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If you're looking for the best eCommerce payment processing services in your area, Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) can help.

We will help you grow your business with reliable eCommerce and online payment processing options.

If you offer industry-leading products but aren't seeing the revenue and sales volume you expected, your payment gateway might be turning away your customers.

If it crashes, lags, is overly complicated, or there's issues accepting debit card payments or handling credit card company requirements, it could cause you to lose precious sales.

Research shows that 28% of customers abandon their cart if the process is too lengthy or complicated. Expand your customer base and business by reducing the required steps in the checkout process. 


For over 30 years, Electronic Merchant Systems has been helping online businesses like yours realize their full potential with innovative online payment solutions.

And with our free rate review, 95% of merchants saved money on payment processing fees.

You can count on EMS as your online payment processor. We can help facilitate credit card payments for online businesses like yours. This will help boost your profits and contribute to your overall success.

When you partner with us, you can:

  •     Establish your web presence
  •     Add a store to your existing website
  •     Enable online payment methods for your business
  •     Streamline your customers' buying experience.

By creating a seamless user experience from start to checkout, your customers can fill their online shopping carts and pay in a breeze with our payment solutions. 

This allows your customers to place orders and make secure payments, allowing you to increase your business!


Find Out How Our eCommerce Payment Processing Can Help Your Business Grow!

Electronic Merchant Systems is dedicated to helping your business grow. 

We can help you add a store to your existing website or even enable payments for your online store.

Our digital solutions are cost-effective, user-friendly, and always held to the highest security standards.

Online shopping is growing. Don't miss out on your opportunity to offer customers a secure and seamless online shopping experience! With EMS, you'll be able to:

  • Enable Payments For Your Online Store
  • Responsive Web Design For Any Device
  • Secure Customer Card Information For Quick Checkout
  • Save Money With Our Low Rates

Are You Ready To Take Your Online Business To The Next Step? Get A Free Consultation by filling out the form for your eCommerce Payment Solution! 

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Here’s What Our Customers Say:


“EMS has been a pleasure to work with. Always providing great customer service. Our representative is always available to assist and as a small business we appreciate that.”

AME Loyal Inc


“I have had great service from EMS. I recently had a hardware issue that they were excellent to deal with and immediately got my issue resolved.”

Brian P.


“Tech support has always been available and takes care of a problem in one call. Had the system for many years now and only called for help 4 to 5 times. Great system and support.”

Brita L.