How the Right Merchant Services Products Can Help during COVID-19

How the Right Merchant Services Products Can Help during COVID-19

Even before COVID-19 surfaced in the United States, consumers were craving a seamless, simple, or even invisible payment experience. Now that many stores and restaurants are changing the ways they do business in response to the virus, flexible payment solutions are more important than ever. In fact, equipping your business with the right payment solutions for your customers and the current situation can help your business survive today, and thrive tomorrow.

The big question now is, which solution is the right solution?

The answer to this question depends entirely on your business, your customers, and the experience you want to provide for them. Without getting to know your business first, we can’t give you a specific recommendation. However, we can share some general stats and information to help you make an informed decision. Keep reading to learn more!


Solutions for Meeting Customers Where They Are

A recent study found that 41% of customers actually avoid certain stores that don’t accept the payment solution they prefer. Shopping looks different now than it did two months ago, but this still rings true. You need to meet your customers where they are, and right now – they’re online. So, move your store online! Investing in an eCommerce solution now can help you weather the COVID-19 storm, and emerge a stronger business when it’s over.

While we’re talking about eCommerce, let’s discuss consumer behavior for a moment. Today’s consumers are typically very busy people. Maybe they’re not traveling to the office right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their days are any less demanding. They still want to place their order or pay for their services using the fewest clicks possible. If you can provide that experience for them, they’ll benefit from gaining a little bit of time back in their day.

Your customers are not the only ones who benefit from a fast and easy payment experience. Merchants like you also benefit! Because, when the purchase process is easy and clearly secure for your customer, they tend to spend more. This is an important factor for times such as now, when you need to keep as much revenue as possible flowing through your business.


Other Socially Distant Merchant Services Products

An eCommerce isn’t the only option for your business right now, although it is a strong one. There are other merchant services products and services that can help as you shift your business to this new, socially distant normal. Here are a few:


Gift Cards

Your loyal customers are looking for ways to support you! Gift cards are a great way for them to pay now for a future purchase. Click here to learn more about the gift card solutions we offer.


Online Menus and Ordering

Due to current restrictions, many shoppers and diners are choosing to order online for delivery or pickup. Equip your website with online menus and ordering capabilities to offer your customers a simple, speedy ordering experience. Click here to learn more.


Mobile Payment Acceptance

Simplify the payment process when completing a curbside pickup or delivery order. A mobile payment acceptance solution gives your mobile device the power to accept payments anytime, anywhere. Click here to learn more about the mobile solutions we offer.


Virtual Terminals

Make recurring payments a breeze for your customers. A virtual terminal offers set-and-forget payment options to keep revenue flowing for your business. Click here to learn more about our virtual terminal solutions.


Electronic Merchant Systems offers all these solutions and more to help your business thrive, even during challenging times. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today. We are here for you and would be happy to help you find the best solutions for your business right now.


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