Best Employee Incentives: How to Reward Your Employees in San Antonio

Your employees work hard to make your company grow and be successful, and it’s important to thank them for their support from time to time. While people always love rewards like boosts in compensation, some of the best employee incentives don’t come with pay stubs.

A great way to show your appreciation is to reward your workers with a day of fun. One day of a reward can help your employees relax, meet other people in the company they otherwise would not talk to, and feel acknowledged for all the hard work they do. Here’s some ideas to help you start planning different trips to treat your employees.

Sea World

Amusement parks offer a fun, thrilling environment where your employees can relax and bond while riding roller coasters, exploring aquatic wildlife, and eating delicious food.

Do you like animals? Sea World has dolphins, sea lions, sting rays and all types of aquatic life to explore. There are even designated areas where you can feed, pet, and swim with the animals.

There’s also a variety of shows with talent from around the world. One of Sea World’s most notable performances is Pets Ahoy. In this show, the actors interact with animals to perform tricks and stunts. If fireworks are more your speed, take your employees to enjoy the IgNite or Hydro Power Extreme FX show. No matter what you and your employees’ interests are, a trip to Sea World will have everyone’s tastes covered!

Majestic Theatre

The Majestic Theatre is one of San Antonio’s oldest performance venues. With the ability to seat up to 2,264 people at a time, it is one of Texas’ most notable landmarks. The theatre offers concerts, musicals, plays, and performances each month. This means you’ll have the option to pick a show everyone will enjoy.

Going out for a night at the theatre is a great way to show your employees you care about their experiences outside the office. After all, there’s nothing better than sitting in an auditorium listening to beautiful music and watching a spectacle with your own eyes!

McAllister Park

McAllister Park is a great way to spend time with your team outdoors. There are hiking trails for those who enjoy a bit of a challenge, biking trails those who love cycling, and a dog park for those who want to bring their furry friends along for a day of sunshine and fun.

McAllister Park is also the ideal place to have a picnic because there are pavilions available for rent. You can order food for your team or ask everyone to bring their most delicious homemade items. Coming together for a meal is a way for people to connect in a relaxed environment.

The Amazing Mirror Maze

Are you looking for a thrilling experience for your team? The Amazing Mirror Maze is an experience you won’t be able to find anywhere else but San Antonio! There’s thousands of mirrors, endless hallways, and rooms for you and your coworkers to explore. Your team will have the chance to work together to try to solve the many challenges the Amazing Mirror Maze has to offer.

This venue also offers the Vault Laser Challenge. This challenge is where you’ll have to make it through the laser maze before the clock runs out. Your team can race each other and see who comes out on top with the best time.

These challenges are a great way for your team to have fun and bond while working through the puzzles.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags is a classic when it comes to amusement parks. You and your employees can zip around on roller coasters, watch lives performances, and shop.

One of the newest attractions at Six Flags Fiesta Texas is the Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster. This attraction is the world’s first single rail roller coaster, making it one of the most exciting experiences San Antonio has to offer. Other notable thrill attractions include Batman: The Ride, the world’s first free-fly coaster, and Goliath, a 50mph coaster with amazing loops and curves.

There’s nothing better than going to a theme park and riding roller coasters. Show you appreciate your employees’ dedication by taking them to one of the most memorable places in San Antonio!

McNay Art Museum

The McNay Art Museum is a place that works to preserve art history while offering unique exhibits that showcase different artistic talents. Exploring an art museum is a great way to explore the world’s rich history while developing further appreciation for artists around the globe. The McNay Art Museum has collections from America, Europe, and the Southwest, making it a great place to appreciate artists here and abroad.

Your team will be able to learn and explore the world’s differing cultures with a trip to this museum. It’s always important to take a moment to study, understand, and enjoy the many different people of our world.

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