3 Technology Solutions for Atlanta Businesses

Tech for Business: 3 Solutions Every Atlanta Business Needs

If you’re starting a new business in Atlanta, Georgia, you obviously want to make sure it gets off on the right foot. Or, maybe you’ve been around for a while and you’re looking for opportunities to drive more revenue and boost efficiency.

Either way, we’re here to share three top technology solutions for businesses that can help set you up for long-term success.

Business Technology Solution #1: Content Management System (CMS)

What it is: In simple terms, a CMS is the software that powers your website. The way it looks, what it says to visitors, how fast it loads… pretty much the entire user experience is driven by the CMS.

Why you need it: If you don’t already have a website for your business, choosing a CMS is step one. A good CMS makes it easy for you (or a member of your team) to add new content, revise existing content or modify your website in any number of ways. There are many different CMS solutions for businesses, but one of the most popular—and easy to use—is WordPress.

Business Technology Solution #2: Accounting Software for Small Businesses

What it is: Just like the name implies, this technology solution helps you keep track of your business finances, manage your bills and streamline your invoicing process.

Why you need it: There are many great reasons to use accounting software, including substantial time savings, reduced risk for errors and robust reporting data that shows you exactly where you stand. QuickBooks is one example that is popular among small-to-medium business owners due to its affordability and extensive feature set.

Business Technology Solution #3: Payment Processing Solutions

What they are: Payment processing solutions for businesses allow you to accept payments in a variety of different ways. Common payment options include credit/debit cards, EMV chip cards and Apple Pay & Samsung Pay.

Why you need them: When it’s easy for customers to buy your goods and services, you could see an increase in transactions. In fact, simply offering a customer’s preferred payment method can—in some cases—make the difference in securing the sale. The best way to equip your business with the payment processing solutions it needs is to partner with a reliable merchant services provider in Atlanta.

Atlanta, Georgia Merchant Services from EMS

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