Why Atlanta is Ideal for Business Startups in 2019 and Beyond

5 Big Reasons Atlanta is a Mecca for Startups

Why You Should Start a Business in Atlanta

The momentum in Atlanta would put Superman’s Metropolis to shame.

The city is home to the busiest airport in the world, it’s ranked third in the nation for Hollywood film production and Fortune 500 companies and is now known for Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home to two professional sports teams and host for the 2019 Super Bowl and 2020 NCAA Men’s Final Four.

All the excitement in Atlanta makes the city a hotbed for entrepreneurs eagerly searching for the best location to kick-off their businesses.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why an Atlanta startup is a good idea if you’re looking to get your business off the ground.


1. Strong Economic Growth in Atlanta

Atlanta’s economy is showing no signs of slowing down. The city earned the second-highest “boom-rate” among large city economies in 2016 and the population is expected to continue increasing through 2040.

Assuming the economic trends hold, Atlanta startups will have huge opportunity to reap the rewards of the city’s booming economy.

2. Powerful Talent Pool for Atlanta Startups

An ever-growing population means a larger talent pool. With hopes of being a top-tier global market within the next 10 years, Atlanta is marketing and attracting Millennial talent that will take the city’s businesses to new heights.

Atlanta is also home to top universities, such as the Georgia Institute of Technology, that produce over 300,000 college students a year who are ready to enter the job force and grow local startups and small businesses.

3. Business Friendly Environment Across Various Industries

Low taxes, small business incentives and financing of up to $250,000 make the city a smart place for people to start their own business. In fact, Atlanta has been named the number-one place to do business by Site Selection magazine for five consecutive years.

The low cost of doing business across growing industries like life sciences, technology, health care and finance makes Atlanta one of the friendliest business environments in the country.

4. Affordable, Quality Living

When starting a business, it’s important to consider both business and personal living costs of the location. Besides low business expenses, Atlanta also offers affordable living with below average costs on housing, food and clothing.

The city is not just affordable, but also filled with plenty to keep residents satisfied. Home to popular music, film and sports scenes, and offering over 100 miles of trails for healthy, outdoor activities, Atlanta startups and small businesses have a leg up in recruiting and maintaining employees.

5. Robust Startup Hub

Atlanta has quickly become one of the top destinations in the country for startups, especially those in the technology space.

With so much talent and the rise of tech giants like Atlanta Tech Village and YikYak, the city is expected to see even more growth in tech startups in the future. Atlanta’s success in technology and an array of other industries makes it an ideal place to be for ambitious and driven entrepreneurs.

Helping Atlanta Businesses Grow and Thrive

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