Every small business owner knows the most value of managing reputation. In the age where “word of mouth” is a click away, positive public perception is often the difference between staying a business sinking or staying afloat. Reputation is essentially the quality with which a company engages its market. A market that feels welcomed and well-serviced by a business is going to embrace that business. You know what they say, hell hath no fury like a market scorned. This is why it’s imperative for a small business to exercise reputation management. Here’s how:

Social Media.

This is one of the best ways to engage your customers. You can use social media for advertising, customer reviews, customer service, company news, industry news, etc. Social media is not just a great tool for your customer retention, but it can also be groomed to aggregate industry news and help you become an influencer within your industry. However, creating and operating social media requires constant attention and management. Engaging a market on social media results in reviews and comments that need to be monitored and require responses.

Manage Your Reviews.

Great social media content is half the battle. The other half is the way in which a company responds to its customers publicly. The idea is to consistently provide customer support as well as reward positive reviews. This will increase customer retention and subsequently create new leads.

A Website.

Websites have essentially replaced the yellow pages. This is because the Internet is often more convenient to access (whether from a smartphone, tablet or computer) and offers virtually infinite amounts of information. Instead of a brief synopsis in a giant book, your company’s entire operation, supply manifest, customer reviews and contact information can be seen easily and quickly. Creating a website is going to make your business appear more professional and established than your competition, all while expanding your reach within a market.

Search Engine Optimization.

It’s the buzzword you’ve heard before, maybe as SEO, and it’s extremely relevant for a reason. Essentially, SEO is the practice of tailoring your company’s online presence. It’s the process of managing how likely it is to appear in online searches. The better your SEO, the wider your reach. Improving your SEO is difficult and requires a lot of testing, but establishing a website and social media are easy ways to start indexing better on search engines. If your company is on LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Bing Places, it’s name and reputation is spread further across the Internet, and is more likely to find your existing and prospective customers.

All in all, public perception is going to strongly affect how well a business performs in any given market. Therefore it is important that every small business understands how to manage and control their reputation. For more information about the keys to reputation management, connect with us on social media. 

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