marketing Services

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Website Design and Maintenance

  • In-House Creative Team

  • User-friendly Web Design


Our payment options keep our dental clients and their patients safe while allowing cardholders to pay the way they want to.


Our website and online services also help dentists grow their businesses and have a greater presence online and in their communities.


If you already have a credit card processing terminal, we will check to see if our software is compatible and you may be able to keep the one you have.


You may also be interested in additional services we offer including capital advances and POS systems with automatic updates.


EMS is an industry leader in merchant services and, like most oral health professionals, we attribute our success to high customer satisfaction.


Our customer service representatives are committed to our merchants and their financial well-being and it shows.


Since our founding, EMS has always been committed to one golden rule of customer service.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


This means that any time you run into trouble with your payment processing services, you can call a live person and find immediate solutions.


Our friendly support team is trained to answer your questions quickly and succinctly.


It’s their job to find solutions to your problems as soon as they arise and get you back up in business.


This is essential for a business as fast-paced and time-restricted as a dental office.



Dental health professionals know that prevention is key when it comes to oral health.


Our team at EMS couldn't agree more. For a payment processing company, prevention looks like safeguarding electronic transactions.


We take preventative measures to keep our merchants safe from fraud - and these aren't just words.


All of our payment processing terminals have been certified as secure and safe by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).


EMS consistently maintains status as a Level 1 PCI Certified Service Provider.


This means the experts say we’re doing everything humanly possible to keep you and your customers safe from fraud.




If you are an oral health professional in need of a payment processing solution, call EMS today.


Our high customer satisfaction, low processing fees, fraud-protection, and comprehensive services will give you a reason to show off those pearly whites.

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“The customer service folks are beyond helpful — they make sure I have resolved my issues while keeping me on the phone. Courteous and kindness are their strong points along with great products to serve.

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