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March 04, 2019

3 Benefits of Using MaxxPay™ for Your Salon

Cole Godsey

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Cole Godsey

3 Benefits of Using MaxxPay™ for Your Salon

3 Benefits of Using MaxxPay™ for Your Beauty Salon Business

Running a beauty salon is not a walk in the park. You’re managing a lot of products and services all wrapped up into one business, including hair cutting, hair coloring, make-up, facials, manicures, pedicures, and much more!

Key Takeaway You Will Get From This Article

If you’re looking for a beauty salon point of sales system, MaxxPay™ can make a noticeable impact on your business by offering effcient inventory management, a customer growth loyalty program, and greater insight into your profitability. 

When a customer walks into your salon, they see your products, equipment and services, but they don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes to make the experience come together.

There’s no longer a need to keep track of your transactions, products and revenue on pencil and paper or outdated software. Instead, MaxxPay™ is a beauty salon point of sale (POS) system that helps business owners like you streamline their processes, so you can focus more on your customers’ experience.

If you’re looking for a beauty salon point of sales system, MaxxPay™ has features and benefits that extend beyond the checkout experience. Explore three key benefits this beauty salon POS system has that can make a noticeable impact on your business.

1. Efficient Inventory Management

From all of the beauty salon products you sell to the equipment your staff uses on a daily basis, there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of. What if you had a beauty salon POS system that could easily track your inventory levels?

With MaxxPay™, you have the ability to do just that. Simply set aside some time to input your inventory items into the MaxxPay™ salon POS system. It may take some time at first, but the value it will provide is completely worth it.

Once your inventory items are in the system, sit back and watch the benefits roll in. From now on, whenever a product is sold through your salon POS system, MaxxPay™ will update instantly. This will not only allow you to see real time inventory levels, but it can also impact your profitability by allowing you to gauge what products are top performers.

Anyone who’s ever been to a beauty salon knows how hectic things can get. It’s easy to forget to re-order products or supplies. MaxxPay™ will send you alerts when your products or supplies reach low levels. Ensure that you have the products your customers want in stock with a salon POS system that can automate your inventory management.

2. Customer Growth Through Loyalty Programs

If you’re looking to encourage new customers to visit your salon while retaining your current base, MaxxPay™ can help. The MaxxPay™ salon POS system has a free option to incorporate a customer loyalty program to reward anyone who visits your business.

This automated loyalty program awards customers points every time they visit your salon. This is extremely valuable to the beauty salon industry, given that most people need a haircut every six to eight weeks.

With your beauty salon POS system, you’ll be able to set point goal for your customers. When they reach the goal, they can trade their points for some type of free product or service. It’s a great way to express to customers how valued they are!

Think of your beauty salon POS system as the gatekeeper. Almost anyone who visits your business will have to interact with it at least once. Loyalty programs give customers a reason to get excited about the checkout process. This free option with the MaxxPay™ POS system can help your salon differentiate itself from the competition and build your brand loyalty.

3. Greater Insight into Your Profitability

It’s no secret that between selling products, managing staff members and offering a wide range of services, beauty salons might have a hard time determining what aspects of the business are generating a profit. With MaxxPay™, you’ll be able to view automated performance reports that tell you where your profitability currently is and let you set goals to track your progress.

With all your sales data in one place, MaxxPay™ makes it easy for salon owners to see what their top performing products and services are. If you track this information through your beauty salon POS system over time, you’ll gain insight into what products and services deserve further investment. Once you’ve figured out your top performers, centering your marketing efforts around those products and services will naturally increase your revenue.

When you’re a small business owner, every dollar counts. Your beauty salon POS system should give you the tools to know what services might need to be dropped or reworked. Some small businesses go years without realizing that one of their service offerings was actually putting a strain on the business. Investing in a beauty salon POS system that can give you accurate information is critical. MaxxPay™ automates this process and even backs up POS data to the cloud so it can be safely viewed when you need it the most.

Experience the Benefits MaxxPay™ Can Have for Your Salon

MaxxPay™ is the beauty salon POS system that offers your business the most value. With the ability to manage your salon from one location, you’ll be able to spend more time providing your customers with an amazing experience. Learn more about what MaxxPay™ can do for salon owners like you today.

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