eCommerce Payment Systems in Elkhart, Indiana

eCommerce Payment Systems in Elkhart, Indiana

If you're looking for the best eCommerce payment processing services in Elkhart, Indiana, Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) can help. EMS will help you grow your business with reliable eCommerce and online payment processing options.

If you are offering industry-leading products, but your revenue and sales volume doesn't seem to flow as anticipated, it could be that the payment gateway you are using might be turning away your customers.

If it goes down, lags, has a lot of extra steps, or there's a problem with accepting debit card payments or handling credit card company requirements, it could cause you to lose precious sales.

Research shows that 28% of customers abandon their cart if the process is too lengthy or complicated. Simplifying checkout by minimizing steps can help you grow your customer base and your business.

Electronic Merchant Systems has been helping online businesses like yours realize their full potential with innovative online payment solutions. And with our free rate review, 95% of merchants saved money on payment processing fees.

You can count on EMS as your online payment processor in Elkhart. We can help facilitate credit card payments for online businesses like yours. This will help boost your profits and contribute to your overall success.

When you partner with us, you can:

  • Establish your web presence
  • Add a store to your existing website
  • Enable online payment methods for your business
  • Streamline your customers' buying experience.

By creating a seamless user experience from start to checkout, your customers can fill their online shopping carts and pay in a breeze with our payment solutions

This will allow your customers to place orders and make secure payments, allowing you to increase your business!

Keep reading to see how EMS can help grow your eCommerce business.


Key Takeaways

  1. A seamless eCommerce payment system is crucial for a successful e-commerce business, as it streamlines the user experience and ensures efficient transactions.
  2. Online payment processing allows customers to make convenient payments from any device connected to the internet, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.
  3. Merchants should offer multiple payment options to cater to customer preferences and increase sales.
  4. By partnering with one of the leading payment processing companies, you can have seamless payment processing solutions for your online business and stay updated with evolving payment trends.
  5. Regular evaluation of payment processing solutions is necessary to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.

Table Of Contents

Understanding Online Payment Processing In Elkhart, Indiana

How Does eCommerce Payment Processing Work?

What Are The Benefits Of Online Payment Processing?

EMS Offers Innovative Solutions For Businesses In Elkhart

Virtual Terminals

Secure, Easily Integrated Payment APIs & SDKs

Account Updater & Level III Processing

Online Payment Processing You Can Trust

Choose The Best E-commerce Payment Gateway For Your Elkhart Business With Electronic Merchant Systems

Understanding Online Payment Processing In Elkhart, Indiana

Online shopping has revolutionized how businesses need to handle payments from customers. In-person credit card transactions no longer rule the industry.

E-commerce payment processing refers to all the steps involved in completing an online transaction, from when a customer decides on an item until the funds reach the merchant account.

Merchants need to work with a payment processor that has the experience and expertise in e-commerce payment systems and provides industry-leading payment solutions to help businesses handle customer payments securely.

By partnering with a payment processor that understands the always-evolving world of e-commerce payments, you can ensure your customers enjoy a safe and hassle-free shopping experience.

Let's look at how your customers experience online credit card processing.


How Does eCommerce Payment Processing Work?

Although online payment gateways may appear complicated, e-commerce transactions are simple. Customers select products or services, proceed to checkout, and payment is initiated immediately afterward.

First, customers provide their payment information in a secure payment gateway, and that data is sent to a payment processor for verification.

From there, the processor sends signals directly to the relevant financial institutions so they can check if there are sufficient funds and whether or not to proceed with their transaction.

If everything checks out, the financial institution approves the transaction. It sends back an approval signal to the payment processor, who informs the merchant that their transaction has been approved before finally receiving payment from the financial institution.

Many don't realize that this process takes mere seconds once initiated by your customer and almost instantaneously takes place once initiated on an e-commerce website. Customers typically don't give much thought to it since they expect a smooth and effortless transaction experience on such platforms.

Now that we understand how e-commerce payments work let's get into some of the benefits of payment processing solutions for e-commerce businesses.


What Are The Benefits Of Online Payment Processing?

E-commerce payment processing offers numerous advantages to both merchants and customers alike.

First, it allows customers to buy from your business anytime from any device connected to the internet - increasing convenience while increasing sales for you.

E-commerce payment processing is significantly faster and more efficient than traditional means of processing payments. 

Electronic payments are processed almost instantaneously without physical paperwork or manual processing. This saves both merchants and customers valuable time processing them.

Online payment processing also offers security features to safeguard customers' financial details. Advanced encryption techniques keep customers' sensitive information safe during transactions. 

Merchants should know that payment gateways with advanced fraud detectors regularly monitor these transaction details to detect breaches or unauthorized access.

By taking advantage of e-commerce payment processing, small businesses can increase their competitive edge by reaching more customers online.

E-commerce payment processors play a crucial role in business success stories. Businesses that use online payment processing often have higher conversion rates than those without.

Now that you know the benefits of e-commerce platforms, let's look at some innovative solutions EMS offers.


EMS Offers Innovative E-Commerce Payment Processing Solutions For Businesses In Elkhart

With the increasing trend of customers shopping online, EMS can help your business in Elkhart, Indiana, expand its customer base, and deliver remarkable service to every visitor to your online store.

You may not be able to present a friendly greeting or give your attention like you can with in-person payments, but you can still show you care by providing a straightforward and secure buying experience. 

Let us help you develop that experience with an innovative eCommerce solution that improves the checkout process, leaving you with happy customers.

Virtual Terminals

A Virtual Terminal is an interface built into a payment gateway. This impressive technology empowers you to run your gateway as if it were a credit card terminal on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Plus, the Virtual Terminal is browser-based, allowing you to access this essential business tool on any web-enabled device. Our Virtual Terminal also offers innovative features to make getting paid easier. 

When you implement an EMS Virtual Terminal solution, you get more than a secure way to accept online payments. You also get access to a suite of features designed to help you streamline every aspect of your business.

With our Virtual Terminal, you get:

Custom Email Invoicing

Email invoicing boosts your business's agility and streamlines your invoicing process. Simply send out an invoice via email and give your customers the power to make quick and secure online payments. Access to a secure portal allows you to easily track which invoices have been viewed and paid and effortlessly reissue receipts if needed.

Secure Vault Storage

Easily keep your customer's card information safe for upcoming purchases or billing by setting up a profile for them. This convenient feature eliminates the need to repeatedly request payment details for each sale. Our Account Updater technology allows hassle-free updates to outdated card information without needing a request. 

Recurring Payments

Set up an automatic recurring billing schedule for customers with monthly subscriptions or outstanding balances. Just set the schedule, and the technology handles the rest.

Reporting & Analytics

As a business owner in Elkhart, Indiana, you can use our Merchant Console to easily manage essential aspects of your business. This portal allows you access to various features to review email invoices, view transactions, manage inventory, analyze sales trends, and more.

In today's digital world, merchants have a wide range of payment options available for online transactions, including traditional credit/debit cards and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Businesses need to have a solution in place to handle customers' alternative payment methods.

Electronic Merchant Systems provides online payment systems that make the payment process faster and more efficient. Offering customers multiple choices is crucial to prevent potential customers from abandoning their shopping carts.

Secure, Easily Integrated Payment APIs & SDKs

Our relationships with some of the most respected payment gateways give you the flexibility to easily integrate payments into your ECommerce platforms. Some of the features available through these relationships include:

  • Pre-Certified SDKs: Integrate payments into any application (including mobile!) with native SDKs. Our integrations support Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.
  • Mobile-Optimized Design: Easily embed mobile-friendly, responsive payment forms on your payment gateway. This ensures a streamlined, efficient payment experience for customers using a mobile device to make an online payment.
  • Tokenization: Reuse tokenized cardholder data from previous transactions without having to store or secure it. This token can be used for subsequent transactions without re-entering cardholder data.
  • APIs: We currently support Rest API, Client JS, Payment Engine Terminal API, Soap API, and Transaction API.

Account Updater & Level III Processing

At EMS, we believe modern businesses should have access to innovative payment technology. That is why we offer cutting-edge payment processing solutions at affordable rates. For those who wish to take innovation one step further, we offer Account Updater and Level III Processing.

Account Updater: Add this technology to your payment gateway and gain the power to update outdated card information without sending a request. Through the Account Updater feature, major credit card issuers automatically provide the latest card information directly to your payment gateway.

Level III Processing: Does your business run frequent purchasing cards, government cards, or large-ticket transactions? If so, it is time to take advantage of Level III Processing with your payment gateway. Level III transactions require sending the most data at the time of purchase, which differs from the simple data required for consumer card transactions. If your business qualifies for Level III, it can lead to some serious savings on transaction fees.

With the right payment option to meet your business requirements, online merchants like you can take your business to the next level. 

Choosing the best online payment processing service is vital to running a successful eCommerce store.

That is why you need one of the leading Indiana payment service providers like Electronic Merchant Systems to help you accept online credit card transactions.

Online Payment Processing You Can Trust

Why Choose EMS as Your Elkhart Online Payment Processing Company?

Electronic Merchant Systems is everything a business could want in a payment processor in Elkhart, IN.

Exceptional Service & Tools


We want to help your business grow with our eCommerce payment processing solutions. We will provide you with a high level of products and services to help you grow your customer base.

Your Satisfaction


Did you know EMS has over 1000+ Google Customer Reviews with an average 4.7-star rating? For a Merchant Services business that has been around for over 30 years, that is exceptional.

24/7 Customer Support


Chances are you'll never have to worry about calling our industry-recognized customer service, but if you find yourself calling EMS customer service, you'll be greeted by a real person.

We have a knowledgeable, US-based team of customer service representatives that is accessible to our Merchants 24/7/365 by phone, email, and live chat.



EMS takes business and customer security incredibly seriously. How seriously? For over ten years, EMS has been a certified level 1 PCI provider.

When you accept credit cards online, PCI compliance goes a long way in terms of peace of mind.

Our Philosophy


Electronic Merchant Systems believes in No Good Merchant Left Behind. If you are confident in your service or product, EMS wants to provide eCommerce payment processing solutions to help you succeed.


Choose The Best E-commerce Payment Gateway For Your Elkhart Business With Electronic Merchant Systems

Choosing the right e-commerce payment solution in Elkhart, Indiana, can feel like navigating a minefield. The decision-making process can be time-consuming and challenging, with countless options on the market. 

Choosing an ineffective payment solution can hurt your business and damage your reputation. You want to make sure that you select the best possible online payment processing option that will help your customers and your business.

You need a flexible e-commerce payment solution with proven results that can offer greater control over transactions. 

Amongst the many e-commerce payment processing tools available today, your success depends on selecting the one that best fits your website's purpose and business strategy. 

Doing business online isn't just the future anymore; it's the present. 

Electronic Merchant Systems can help your Elkhart business reach more customers online and offer excellent service. 

You may not be able to present a friendly greeting or your attention when a customer enters your website, but you can still show you care by providing a straightforward and secure buying experience. Let us help you develop that experience with an innovative eCommerce solution.

Online Shopping Is Growing. Take advantage of Your Opportunity To Offer Customers a Secure and Seamless Online Shopping Experience! With EMS, You Can:

  • Enable Payments For Your Online Store
  • Responsive Web Design For Any Device
  • Secure Customer Card Information For Quick Checkout
  • Save Money With Our Low Rates

Are You Ready To Take Your Online Business To The Next Level by accepting popular payment methods? Fill out the form below to work with the best eCommerce payment system in Elkhart, Indiana.

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