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Credit Card Payment Processing

If you’ve ever researched, “How to Accept Credit Cards” or “Top Online Payment Methods,” you’re in the right place.

We get it. You provide a valuable product or service, but you don’t know the best way to get paid. Or, you’re ready to upgrade to the newest technology!

You want payments to be simple for your customers, easy on you and cost-effective. And since there are so many credit card payment processing options, it can be overwhelming to understand which to choose, let alone selecting the best setup for your business.

Credit Card Payment Processing


Credit Card Payment Processing

Accept Online & In Person Payments.

At Electronic Merchant Systems, we provide a suite of secure credit card payment processing solutions to fit the unique needs of small to mid-sized businesses.

By partnering with us, you get a payment processing setup tailored to your needs, along with tools you can use across your business—letting you save money, streamline operations and drive more sales.
Merchant Services for Credit Cards Online
To make things easy, we’ve sorted our solutions by business type. What do you need?


Retail Store Solutions

As a retail store owner, you do it all: manage inventory, fulfill orders and work weekends—just to name a few. That’s why we offer comprehensive tools that not only optimize how you get paid but other processes as well.

For example, with MaxxPay®, our all-in-one Point of Sale solution, you can set up low quantity alerts, add a customized gift card program, review employee hours, plus so much more.

By partnering with Electronic Merchant Systems, you can grow to even greater heights. The tools below are built to meet the unique and complex needs of retail stores, just like yours.

  • TerminalsSupport EMV chip card, contactless and mobile wallets with secure, compact terminals so you can accept both online and in person payments.
  • MaxxPay®Process payments, manage inventory and more, with an all-in-one Point of Sale solution.
  • Altus:Encourage customers to return with a Gift & Loyalty program— custom plastic cards included!



Restaurant Solutions

From menu decisions to staff coordination to customer satisfaction, as a restaurant owner, you have a long list of responsibilities beyond just processing payments. That’s why we offer holistic tools to meet the diverse needs of your establishment.

Tools like Total Touch POS, an intuitive, restaurant-specific software, can help you focus on your primary goal—delivering the best dining experience possible.

By partnering with Electronic Merchant Systems, you can optimize how you get paid, streamline your ordering process and turn tables around faster—just to name a few. The solutions below are built for restaurants, just like yours.

  • TerminalsMake it easy to pay with secure terminals that support EMV chip card, contactless and mobile wallets.

  • MaxxPay™Process payments, add Pay-At-The Table devices and more, with an all-in-one Point of Sale solution.

  • TotalTouch®Leverage tools built just for the restaurant industry—manage liquor control systems, online mobile ordering and more.

  • AltusBuild patron loyalty using a Gift & Loyalty program with custom-designed plastic cards.

  • Mobile Loyalty: Encourage patrons to return by offering a mobile, punch card rewards system
Accept Credit Cards Online
EMS offers holistic tools to meet the diverse needs of your establishment.
Best Payment Processing Company
EMS' service-based business solutions help simplify how you get paid.


Service-Based Business Solutions

As a service-based business, you likely send quotes, write scopes and create invoices—all before you even think about the act of credit card payment processing. That’s why we offer more comprehensive payment tools to meet your unique needs.

For instance, with Electronic Merchant Systems’ virtual terminals, you no longer need to chase clients for checks or stand in line at the bank. Your clients can pay online, faster.

By partnering with us, you can simplify how you get paid, from start to finish. The solutions below are built for service providers, just like you.

  • Email Invoicing: Let clients pay online and get paid quicker with email invoicing.

  • Mobile Phone Payments: Use your phone or tablet to accept payments.

  • Payment Gateway: Process transactions quickly and easily using a virtual terminal or eCommerce shopping cart.


Online Business Solutions

If you own an online business—or want to in the future—you need an engaging commerce website where you can sell products or services and process payments.

To simplify this startup process for online business owners like you, our team at Electronic Merchant Systems offers everything from web design to site transfer to ongoing hosting, in addition to providing a secure payment gateway to handle transactions across the internet.

By partnering with us, you can optimize your online presence and generate more sales. The solutions below are built for online commerce providers, just like you.

  • Web Design: Make life easy by partnering with a dedicated designer to build your website.

  • Web Store: Reach customers and generate more revenue with an eCommerce cart.

  • API Integration: Experience seamless integration with an Application Program Interface (API) component.
Lowest Credit Card Processing Fees
Optimize your online presence and generate more sales with EMS' online business solutions.

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“I have been in business for 13 years and have been through quite a few merchant companies. EMS has stayed consistent with their pricing since I joined several years ago and continue to provide great customer service when needed (yes they actually answer the phone).” - Sally A.

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