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When you're looking for a POS Dealer Program in North Carolina, what do you look for? Is it:

  • Uncapped income growth
  • Expanding your portfolio
  • Getting your deals done quickly
  • Increased client retention
  • Integrated cash register systems

If so, then the Total Touch® Reseller Program is the best choice for you. 

One of the ways we help our POS Partners is with a cutting-edge POS system. You'll be able to offer your clients a hybrid point of sale technology platform that offers intuitive solutions for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

With a restaurant system that doesn't require your merchant to change payment processors, you'll be able to help your clients grow and increase your revenue at the same time

Call (800) 717-8360 to learn more about adding one of the top restaurant point of sale systems to your portfolio, or keep reading to see how you can be a successful POS Reseller in North Carolina when you partner with Total Touch®. 


How Can I Be A Successful POS Reseller?

A career as an independent sales agent is rewarding but can also be challenging. You want to be the point of sale Dealer that restaurants, bars, and nightclubs rely on for a powerful, easy-to-use POS system.

With the 24/7 support of Total Touch, you have a partner that can help you navigate the

industry with training, a dedicated customer success team, and industry-leading payment processing touch makes customer service easy in north carolina

We also help you with the following:

Total Support

Total Touch knows the challenges you and your clients face.

You need support from a partner that is available to provide support by:

  • Providing dealer channel managers with unparalleled experience
  • Helping maximize revenue
  • Training to make you the leading point of sale dealer for businesses
  • Helping you generate more recurring revenue

With a dedicated partner like Total Touch, you'll be able to give your clients what they need to succeed and resources for restaurants in North Carolina to rely on. 

While having the best restaurant point of sale system is essential to success, a POS reseller needs to be knowledgeable about the industry and the challenges they are facing. 

At Total Touch, we ensure our team is prepared and kept up to date. With us, as your partner, you can help restaurant and bar owners have complete control over their establishment with these three unique benefits. 

1. Total Choice 

Total Touch integrates with most payment processors so your merchants can work with whomever they want.

However, due to most resellers today wishing to optimize their revenue streams and competitiveness, we have preferred processors to give you a more sustainable business model.  

2. Total Integrated System

Total Touch operates on a server-based system with cloud-based capabilities for reporting. This allows merchants to experience less downtime and have the confidence that they can handle their busiest times without issues.  

The hybrid model also gives owners total control allowing them to see how their business is performing anywhere.

3. Total Increased Profit Opportunity

There are several advantages to partnering with the same company for POS software and payment processing.

Choosing the ideal partner is crucial for your business. When merchants choose Total Touch POS software and Electronic Merchant Systems as their payment processor, they can streamline their operations and focus on expanding their business. 

If you're ready to take the next step and offer the leading pos system to your customers, click the link below. Or keep reading if you want to learn more about some of the great benefits that Total Touch offers. 



Discover a Better POS Partnership: 

With our POS Dealer program, we empower our Value Added Resellers by providing an all-in-one POS system and dedicated support team for our partners. When you partner with Total Touch, you'll be offering one of the powerful restaurant POS systems.



Increased Revenue

Earn more money with an integrated restaurant POS system like Total Touch



Complete Support

 Providing support 24/7 to POS Resellers to help you have the success you deserve. 



Online Capabilities

With an all-in-one restaurant pos system, you can help your clients go from brick-and-mortar to online to adapt to the times.  






What Are The Benefits Of Selling Total Touch?


If your client's staff is spending more time trying to navigate an overly complicated restaurant pos software or if the POS system goes down during their busiest times, they need an upgrade. 

Here are some of the benefits Total Touch offers your merchants:

Open Table Management

With open table management, you can improve the overall guest experience.  From the front office to the back office, your client can manage tables to help reduce long wait times and improve the speed of checkout, allowing your client to do more business. 

Payment Options

With an innovative POS system like Total Touch, your restaurant owner gets the ability to split checks by seat or split an item by the entire table.

This functionality creates a better dining experience for the customer, making it more likely that they'll be repeat customers, and allows you to increase your residual income as your client's business grows.

barista utilizing pos total touch software in north carolina

Online and Mobile Ordering

More and more businesses are transitioning from brick-and-mortar to click-and-mortar options. With Total Touch's online and mobile ordering feature, your client will be able to adapt to their customers' changing habits while increasing sales and minimizing errors. 

With more and more people ordering food online, your clients need to be able to handle both in-person and online orders.

Total Touch mobile ordering can help restaurants increase sales and boost efficiency.

Simple, Easy-to-use Interface

Outdated restaurant register systems can hold your clients back.

From being unreliable to not being user-friendly, it can slow your clients' entire business down, causing them to lose revenue. 

Total Touch is reliable and easy to use. As one of the most powerful restaurant point of sale softwares, it will handle your clients' busiest times while providing a user-friendly experience for their servers and bartenders.  

This will allow for optimal business interactions between customers and servers, improved user experiences, increased retention, and increased revenue. 

Why Does This Matter To A POS Dealer?

When you're selling POS systems, it's important that you provide your clients with the best POS restaurant software and equipment.  

When you partner with Total Touch, you're selling an all-in-one restaurant pos that will help your client improve customer retention and increase profits. 

With a more streamlined operation, improved customer experience, you'll be the POS Reseller that business owners rely on for their restaurant point of sale software and be able to increase your revenue.

With all these benefits of being a value-added reseller in North Carolina, you'll be the leader in the industry.  See how you can get access to these benefits and more below.




waiter in north carolina using total touch.
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Offering your clients an integrated system that will streamline their business can allow you to increase your residual income and be at the forefront of the payment industry.

As a Total Touch Reseller, you'll have the knowledge and tools to get into different types of restaurants, bars, night clubs. 

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