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is Left Behind

Your business is different from every other business out there. Whether you run an ice cream parlor, boutique clothing store, or even a plumbing business, the product or service you offer is unique. That means you also have unique business goals and specific needs that must be met to reach those goals.

Have you ever shared your goals with a vendor or partner only to have them disregard what you said in order to make a sale? This is an unfortunate reality for many merchants, but EMS is setting out to change things.

At Electronic Merchant Systems, we live by the words “No Good Merchant Left Behind”. In our industry, that means simplifying account approvals and equipping each merchant with solutions to help them accomplish their specific business goals. We’ll always listen first, and then help you build the payment processing solution that best suits your business.

Payment processing technology trends are evolving at an unprecedented pace. To stay competitive and profitable, you need a robust payment processing toolset, along with a processing partner that understands non-traditional businesses. That’s where we come in!

We’re not in business to simply sell products or services that temporarily solve problems. We take careful time to learn about your business and build solutions that help you grow. When you choose to partner with EMS, you can rest assured that your business will never be left behind.

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Our Customers

“I have been a customer of EMS for over 15 years and the reason for this long term business relationship is mainly the excellent customer service. Whenever a problem occurred, the issues were resolved in a timely manner and always to my 100% satisfaction.”

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