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Medical Clinic Merchant Payment Processing Services

Would you like to update your credit card processing system for your medical office?

EMS offers the latest technology on the market and maintains tight security standards.

Our mission is to lead the industry in merchant services and are proud to be the largest independently owned and operated credit card processor in North America. 



Medical Office Payment Processing

EMS Provides Payment Processing for Healthcare Professionals


Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) is devoted to finding cures. With over 30 years of experience, EMS knows how to meet and exceed customer demands for technological development, customer service, and fraud protection.


For doctor’s offices, private practices, and other medical offices, HIPAA compliance and accepting Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards are essential when choosing a merchant services company.


Efficient credit card processing, check processing, and mobile payments can cut down lines in the waiting room and help to increase the flow of your office’s appointment schedule and daily operations.


Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) is different from most credit card processing companies.


When it comes to easy-to-use payment technology, customer service, and fraud protection, EMS is the premier provider for the medical field.


We offer everything from check processing to mobile payment and everything in between.


All services with EMS are customizable for your practice. You can simply sign up for a credit/debit card processing system, or you can mix and match to suit your patient's preferences.


Whatever you choose, you can be sure that a 24/7/365 customer support guarantee will back your payment products.


A helpful customer service representative will only be a call away if you hit a snag.


EMS' Merchant Services Technology

We’ve designed all of our payment processing technology just for you. Here are a few highlights of our available services.


Check Processing

  • eCheck & eCheck Plus Conversion: Process checks electronically for face-to-face transactions. It works just like a credit card.

  • Check 21 Plus: Accept and process any check with limited restrictions.

  • ACH Debit: Single or scheduled recurring ACH check payments without the check.

  • Checks-By-Phone: Accept and process check payments over the phone.

Payment Gateway

  • Process Card Not Present transactions in "back office" environment on a computer

  • Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS).

  • Add an eCommerce shopping cart function to your website


Payment Processing Terminals (Credit Card Readers)

  • All Major Cards Accepted

  • Debit & Credit Card Processing

  • Reliable Credit Card Terminals

  • EMV Chip Card Certified

  • Apple and Android Pay Compatible

  • Handles Gift & Loyalty Cards


EMS Mobile Payment Processing

  • Turn a Smart Device into a Credit Card POS

  • iOS Supported App

  • Android Supported App


Our payment options keep medical professionals and their patients safe while empowering cardholders to pay the way they want to.


If you already have a credit card processing terminal, we will check to see if our software is compatible and you may be able to keep the one you have.


You may also be interested in additional services we offer including capital advances and POS systems with automatic updates.


In addition to our payment services, EMS also offers web solutions including website design and social media management.


Our in-house creative team will custom design your user-friendly website to suit the unique purposes of your medical office.


We know that a strong online presence will help medical professionals grow their businesses and develop a more significant presence in their communities.



Leading the credit card industry in customer service

Medical professionals know how important it is to maintain positive, reliable relationships with their patients.

At EMS, we believe we have become an industry leader in merchant services as a direct result of our high customer satisfaction.


Our customer service representatives are committed to finding cures for all of our client's payment issues and care about the financial well-being of each of our clients.


Our satisfied customers say it has made all the difference.


Our customer service model is founded on one basic principle: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


This means that any time your payment processor gives you trouble, or if you have questions or want to learn more, you can always know that a real person from EMS will talk with you. You can count on it.


Our friendly support team is trained to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly. In the medical field especially, we know that time can make all the difference.


Our support team will resolve your issue and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


Best Fraud Protection and Security in Payment Processing for Medical

Prevention is key when it comes to staying healthy. At EMS, we couldn’t agree more.


We incorporate every preventative tool in the industry to keep you and your clients safe from fraudulent activity.


All EMS payment processing terminals are certified as secure and safe by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

EMS consistently maintains status as a Level 1 PCI Certified Service Provider.



If you are a healthcare professional or medical office in need of a payment processing solution, call EMS today.

Our high customer satisfaction, low processing fees, fraud-protection, and comprehensive services will keep your medical professionals, administrative team, and patients stress-free. And you're all about reducing stress, right?


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Medical Markets Served By Electronic Merchant Systems

Looking for a billing and payment processing system tailored to your healthcare center's specific needs?

Learn how the experienced professionals at EMS can improve payment processing at your clinic by clicking on your medical profession below!

  1. Ambulatory Health Care Services
  2. Anesthesiologists
  3. Cardiologists
  4. Dermatologists
  5. Dentists
  6. General Surgeons
  7. Home Healthcare Services
  8. Mental Health Professionals
  9. OBGYNs
  10. Oncologists
  11. Optometrists
  12. Outpatient Surgical Centers
  13. Pediatricians
  14. Physicians
  15. Podiatrists
  16. Rehabilitation Therapy Services


What Our Customers Are Saying

“The customer service folks are beyond helpful — they make sure I have resolved my issues while keeping me on the phone. Courteous and kindness are their strong points along with great products to serve.

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