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The best point-of-sale systems in Mississippi need to do more than process transactions.

They need to include software to streamline your workflow.

They'll also need features like employee scheduling, customer loyalty programs, and inventory management.

EMS has created custom POS solutions for any business in Mississippi, whether it's a retail store, bar, restaurant, pizza shop, or anything in between.

Our cloud-based systems let you make data-driven decisions in your business that boost profits.

We emphasize affordability, ease of use, functionality, and analytics.

And they're easy to set up, so you can start right away.

You need options for scaling your business, and EMS can provide them.

Our POS systems can:

  • accurately track sales
  • accept all payment methods
  • seamless hardware and integration solutions
  • customize options with built-in features
  • enhance your overall customer experience

MaxxPay® is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution that will seamlessly connect your entire store with your customers.

MaxxPay's quality is unmatched, and it offers lifetime data storage and free software updates.

And with three versions, MaxxPay Premier, MaxxPay Pro, or MaxxPay Mini, there's sure to be one that fits your business needs.

Each option comes equipped with powerful features, including:

  • State-of-the-Art Hardware
  • Employee Permissions & Timekeeping
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Inventory Management
  • EMV and NFC Technology

MaxxPay gives Mississippi merchants the ability to make informed decisions by providing critical data that traditional cash registers and credit card terminals can't.

Total Touch is our complete restaurant and bar POS system that can manage your bar or restaurant's sales, inventory, employees, and operations.

Our POS solutions offer exceptional flexibility, functionality, and convenience for Mississippi retailers, restaurants, and merchants.

And our countertop terminals have the processing features you need without using all of your counter space.

Your business can reap the benefits of reporting, inventory management, time tracking, customer data collection, and more!

Reach out today for a free consultation with our experts to find the perfect POS system that fits your Mississippi business requirements.

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