Best Restaurant POS System in Santa Rosa, California

Best Restaurant POS System in Santa Rosa, California

Are you looking for the best restaurant & bar POS system in Santa Rosa, CA?  

Do you want a POS system that can help streamline your business and allow you to earn more money?  If you're ready to improve your bottom line, take a look at what Total Touch® POS can do for you.

When you use Total Touch® as your restaurant & bar POS system, you can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Have payment processor flexibility
  • Maximize restaurant efficiency
  • Increase online sales
  • Avoid system downtime
  • Pre-authorize bar tabs
  • Pour control

These are just a few of the benefits of partnering with one of the most powerful point-of-sale systems.

It can be difficult to keep track of everything as a restaurant owner or manager. Dealing with a complicated restaurant point of sale system is the last thing you should have to worry about, from employee management to downtime and inventory management.

Total Touch® is a simple, easy-to-use POS that can help you streamline your business.

We can assist you with scheduling employees, tracking inventory when it runs low, and improving the overall customer experience.

Total Touch offers the best POS system for your Santa Rosa restaurant, bar, or nightclub. And with the versatility of our software, we can help you accept online ordering and mobile ordering options as well.  With Total Touch as your restaurant point of sale system, we can help you take your business to the next level. 

For years, Total Touch has been helping large and small restaurants like yours to reach their full potential.

That includes:

  • Streamlining the acceptance of all major credit and debit cards
  • Powerful POS integrations
  • Total support with a US-based customer support team
  • Our POS systems are fast and intuitive, helping you save time and reduce costs.

If these sound like things you'd like for your restaurant to grow, we'd be delighted to assist you. We are committed to providing our restaurants with the support and software they need to take their business to the next level.

The first step is to take action by scheduling your free demo, and you can do this by clicking the button below.


Do you want to learn more about the best POS solutions for your restaurant, bar, or nightclub? Or are you interested in Total Touch?

Total Touch POS was named one of CIO's Top 20 Most Promising POS Providers in 2019 as well as one of CIO's Top 10 Payment and Card Consulting Services in 2019.

Total Touch POS is a user-friendly restaurant management system designed by restaurant owners for restaurant owners. Our POS system is tailored to the specific management and operational needs of restaurants.

We provide leading pos software that allows you to focus solely on providing the best customer experience possible while also saving you time and money.

We are a true partner who values the feedback provided by our restaurants and acts on items they request.

POS companies frequently provide their customers with a restaurant POS system but little to no support.

Total Touch provides in-person training to ensure that your staff truly understands the system.

Another advantage of Total Touch POS is the ability to store data on your system or in the cloud. This results in a redundant system that can cross-check data to ensure accuracy even during peak periods.

Scroll down a little more to our table of contents, where you can learn more about how our restaurant point of sale system can benefit you. 

Table of Contents

What Is The Best Restaurant POS System?

As a restaurant owner or manager, your to-do list is almost certainly as long as your drink menu.

We understand that you have a lot on your plate, from inventory management and product shipping to employee management and customer service.

Finding time to research the best restaurant point of sale system may fall to the bottom of that list.

However, Total Touch can assist; we understand that time is of the essence in the hospitality industry. That's why we created this point-of-sale solution to alleviate some of the stress.

How does Total Touch POS assist you in removing some of these responsibilities? Continue reading to find out.

Payment Options

Your wait staff can split checks by seat or item with an innovative point of sale system like Total Touch. This eliminates the need for your customers to argue over who will pay for an appetizer.

Furthermore, it facilitates the tracking of checks and orders, preventing someone from receiving the incorrect check or having a negative experience at your restaurant.

This functionality enhances the dining experience of the customer, increasing the likelihood that they will return and allowing you to convert your loyal customers into raving fans, thereby increasing your bottom line.

We can also help them improve their dining experience by pre-authorizing bar tabs.

Pre-authorize Bar Tabs

You can increase the speed of service by allowing your bartenders and servers to move faster by pre-authorizing bar tabs.

This pleases your guests by allowing them to open a tab at the bar and then carry it to their seats when they are ready. There will be no more need to open and close multiple tabs or deal with manual paper tickets. You can keep your customers and employees happy with this feature.

Pre-authorizing bar tabs will help you maintain healthy sales and profits while also delighting guests with the service you will be able to provide.

Employee management is one of the most difficult aspects of running a hospitality business. However, with our user-friendly interface, you will be able to manage employees much more easily.


Employee Management

You'll be able to manage your employees much more easily with our restaurant point of sale system. You will be able to schedule your kitchen staff, wait staff, bartenders, and hostesses, as well as track time and employee permissions, allowing your staff to serve your guests.

This functionality gives you complete control over your restaurant, allowing you to provide superior service while increasing profits.

Employee satisfaction, on the other hand, is a frequently overlooked aspect of a well-run restaurant.

You will have a happy staff if you use Total Touch's simple interface.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Nothing irritates you or your customers more than having to wait an extended period of time for their bill. It has the potential to detract from what was previously a wonderful dining experience.

They frequently blame the waiter or waitress, but the majority of the time it is due to an unresponsive cash register system.

But not with Total Touch. The simple interface allows your staff to operate it intuitively, and the crisp and clean screen prevents you from falling down rabbit holes while attempting to close out a table.

In addition to Total Touch functionality, we have an in-person onboarding process that allows your staff to ask questions and receive thorough training on our system. We will also be present on the first day it goes live to assist the staff with the transition.

We can help you improve restaurant operations and the dining experience by providing online and mobile ordering options.

Online and Mobile Ordering

Restaurants are increasingly migrating from brick-and-mortar to click-and-mortar models as a result of social distancing and other regulations. And, as regulations change, curbside pick-up options become more prevalent.

By utilizing Total Touch's online and mobile ordering capabilities, you will be able to adapt to your customers' changing habits while increasing sales and minimizing errors with our point of sale system.

With an increasing number of people ordering food online, your establishment must be able to handle both in-person and online orders.

Total Touch mobile ordering can help restaurants increase sales and efficiency. You have complete control over your in-house and delivery operations with online ordering, including driver designation, region configuration, and QR code ordering.

Total Touch's API program, which integrates with all major delivery services, is another way it helps restaurants improve customer relationships.

API Program That Works With Major Delivery Services

Total Touch extends its low-cost delivery capabilities by integrating with third-party delivery services such as Postmates, GrubHub, and others.

If you have customers who prefer contactless delivery, you can accommodate them using our POS system. Using this integration, you can define service areas and set specialized pricing and delivery fees based on delivery zones.

You will also be able to track customer payments, gratuities, and the location of the delivery driver to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

This delivery service capability is ideal for a small restaurant or a business establishment, and it can assist you in navigating the difficult tasks of complying with state-mandated regulations.

These are just some of the features that you'll get when you make the switch to Total Touch POS.  But the benefits you'll receive will be even more.  From relieving the stress of running or owning a restaurant to keeping your employees happy, and most importantly, your customers, you'll be able to grow your business when you go with a powerful POS system like Total Touch. 


Top Restaurant Point Of Sale System in Santa Rosa

Any restaurant's goal is to convert customers into repeat customers. You'll be able to do so with our cutting-edge point-of-sale system.

When you use Total Touch POS, you can streamline your business while increasing your bottom line.

Our integrated payment processing system enables you to manage tables, resulting in a better dining experience for the customer and shorter wait times, allowing you to serve more people.

Total Support

Total support is one of the most valuable advantages of partnering with us.

Many companies deliver your POS terminals but do not provide on-site training.

Total Touch provides in-person training so that your staff is aware of the advanced features and can learn the system from the ground up.

We will be present not only to manage employee onboarding, but also on the first day your terminal goes live in your restaurant.

This means you're not alone. You will have a partner who will assist you with the setup and launch of your POS.

Total Choice

It is critical in the restaurant industry to have options in order for your business to be as profitable as possible.

Total Touch provides a payment processing solution that is integrated. We work with the majority of payment processors, so you can select the company that has payment processing fees that are in line with the goals of your restaurant.

This gives you complete control over selecting the best payment processing rates that work best for you.

Total Integrated System

Total Touch's restaurant software runs on a server-based system with cloud-based reporting capabilities. This allows merchants to have less downtime and the confidence that they will be able to handle rush hour without incident.

The hybrid model also provides owners with complete control, allowing them to see how their business is performing from any location.

Total Touch can handle various payment types such as EMV, NFC, and tokenization, and with Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) as the payment processor, no credit card data is retained. This makes you less vulnerable to cyberattacks, which can erode customer trust.

It takes a lot of effort to run a restaurant. You require the best POS system to enable you to run your restaurant optimally while increasing your bottom line.

When you select Total Touch as your point of sale software, you are selecting a partner who will go above and beyond to assist you in seamlessly growing your business.

We strive to make the transaction process as simple as possible so that your customers can focus on what really matters: having a good time at your restaurant.

What are some of the ways a new POS system can help your bar and restaurant? Keep reading to see how. 

How Do Point Of Sale Systems Benefit Restaurants in Santa Rosa, California?


If you've been wondering, "What is the best POS software for restaurants?" this is the place to be. or "What is the best restaurant POS system?" You can put an end to your search because Total Touch POS is the solution.

Total Touch can assist you regardless of the type of restaurant, bar, or nightclub you own or manage.

What types of restaurants do our POS work well? We have no restrictions on the types of restaurants we can work with.

We can work with:

  • Full-service restaurants
  • Pizza shops
  • Quick-service restaurants
  • Enterprise-level restaurants
  • Mom and Pop restaurants
  • Independent restaurants
  • And many more

Thanks to our versatility, Total Touch can be used in almost every bar, restaurant, and nightclub.

But what makes it the best POS system? 

As one of the leading POS companies, we are dedicated to making sure we take care of our merchants.  We listen to the needs that you tell us will help you, and then we get to work making sure that you have what you need. It doesn't matter if you are a niche restaurant concept or a well-established bar; we can help you.  

How are we able to do this? One of the ways is with our internal development team.

Internal Software Development Team 

Have you ever encountered a situation like this? You've purchased equipment from a third-party processor or POS company. It seemed appealing at first because of the low monthly cost or even free extra terminals, but as you begin to use their equipment, you realize it isn't the best fit for what you need.

You may be lacking in advanced reporting, or it may have limited capabilities when it comes to employee scheduling.

This is where Total Touch differs from other restaurant POS software providers.

With our POS system, you will not only be on the cutting edge of the industry, but we can also help you create custom reporting and improve built-in tools to help your business run as efficiently as possible.

To keep our software at the forefront of the industry, our internal software development team is constantly developing and improving our point of sale system and peripherals.

Furthermore, our software development team was the first to market with a number of industry-leading point-of-sale integrations that improve the customer experience and allow you to do more business.

When you work with us, you won't get cookie-cutter programs; instead, you'll get access to unique programs that will help you grow your business.

You'll have a complete management system and reporting tool in one, allowing you to provide the best experience to your customers while increasing your profits.

Total Touch can also assist you with our SQL database.



SQL Databases

Total Touch's SQL database increases the amount of bandwidth available to you. This allows you to handle a greater volume of menu items and do so at a faster rate.

Furthermore, the SQL database allows us to expedite changes requested by you, putting you ahead of the competition.

When you use our hybrid point of sale system, you already have complete control over managing your business remotely. You can save time managing business analytics by incorporating a SQL database, allowing you to focus on growing your Santa Rosa business.

These are just a few of the benefits of working with a POS company like Total Touch. We are an attentive partner. We will not provide you with a system only to have you never hear from us again. We are there to help you grow your bottom line by providing world-class support and the ability to help you create custom tools for your business.

Powerful Point of Sale Software You Can Trust

Why Choose Total Touch as Your Santa Rosa POS Partner?

Total Touch embodies everything a restaurant needs from a POS Provider in Santa Rosa, CA.

Exceptional Service & Tools


You have complete control over inventory and employee management, pour control, loyalty, and gift card programs with one of the best POS systems, such as Total Touch, which can help you manage and grow your business. Total Touch POS can also pre-authorize bar tabs, split checks by seat or item, and provide other features to help you keep your customers satisfied.

Use powerful software, hardware, and credit card processing to save time, effort, and money.

Increased Profits


Increase your revenue with an integrated restaurant point-of-sale system like Total Touch. From quicker turnaround times, improving guest experience to having a reliable POS system that can handle your busiest times, Total Touch can help you improve your bottom line. 

Total Support


With worry-free technical support for your restaurant based in the United States, you can say goodbye to support headaches. See why choosing Total Touch as your restaurant, bar, or nightclub POS system will give you complete control.

Pour Control


Total Touch can help your staff avoid errors and improve control over the dispensing of alcohol/draft beer.

Inventory Management


Total Touch provides you with comprehensive inventory tracking and a countdown of item quantities for total tracking.

Open Table Management


You can enhance the overall guest experience with open table management. From the front office or the back office, your client can manage tables to help reduce long wait times and increase checkout speed, allowing your client to do more business.

Hybrid POS System


Total Touch is a hybrid cloud and on-premises system. This enables you to safeguard critical business data by storing it on a secure server and gaining access to reports from any location with an internet connection.

get-the-best-restaurant-pos-system-in-santa-rosa-caFrequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Top Restaurant POS Features To Look For?

You want to make sure that the POS company you choose for your business has the experience and understanding in the industry, as well as reasonable pricing, good customer service, expanded functionality, and extensive security.

Don't limit yourself to the point of sale companies that offer the cheapest contracts or free equipment. These types of deals will generally cost you more due to a sub-par product or being locked into a contract you can't get out of. 

2. Why do I need a POS system?

A POS system allows you to optimize your business.  You'll be able to reduce operational costs by improved inventory tracking, as well as options like pour control that keeps things consistent, so you are not ordering too much or running out of inventory. 

A point of sale system will allow your business to run efficiently and improve not only your employees' experience but also your customers.  

3. Can I keep my current credit card processor?

Yes. Total Touch POS is processor agnostic, and we can work with most payment processors.  However, we do have preferred processors like Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS), which have state-of-the-art industry protection that allows you to process cards quickly and securely, preventing you from cyber attacks. 

4. What is the best POS system for a restaurant or bar?

The first thing you want is a POS system that is going to be flexible enough to offer your business everything it needs to be successful. From intuitive features that will allow you to improve your efficiency and increase your sales to the ability to provide a positive customer experience that will keep them coming back.

The other aspect you should look at is the POS company.  Are they reliable?  Are they responsive?  Will they take your business's specific needs into account when working with you, or are they just trying to make a sale? 

5. Do I have to be a bigger restaurant to use Total Touch POS?

Absolutely not.  We work with a wide range of restaurants. From large enterprise restaurants down to small mom-and-pop or niche restaurants, Total Touch POS is perfect for you. 

6. How much does a restaurant POS system cost?

Most companies offer restaurants POS systems that are one-size-fits-all with expensive upgrades, additional costs, and long-term contracts for merchant services that aren't friendly to the merchant.

Contact us to get a no-obligation quote for a comprehensive restaurant pos system and restaurant management software that's customized for your needs.

7. Does Total Touch offer online ordering?

Total Touch POS offers online ordering to help you reach more of your customers that want curbside pick-up or delivery. 

Choose the Best Restaurant POS System in Santa Rosa


At Total Touch POS, we take pride in being the responsive and complete partner to restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The dependability, security, and trustworthiness we provide are some of the main reasons so many restaurants in Santa Rosa choose our point of sale solution.

We are dedicated to not only your longer-term goals but the daily process that gets you there.  From reducing operational costs, or labor costs, to developing custom solutions and business tools that will help you reach the next level, Total Touch will go the extra mile for you. 

We are much more than a point of sale business. At Total Touch, we are here to help you by providing you with a solution that:

  • Has a personal onboarding process
  • Can pre-authorize bar tabs
  • Offers online ordering and mobile solutions
  • Has custom analytics
  • Has an intuitive interface
  • Offers inventory management

Don’t spend another day with out-of-date POS or a system that won't handle your busiest times.

Instead, choose Total Touch - where we offer Santa Rosa restaurants the most updated restaurant point of sale solutions that are simple and effective.

We not only stand behind our product, but we stand with you every step of the way to help you grow your business. 

If you are looking for the best Santa Rosa, California restaurant POS system, please fill out the form below to schedule your demo.


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