Providence, Rhode Island Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services

Providence, Rhode Island Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services

Are you on the lookout for the best payment processor in Providence, RI? Electronic Merchant Systems provides straightforward, all-in-one merchant services.

I'm assuming you're dealing with exorbitant processing rates and costs, which are eroding your profit margins.

Accepting credit cards may be a viable option for expanding your business.

If this is the case, we can assist you.

Electronic Merchant Systems payment processing provides reliable solutions for Providence businesses, whether they require a traditional payment terminal, a mobile payment solution, or an eCommerce payment gateway.

Electronic Merchant Systems has been assisting small businesses like yours in reaching their full potential for 30 years.

Several examples include the following:

Acceptance of all major credit and debit cards is being streamlined.
Credit card rates and fees can be reduced.
Obtaining a higher level of customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 7 days a week.
Electronic invoicing, contactless payments, and eCommerce integration into your business

If the reasons outlined above appeal to you as significant growth opportunities, your business fits our profile. We would be delighted to assist you in achieving your goals.

The first step is to request a consultation by clicking the button below.


Do you want to learn more about the payment processing options available to your business? Or are you simply interested in learning more about who we are?

EMS was named one of Retail CIO's Top 10 Most Promising Payment and Card Companies in 2019, one of the Top 20 Most Promising POS Solution Providers by 2020, and a Top 10 provider by CIOReview's Mobile Payment 2021.

Additionally, we have over 975 Google Customer Reviews to back up our claims, in addition to a dedicated, 24-hour customer service team.

To learn about the distinct advantages of each business structure, scroll down to our table of contents.

Table of Contents


Top Credit Card Payment Processing for Small Businesses in Providence

When you use EMS' merchant services, you can rest assured that your life as a business owner will be made easier while still preserving quality and speed.

Customers want transactions to be speedy, secure, and frictionless when acquiring goods and services. Customers will be able to pay by dipping, touching, or swiping their credit or debit cards.

However, just because current technology is required doesn't imply the approach can't be simple. After all, you're delivering convenience and security to your clientele.

You can rest assured that the information provided by your consumers is safe and secure when you use EMS as your merchant services provider.

EMS has been a certified level 1 PCI provider for nearly ten years.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of standards designed to ensure that all organizations that process, store, or transport credit card data do so in a safe manner.

As a result, you may rest assured that, as previously indicated, EMS has your back.

As a result, we work hard to reduce all of the hassles associated with payment processing, allowing you to focus on providing excellent service while enjoying the benefits.

We strive to make the transaction procedure as straightforward as possible so that your consumers may focus on what matters most to them: your products and services.

Assume your Providence business is already using credit card processing services, but you require faster transaction solutions or prefer to handle transactions in a more modern manner. In that case, a new credit card processing system may be required.

So, how does that appear?

Accept payments both online and in-person in Providence, Rhode Island.


Electronic Merchant Systems will suit all of your company's requirements.

Providence businesses can choose from various safe payment processing alternatives for online and in-person purchases, thanks to EMS.

EMS equips businesses, whether brick-and-mortar or online, with the tools they need to accept all major credit cards.

Working with us will give you a personalized setup for your needs, as well as access to exclusive technologies that will help you save money, enhance operations, and increase sales.

The following are the four major types of businesses for which we process payments:

-Restaurants and retail stores

-Businesses that offer a service

-Businesses that conduct business on the internet and through e-commerce.

EMS also offers a Surcharge Program, which allows you to charge clients who pay with a debit or credit card to cover transaction costs that would otherwise fall on you. Thanks to this initiative, businesses will be able to accept credit cards with low or no credit card processing costs.

Let's take a closer look at some of your industry's more comprehensive payment processing choices.

Providence Retail Store Solutions

Running a retail store requires a lot of energy. Fortunately, EMS can help to streamline operations.

Electronic Merchant Systems dominate the retail point-of-sale (POS) sector.

With EMS' MaxxPay, you can accept all major credit cards, as well as add customized gift cards, check employee hours, set up low quantity alerts, and much more.


Each EMS solution is designed to assist Providence businesses in growing and thriving while streamlining day-to-day operations.

The payment processing systems on this website are simple to use and can be customized to meet the unique needs of each retail establishment.

-Credit Card Terminal: The ability to accept credit cards is critical to the success of any business. EMV chip cards, contactless payments, and mobile wallets can be accepted online and in-person using secure, compact terminals.

-MaxxPay POS: MaxxPay POS is a tablet-based point-of-sale system that seamlessly connects an entire store to its customers. You can process payments, manage inventory, and more with an all-in-one Point of Sale solution.

-Gift & Loyalty Cards: Customer retention and acquisition are critical for every small business in a Providence. Gift and loyalty cards assist business owners in quickly increasing sales and attracting new customers.

Restaurant Solutions

As a restaurant owner, your to-do list is almost certainly as long as your beverage menu.

We understand that businesses face numerous challenges, ranging from inventory management and product delivery to employee collaboration and customer happiness.

Payment processing is notorious for falling between the cracks.

As a result, Providence eateries now have a variety of user-friendly options.

We are happy to provide Total Touch POS to restaurants. Total Touch is a robust point-of-sale system for restaurants that contains the following features:

-Open Table Management: Restaurant managers can shorten wait times by controlling tables from front to back.

-Payment Methods: Do your consumers prefer their checks to be divided by seat or table? Total Touch simplifies this process, saving your personnel time while also increasing client happiness.

-Easy-to-navigate interface: A straightforward interface saves time, which equates to money saved. This strategy streamlines your procedures and enables you to turn the tables quickly.

-Online and Mobile Ordering: An increasing number of Providence residents place meal orders online or by mobile device. Total Touch's online and mobile ordering solutions help your organization enhance revenue and efficiency.

When you partner with EMS, you ensure that your clients get the best eating experience possible.

Service-Based Business Solutions in Providence, RI

From employee travel to quotations and estimates to actual service delivery, a service-based company in Providence has many moving parts.

Electronic Merchant Systems created EMSmobile to make life easier for its customers. EMSmobile is a full-service payment system that integrates mobile payment software with a virtual terminal for a seamless payment experience.

Receiving payments has never been easier than when your smartphone doubles as a full-service credit card point of sale.

You're already aware of how important your smartphone is in your daily life. Consider how you can make it the most effective tool for your organization.

Consider this: you'll never have to go out of your way to contact customers to collect cash or cheques again. You'll never have to wait in a bank line again.

With the EMSmobile software, you can accept credit and debit card payments at your customer's home or company. It turns a basic smartphone into a full-featured credit and debit card acceptance device.

It's easier to be compensated for any additional work if you pay in advance at the start of a project. We're discussing the most basic form of customer service. It is effectively a lifeline for small companies.

Other advantages of Electronic Merchant Systems' Virtual Terminal include:

-Email Invoicing: Send your customer an invoice via email if they need to leave the office at the end of the day. With a simple click, they may make a safe online payment. The Merchant Console also allows you to view and pay invoices.

-Mobile Payments: Accept payments on the move using your smartphone or tablet.

-Secure Vault: Store customer credit card information in a secure vault for future use.

-Automatic Billing: For service agreements, set up recurring billing. Any improvements will be synced to all of your EMSmobile devices right away.

-Organizational Management Tools: You can manage the most critical parts of your business using the Merchant Console, an EMS cloud-based platform. You may, among other things, check the status of email invoices, monitor all transactions, manage inventory, and analyze sales patterns!


Online Business Solutions

As an online-only or soon-to-be-online business, you'll require a stunning eCommerce website that allows you to sell products and services while also accepting payments. This is where we come into play.

A well-designed, clutter-free website benefits businesses. This is accomplished by increasing brand viability and reach, developing a positive reputation, and generating additional revenue.

Our EMS team is dedicated to making the online Providence small business startup process as simple as possible. We provide everything you need from website design to online store development to ongoing hosting, including a secure payment gateway for processing credit and debit card transactions and other online sales.

You can significantly increase the effectiveness of your online presence while also increasing revenue by partnering with EMS.

The online payment processing options listed below were designed with eCommerce businesses like yours in mind.

-Ecommerce Shopping Cart: An eCommerce shopping cart allows you to increase your customer base and profits.

-Web Design: Hire a professional to create your website to make your life easier.

-API Integration: Achieve seamless integration by utilizing an Application Program Interface (API) component.

Powerful Payment Processing You Can Trust

Why Choose EMS as Your Providence Payment Processing Company?

Electronic Merchant Systems embodies everything a business could want in a payment processor in Providence, RI.

Exceptional Service & Tools

Top Merchant Services

Our unique business solutions, superior service, and devoted employees all contribute to our client's financial well-being.

EMS's services and solutions are all geared toward assisting your business in growing and thriving.


Highly Reviewed Credit Card Processing

Did you know EMS has over 975 Google Customer Reviews with an average 4.7-star rating? For a Merchant Services business that has been around for over 30 years, that is exceptional.

24/7 Customer Support

Best Customer Support Payment Processor

You'll probably never need to call our customer service, but if you do, you'll speak with a real person.

Our Merchants have 24 hour, 7 day a week access to a knowledgeable, US-based customer support team via phone, email, and live chat.


Payment Processing Near Me

As a payment processor, we are essentially a data security consultant. EMS is concerned with both internal and external security. How serious is the situation? EMS, on the other hand, has been a PCI level 1 provider for well over a decade.

PCI compliance contributes significantly to providing peace of mind while accepting credit cards.

Our Philosophy

Merchant Services Near Me

Electronic Merchant Systems strongly believes in No Good Merchant Left Behind. If you are confident in your service or product, EMS wants to provide the payment processing tools that help you succeed.


start-accepting-credit-cards-in-providence-ri-todayFrequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I know Which Payment Processing Company to Pick?

Look for a credit card processing company with industry experience, reasonable pricing, outstanding customer service, additional functionality, and a secure infrastructure. Consider these aspects in addition to the largest payment processors, the cheapest credit card processing, or the most widely used credit card reader.

It's crucial to comb through the numerous credit card processing companies and choose the best, which will result in a lower credit card processing fee.

2. What exactly is a Merchant Account?

With a merchant account, your company may accept credit and debit cards and send money from credit card transactions.

When a customer pays with a credit or debit card, your merchant account automatically transfers funds from the customer's bank account to your business account.

3. Can my business qualify for a merchant account?

The application process for a merchant account may vary depending on your business type and the related risk that the credit card networks have assigned and executed.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of commercial organizations can open a merchant account.

4. How do merchants typically get burned by their payment processing provider?

Regrettably, some service providers take advantage of entrepreneurs like you by enforcing the following:
• Inadequate customer service 
• Hidden expenses and a lack of pricing clarity

5. How can EMS help my business compete with the big companies?

It's one thing to compete with other small businesses, but your merchant services provider should also provide you with tools to assist you in competing with big-box stores.

You need a credit card processor that can help you improve your brand with a full range of commercial merchant services, regardless of the size of your company. Request information about EMS' gift cards, loyalty programs, and other web hosting and design services.

6. What if I need help with funding?

One of the extra services given by EMS is the BizFunds funding program.

We will purchase a pre-determined amount of future sales volume to assist Providence businesses in acquiring capital.

The best part is that instead of a fixed monthly payment, you pay a percentage of your daily sales until the merchant cash advance is paid in full.


7. What is the Cost of Payment Processing?

Accepting credit cards includes a plethora of additional costs. When you sign the contract with the payment processor, pay close attention to the fees.

Make sure you understand the fees you'll be charged before signing a contract with your payment processor and inquire about the process as a whole.

8. What types of payment can I accept?

Payment processing allows small businesses to accept both magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards.

Because it enables seamless payments and quick invoicing via email, mobile credit card processing is a fantastic alternative for service-based enterprises without a physical site.

9. What type of POS Equipment do I need?

Your system type is mostly determined by your company's operations and business plan. The sort of credit card terminal you employ will be primarily determined by the types of payments you want to accept and how you want to receive them.

If you want to manage your whole company, you should use a POS system to ring up numerous goods, handle inventory, manage staff, and more.

If you only accept payments from actual, brick-and-mortar locations, a countertop terminal may be your best option.

If you accept payments at events such as trade shows, festivals, or farmers' markets, a mobile POS system is a great option.

For phone payments and invoices, you'll want to discuss a virtual terminal.

Choose the Best Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing Solutions in Providence


Electronic Merchant Systems takes great pride in our services' dependability, security, and trustworthiness. One of the many reasons EMS has such a strong relationship with our Providence businesses is because of this type of assistance.

The phrase "no good merchant left behind" is more than just a catchphrase at EMS. Our financial institution understands your company's needs and is dedicated to assisting you in reaching your objectives.

We are much more than a credit card processing company for merchants. EMS is dedicated to assisting you with all aspects of credit card processing, including:

- Providing the industry's most advanced payment processing tools and services

- Boost your cash flow

- Contactless payment options, e-commerce, and email invoices

- Improving your company's operational efficiency

- Offering the most competitive credit card rates

- Keeping your exposure to fraud losses to a minimum.

Don't waste time with outdated terminals or slow transaction speeds that may irritate your customers.

Instead, choose EMS, where we offer Providence businesses simple and effective payment processing options.

We excel at providing exceptional products and services to business owners like you, as evidenced by our 975+ Google Customer Reviews.

We stand by the quality of our product, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please fill out the form below to schedule a consultation for the best payment processing solutions in Providence, Rhode Island.


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