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Credit Card Payment Processing for Law Firms

Law Office Merchant Account

Everyone has seen at least one lawyer TV show, but have you ever seen them exchange cash for services on screen? Have you ever seen the assistants deal with the cash payments? No and no. 

It’s not just because you're watching a TV show, but also because law firms often charge hefty sums for their services. It just isn’t convenient or safe for your firm to be paid in cash and keep that cash on-hand.

It is also difficult for clients to get huge sums of money out of their accounts and then pay upfront. Checks take days to clear and clients today want fast, fool-proof, and hassle-free transactions. 

Moreover, it is cumbersome to set up a meeting with a regular client every time a payment is due.

By opting for credit card payment processing for your law firm, you can experience quick, convenient, and stress-free transactions. No more worrying about your safety or waiting in long lines at the bank.

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Benefits of Payment Processing for Law Firms


Email Invoicing for easy payments

With a Virtual Terminal solution, you'll no longer have to manually create invoices or waste time and paper by mailing them to clients. A Virtual Terminal allows you to easily and securely email invoices to your clients. 

This is a great solution for recurring clients, as you will only have to send an invoice to them at the end of each month or after each service is performed. Plus, you can securely store client credit card information for simple payments.

A virtual terminal helps to reduce any confusion or misunderstanding and enables swift and error-free payments. It's also a great option if your client is based in another city or country.

Payment Gateway for security and convenience

Backing our Virtual Terminal and eCommerce shopping cart solutions is EMS' Payment Gateway technology. This technology is designed to complement your back-office processes and ensure secure payments and data security.

A payment gateway allows you to create client profiles and securely store their credit card information for future payments. This adds incredible convenience for you and your clients. No more asking for a card number on every invoice! You can also "set and forget" ongoing payments by scheduling the gateway to automatically run the charges when due.

Mobile Solutions to accept payments anywhere

Setting up appointments just to exchange payments seems unnecessary, especially if your law firm is looking to improve its productivity and time management.

EMS Mobile processes credit card payments straight from your mobile device. All you need is a connection to a mobile network or WiFi, and you can take payments anywhere.

You can even print the transaction invoice as long as your device allows you to do so. 

EMS' Virtual Terminal

 Payment Processing Solutions

Law firms provide numerous services to a variety of clients. As a best practice, we recommend keeping electronic records of each client’s past transactions and client profiles for future purposes. 

EMS’ virtual terminal includes inventory and customer management, along with reporting tools that allow for simple and automated transactions.

Each client at your law firm will have a customer profile. This is a highly secure record that means you won’t have to collect payment information every single time you bill the client.

This is ideal for clients who have you on retainer or otherwise frequently employ your expertise.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about payments at the end of the month, as you can set the schedule on the payment gateway so that timely payments are made automatically.

The virtual terminal is available on the web or through a smartphone or tablet. The application is available on both iOS and Android app stores.

Why Law Firms Choose EMS

Electronic Merchant Systems guarantees high quality security and simple payments. If you face an issue or need further assistance, EMS’ customer service is available all day, every day. 

When you contact our US-based support team, you'll be connected with one of our dedicated team members straight away. We are always here when you need us, whether it's 3pm or 3am.

EMS does not charge any hidden fees for payment processing.

The process is entirely transparent and risk-free. You know exactly what you are getting and receive seamless convenience and security in return.

With thousands of happy customers gained in our 30+ years of doing business, you can trust EMS with your law firm credit card payment processing system. Check out our Google reviews for first-hand accounts of great service from happy customers.

 Credit Card Processing

Start Accepting Credit Card Payments Today

Law firms have a constant influx of both existing and new clients.

A credit card payment processing solution is a must-have to enable quick and smooth transactions with minimal complications. This also helps firms save up on extra costs that you may incur otherwise.

Choose EMS for Your Law Firm’s Payment Processing

In today’s world, your competitor firms will most likely have online payment options or other alternatives to cash payments. 

You do not want to lose out on customers simply because they are tired of going through a long and tiring process every time they use your services. So save time and opt for EMS’ credit card payment processing solutions.

Switching to EMS may seem like a lot of work, but we assure you that even the setup process is not long or complicated. Once you are all set, there is very little management required on your part.

If you already have a processing system in place, we may even be able to re-program it to get you lower rates. Contact us today to learn more!

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Learn More EMS' Virtual Terminal

  • EMS' Virtual Terminal helps Lawyers & Attorneys with the following benefits:

    • Online Payments
    • Simple Payment Processing
    • Email Invoicing
    • Customer retention
    • Significantly increased convenience

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