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Markets Served By EMS

EMS Corporate is one of the largest merchant sale systems in the United States.

Since our inception in 1988, EMS has been providing our clients with customizable point-of-sale and payment processing systems that fit perfectly into their particular industry.

We understand that running a business, making sure every customer leaves satisfied, and that every employee is happy in their role is tough enough without having the added stress of a payment processing system that does not work.

Let us take the headache of searching for a reliable and secure credit card processing system away from you.

At EMS, we provide payment processing solutions to make your business run smoother and grow quicker. Our payment processing solutions, along with low fees, make EMS the premier credit card processing company for small to medium-sized merchants.

We understand that working with other large industry leaders means you call customer service and someone outsourced across the ocean answers your call. That isn't EMS.

We have 11 regional offices around the United States and a 24/7 customer service center available for any assistance you may need. You get peace of mind knowing that your credit card processing partner is in your neighborhood.

Keep on reading below to learn more about what we can offer to help your business run better and grow your customer base.

Markets Served

About EMS

Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) has been protecting merchant data and processing credit card sales for over 30 years.

We are an industry leader in merchant services because of our unparalleled customer service and innovative technological advances in payment processing systems.

Since EMS was established in 1988, we have made it our mission to lead the industry in merchant services and are proud to have become the largest independently owned and operated credit card processor in North America. 

We are the #1 choice when you want to process, protect, and safeguard the sensitive cardholder information of your customers.Markets served by EMS Corporate

At EMS, we only offer the most up-to-date hardware and software that automatically updates for hassle-free use. If you do have a hassle, we cater to you with 24/7 customer service for any assistance that you need.

In any business world and market, there is something that is always changing, especially when dealing with technology and processing payment transactions. With all the changes that come and go through your business every day, you need a payment processing system that can change with you. 

That is what EMS offers our clients.

Why EMS Is For You

All of our products are made from the highest quality and most advanced technology software and hardware. This ensures that your customers' transactions will be safe and secure, every time. 

Since 1988, we have had a commitment to safeguarding cardholder information and maintain that commitment every single day.

At a business that works hand-in-hand with many other businesses and companies, we thoroughly understand the importance of customer satisfaction and working to meet customers' wants and needs.

We make it easier for you to cater to your customers. Our payment processing systems accept all major credit and debit cards, electronic checks, and convenient mobile device payments.

At EMS, we offer our clients the best. Our credit card processing fee of 2.25% is an industry-low percentage, and no other merchant service provider has come close.

With a percentage that low, you get more money in your pocket, which can be more money to invest back into your thriving business.

Protecting Transactions is Our Top Priority

Every time a payment is processed, a customer just wants to feel safe and assured that they personal information is protected.

With EMS products, you can reassure your customers that their payment methods and data is in secure hands.Mobile Payment Processing System | EMS

At EMS, our business is protecting cardholder information from fraud, and we work hard every day to ensure the financial security for our merchants and their customers. Our hard work has earned our company elite status as a Level 1, PCI Certified Service Provider.

Our elite status is proven through our point-of-sale and payment processing systems, which are certified as secure and safe by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The Services EMS Offers

We understand that mobile payments and more technology use sometimes means more errors or no more physical copies of bills or statements.

The services we offer merchants are:

  • EMS Mobile
    • An easy-to-use, powerful tool for Point-of-Sale solutions. Turn your cell phone into a secure credit card system with the convenient option of allowing your customers to pay online and get money in your pocket faster.
  • MaxxPay
    • Bring your business into the 21st century with our latest technological advances in our MaxxPay POS systems. Companies of all kinds − from small start-ups to retail stores to restaurants − can benefit from a complete industry-leading point-of-sale terminal at a fraction of the cost.
  • Retail Sales
    • EMS has Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, EMV chip, and more integrated into our POS systems, so your customers can pay however they want.
    • Our POS systems also have employee clock-ins, transaction reporting, inventory management options, and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Bizfunds
    • EMS believes in your entrepreneurial dreams! We offer merchant funding between $5,000 and $250,000, and then we retrieve a small, fixed percentage of daily Visa/MasterCard/Discover Card sales when settled at the end of the day.
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards
    • Attract new customers and turn them into returning, regular customers with customer loyalty programs and gift cards. We want to help you engage, grow, and retain your customer base with our Altus Premier tool. Altus has been proven to increase sales.
  • Mobile Loyalty
    • Maintain relationships with your customers with a mobile loyalty program for local retailers. Drive in business with "welcome," "birthday," "check-in" rewards and more. You can even reward customers for reviewing your business on social media with their followers and friends!
  • Web
    • Start a website for your small business with our expert web designers. We can help establish a presence, add to your site, or enable payment processing for your online store (like online retail shopping or online ordering for a restaurant).

The combination of our services and products with the lowest processing fee in the industry and beyond-helpful customer service representatives makes it easy to understand how EMS has grown to become one of our industry's top leaders.

Contact EMS Today!Credit Card Transaction System | EMS

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Markets Served By Electronic Merchant Systems

Need something tailored to your market's specific needs?

Find out how our dedicated, experienced team at EMS can help you by clicking on your market below!

  1. Abrasive Manufacturing
  2. Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturing
  3. Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing
  4. Aircraft Engine and Parts Manufacturing
  5. Aircraft Leasing
  6. Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
  7. Airport Operations
  8. Ambulatory Health Care Services
  9. Amusement Parks
  10. Anesthesiologists
  11. Banks and Credit Unions
  12. Bed and Breakfasts
  13. Biotechnology Manufacturing and Research
  14. Cable Companies
  15. Car Dealerships
  16. Cardiologists  
  17. Casinos
  18. Chemical Manufacturing
  19. Collection Agencies  
  20. Comedy Clubs
  21. Computer Hardware/Software  
  22. Construction Jobs
  23. Construction Machinery Manufacturing  
  24. Contractors - Roofing, Siding + Sheet Metal Contractors
  25. Copper + Nickel Mining
  26. Country Clubs
  27. Crude Petroleum Pipelines
  28. Cruises
  29. Cryotherapy
  30. Dance Studios
  31. Data Storage Systems Manufacturing
  32. Dating Services
  33. Deep Sea Freight Transportation
  34. Dentists
  35. Dermatologists
  36. Diagnostic Substance Manufacturing
  37. DJ's
  38. Drug Wholesalers
  39. E-Commerce
  40. Electric Power Generation and Transmission
  41. Electrical Products Manufacturing  
  42. Electronics
  43. Entertainment Facilities
  44. Event Planners
  45. Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
  46. Financial Services
  47. Firearms
  48. Food Product Machinery Manufacturing
  49. General Surgeons
  50. Gold and Silver Mining
  51. Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Manufacturing
  52. Gyms, Fitness Facilities & Personal Trainers
  53. Hazardous Waste Facilities
  54. Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
  55. Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
  56. Home Healthcare Services
  57. Hospitals
  58. Hotels & Motels
  59. Industrial Chemical Manufacturing  
  60. Industrial Construction
  61. Insurance Agencies and Brokering
  62. Insurance Carriers
  63. Investment Banking
  64. Investment Firms
  65. Jewelry
  66. Landscapers
  67. Law Offices
  68. Life Insurance Carriers
  69. Machinery Manufacturing
  70. Marketing Agencies
  71. Martial Arts Studios
  72. Medical Clinics and Offices
  73. Mental Health Professionals
  74. Metal Ore Mining
  75. Mining
  76. Moving Services
  77. Natural Gas Pipelines
  78. Night Clubs
  79. Nonprofit Institutions
  80. Nursing Home and Long-Term Facilities
  81. OBGYNs
  82. Oil & Gas Exploration and Production  
  83. Oil & Gas Field Equipment Manufacturing  
  84. Oil & Gas Field Services  
  85. Oil & Gas Transportation and Services  
  86. Oil & Gas Well Drilling
  87. Oncologists
  88. Optometrists  
  89. Outpatient Surgical Centers
  90. Parking Lots and Garages
  91. Pediatricians  
  92. Petroleum and Coal
  93. Product Manufacturing
  94. Petroleum Refining
  95. Pharmaceutical Companies  
  96. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  97. Physicians
  98. Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
  99. Plumbing and HVAC Contractors
  100. Podiatrists
  101. Product Manufacturing
  102. Power-driven Tool Manufacturing
  103. Primary Metal Manufacturing
  104. Property/Casualty Insurance Carriers
  105. Public Relations Services
  106. Railroads
  107. Real Estate Brokering
  108. Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing & Retail Sales
  109. Refined Petroleum Pipelines
  110. Rehabilitation Therapy Services
  111. Rental and Retail Sales Leasing
  112. Restaurants & Bars
  113. Security Products Manufacturing + Services  
  114. Security Systems Services  
  115. Ski Resorts  
  116. Sports Betting (Fantasy)
  117. Sporting Goods
  118. Sports Venues
  119. Steel Production  
  120. Stock Exchanges
  121. Subscription-based Products and Recurring Billing Businesses 
  122. Title Insurance Carriers
  123. Trampoline Parks 
  124. Travel and Hospitality
  125. Trucking  
  126. Used Car Dealerships  
  127. Venture Capital  
  128. Veterinary Clinics
  129. Vitamin + Nutritional Supplements
  130. Waste Management Services Water and Sewer Utilities
  131. Website Designers
  132. Wedding Facilities & Planners
  133. Weight Reduction Services
  134. Zoos (Animal Containment Services)

and more!!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The customer service folks are beyond helpful — they make sure I have resolved my issues while keeping me on the phone. Courteous and kindness are their strong points along with great products to serve.

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