Are you paying too much for credit card processing?

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Did you know?

Many business owners overpay for payment processing without even realizing it. At Electronic Merchant Systems, we are committed to offering the lowest rates possible to help the small businesses we serve enhance profitability.

Would you like to know if you are paying too much to process credit cards? All we will need is a copy of your most recent credit card processing statement to get started.

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Why do you ask for a copy of my merchant statement?

In order to provide you with a transparent rate analysis, we’ll review your most current merchant statement to look at the platform you currently process on, your monthly processing volume, average ticket value, and other data so we can provide you with an accurate side-by-side rate comparison.

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“Some of the best, most professional team members which help business owners earn more of their own money by cutting out extraneous fees, over-inflated 3rd party profit margins and offer wholesale processing rates and direct service with a multitude of custom-tailored solutions for every sized business. Always available to answer questions, assist in times of need, and proactively keep tabs on their own rates for you.”

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