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When it comes to Lawn Care and Landscaping Services, the weather controls if you have a busy day or a slow afternoon.

Having your eyes glued to the weather channel or a weather app is definitely not uncommon for Lawn Care Providers.

When it's convenient, having a cash-only service can be nice. You stop on over to your client's home or business, mow the lawn, maybe trim a few hedges or lay down some mulch, you collect your cash, and you are on your way.

But it doesn't always work out like this, does it?


If you're keeping an eye on the weather and you see you only have a two-hour window without rain and your client is off at their day job, what do you do?

Do you risk not being paid and complete the job? Or do you skip an opportunity?

By choosing payment processing for your lawn care service, you alleviate these worries and concerns from your day. Your biggest concern now is buying enough sunscreen for all that sun exposure you're going to get!

So, how does payment processing work and what are the benefits?

Let's discuss that.

Benefits of Payment Processing

Email Invoicing for Peace of Mind

Now that we've covered the convenience factor of opting into payment processing, what are the other benefits?

Consider your clients.

They prefer convenience, too. You're not the only one benefiting from payment processing. In this day and age, people want quick, seamless transactions for their services.

Doesn't it make sense for your clients to have an easy, online payment system rather than:

  • Writing a check
  • Choosing a meeting time to hand over the check
  • Finding a safe/secure location to leave the money or check if you are away

That all seems like a hassle!

The payment is supposed to be the benefit of completing your lawn care services, not another chore.

Other benefits of choosing payment processing include:

  1. Recurring Payments: Sure, you may have that one specific, big-time job that only comes seasonally, but if you are mowing lawns, trimming bushes or hedges, and pruning, don't you want clients to be consistent customers? With Recurring payments, you can set it and forget it! You'll collect your payments seamlessly each month.
  2. Email Invoicing: With email invoicing, your clients will receive monthly invoices for the services you provide without extra communication, texting, or confusion.
  3. Get Paid Faster: The convenience is wonderful, but what actually comes of that convenience? You getting paid quicker for your hard work.

EMS' Virtual Terminal

Your Brand, Your Way
Lawn Care Landscaping

The benefits of adding payment processing to your lawn care business may sound appealing and the convenience factor may be attractive, but how will you find the time to get set up?

We hear you.

You're busy servicing lawns, marketing your business, adding clients, and so forth. You don't have a ton of time to dedicate to learning about potentially tedious tasks like adding payment processing.

That is why Electronic Merchant Systems has made the process as simple as possible. 

You can stay focused on running your business, and EMS will make the transition as quick as possible. EMS offers lawn care service providers a virtual terminal payment gateway.

This includes all of the fantastic benefits listed above, such as online payments, email invoicing, and recurring payments.

Our lawn care service providers have found our virtual terminal incredibly beneficial. Decrease your time chasing down checks and increase your time taking on new clients. 

That way, our service will never detract from your lawn care service's branding or reputation.

Why Choose EMS?

Combine Security with FunctionalityMan processing credit card payment

Electronic Merchant Systems prides itself on always being safe and transparent.

There are no hidden fees in our Merchant Agreements. And we are a Level 1 PCI DSS certified payment processor, so safety will never be a concern for your business.

Throughout our 30 years of business, EMS has stood by our products and services 100%. However, if you need to call our customer service team, you can remain confident knowing you will be speaking directly with a real, native-English speaking person.

Our customer service team is here for you, 24/7/365. Whether you call at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, a real person is waiting to answer your call and assist you to the best of their ability.

Talk about support!

Did you know that EMS has gathered over 800 Google Reviews?

We like to think this level of support says a lot about a company's trustworthiness, especially considering our average rating is 4.7/5.

Despite being a national brand, EMS enjoys our local communities. When you choose EMS as your Payment Processing provider, it is essentially one local business supporting another local business.

Take the First Step Today

Choose EMS For All Your Lawn Care Payment Processing Needs

Running a lawn care business is a lot of hard work. You don't need to be piling additional responsibilities onto your plate.

You need a payment processing merchant services provider that will work efficiently and quickly for you.

That is Electronic Merchant Systems.

Don't fall behind and lose valued clients to other lawn care businesses that provide online payment and email invoicing.

Stay ahead of the game and maximize your customer retention (and growth). 

Save time and get paid quicker for your hard work by choosing EMS' payment processing and virtual terminal.

What else does EMS provide?

If you are interested, EMS provides additional benefits and features, such as:

  • Mobile Pay
  • Website Design
  • Gift Card and Loyalty Options

While the process may seem exhausting, trust us when we say that there is no better time to switch to a faster, more convenient, and more modern way of accepting payments than right now.

Stay ahead of your competition and keep your clients happy when you choose Electronic Merchant Systems as your Payment Processing Provider.

To start accepting online payments, setting up recurring payments, and utilizing email invoicing for your lawn care business today, click the image below.

Learn more about EMS Payment Processing

Learn About EMS' Virtual Terminal

EMS' Virtual Terminal assists Lawn Care and Landscaping businesses with the following benefits:

  • Online Payments
  • Email Invoicing
  • Recurring monthly payments
  • Customer retention
  • Significantly increased convenience

Fill out the form to learn more about our Payment Gateway and how EMS' Payment Processing can benefit your lawn care business today.