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Top-Rated Payment Processing for Beauty Salons

Hair Salon Payment Processing Solutions

Are you a hairstylist or owner of a hair salon? Are you in need of a payment processing solution for your customers that is quick and easy to use?

We understand how busy a day in the life can be for someone working in the cosmetology sector. You aren’t merely rendering a service, you are helping enhance a person’s confidence and beauty.

A successful beauty salon not only understands hair, but focuses on building a rapport with its clients.

If you want to retain your customers, you must not rush into those things. After all, attracting clients isn’t the hardest part of the job, developing a loyal clientele is.

At Electronic Merchant Systems, we offer a system of credit card processing for hair salons that are perfect for hairstylists.

Juggling customer transactions, on top of your already hectic schedule, can be stressful and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. Our point-of-sale solutions will help you manage your business more efficiently.


Because they are safe and cost-effective. Designed with hairstylists in mind, we can help take your hair salon to the next level. Allow your clientele to pay how they want to pay.


By tailoring solutions that fit your business needs in terms of quality and functionality. It is easier than ever for you to offer credit card payments, whether it's dip, dab, or swipe. We also have the tools you need to help grow a loyal clientele. 

Are you as excited as we are about our all-in-one payment solution? You will be! We have been helping small businesses in North America for over 30 years.

Read on to see why we are the merchant services experts hair salons can count on.

How EMS Merchant Services Benefit Your Hair Salon

Cut "Cash Only" with Innovative POS Solutions

Hair Salon

As you know, your hairstyling know-how isn’t enough to retain customers. Your clients are looking for a friendly, professional and impeccable experience. But let’s face it, there are some parts of the job that are out of your control.

For instance, things can be going great until it is time to pay for your services. Money is one of the biggest factors that determine whether a person will become a returning customer or not.

At EMS, we offer transaction solutions that are timely and safe. For most clients, paying in cash is a thing of the past. Credit cards and mobile payments are the future.

Don’t risk losing customers for not having the transaction options that they are looking for.

Besides, our advanced technology also allows for a way to keep track of every purchase. This makes it a hassle-free experience for your business and your clients. Moreover, the quicker the transaction, the more time you have for your hair salon’s most valuable asset: your loyal customers.

What about processing fees? We are proud to offer highly competitive prices.


Services Provided by Electronic Merchant Systems

Payment ProcessingChoosing EMS means increasing your chances of delivering impeccable service, from start to finish. Our point of sale terminals accept a variety of payment options.

These include:

Better yet, choosing EMS is beneficial for your business, too!

Our premium services have an array of products meant to help grow your business. We also have a great team of our own to assist you with your customer service needs.

We Are Committed to the Financial Security of our Merchant Customers

A growing concern that both local businesses and customers share is financial security fraud.

We work hard to protect a cardholder’s personal information. Ensure that credit card processing for hair salons is safe and secure by purchasing one of our EMS products.

Countless hairstylists trust us with their payments and business transactions. Why? We’ve upheld Level 1 PCI Certified Service Provider for over ten years.

Furthermore, our payment processing and terminals have been approved by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This is a sure guarantee that your financial security is in good hands.

Why Choose EMS

How Can I Be Sure EMS is Right for my Hair Salon?

Payment Processing for Hair Salons

You’ve finished styling your client’s hair. It was hard work, but you are proud of the final result. You hand a mirror to your customer for her to admire her new hairstyle.

“I love it!” she says, her face beaming.

You’ve exceeded her expectations and you’ve landed a returning customer.

We strive to give you a similar level of customer satisfaction when you choose our business. Finding the best haircut, style, and color for each client is a journey that is unique.

Similarly, each hair salon’s business needs are different. Our job is to find the best products and services to help your business thrive.

We pride ourselves in delivering merchant services that are as rewarding for us as is the perfect execution of a beautiful hairdo for you. That’s because we genuinely care about your needs and interests.

Check out our 4.7/5 Google Rating with over 900 reviews.

Setting up payment processing for your hair salon is easy. In no time at all, you’ll be ready to accept payments from your clients. 

Is EMS Right For Your Hair Salon?


Excellent and Secure Credit Card Processing for Hair Salons

We think so!

After all, we offer the best payment processing products and services. Our processing fees are highly competitive. And you have a dedicated team of customer service staff that is ready to help you with all your transaction needs.

Contact us today and you’ll know why hairstylists across the country are choosing to do business with us. Swift and straight-forward credit card processing for hair salons is only a phone call away.

Your customers deserve a payment processing system that they can trust. Help your clients to feel safe with their money and cardholder information now.

Our credit card processing for hair salons solution will give you peace of mind and satisfaction. And that’s just what you need to fully enjoy our experience at your hair salon.

Allow us to give you the best merchant services for hair salons in the country. That way, you can continue delivering great service and doing what you do best. Your clients will thank you!

Salon Credit Card Processing

Start Accepting Credit Cards at your Hair Salon

Payment Processing with EMS is a safe, user-friendly solution for eliminating payment headaches at your beauty salon.

EMS offers:

  • Fast and Affordable Payment Acceptance
  • Check Processing 
  • Excellent POS Terminals
  • Mobile Payment with Cloud-based Sales and Inventory Tracking

Fill out the form to learn more about processing payments with EMS and how our suite of payment processing tools can profit your Hair Salon today.