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Are you looking for the Best ISO Agent Program in Buffalo? Would you like to boost your portfolio and get into the verticals you need? Join The Electronic Merchant Systems ISO Agent Program to get the success you deserve. We are looking for ambitious sales agents passionate about helping merchants succeed and building a successful career in merchant services. 

As an EMS ISO Agent, you'll be offering industry-leading credit card processing equipment and services to your clients to improve their customer retention. With the outstanding benefits of our program and premier payment options, you'll be able to boost your residual income. 

As the second-largest city in New York, Buffalo's transitioning economy into healthcare and research provides ISO agents the opportunities to grow their portfolios and become leaders in the merchant service industry. 

The companies in Buffalo need state of the art credit card processing products and services to help them where they are currently and allow them to grow in the future.  When you sell merchant services as an EMS Agent, you'll have access to industry-leading payment products and services. You'll be able to help your merchants handle their customers' credit card transactions safely and securely, and get into verticals to grow your merchant services business. 

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Why Are Merchants Services Important?

Nowadays, customer experience plays a crucial role in business success. This is why companies need to provide the highest quality credit card processing products and services and meet all the client's expectations.

In the era when so many people pay with credit cards or debit cards, merchants need to process all forms of payments securely. If sellers fail to do so, they can expose a customer to fraud or data leaking. This is when merchant services sales agents play a crucial role.

As an ISO agent, you provide your clients with an innovative payment technology solution that can proceed with any payment promptly and with security.

Customers expect sellers to offer multiple payment options. As an EMS Agent, you can provide the business owner with multiple payment solutions. This way, they can face all customer needs and increase their retention. From a credit card processing terminal to mobile payment solutions, your can provide your client with the type of innovative payment technology payment options to offer potential customers to ensure a quality experience.

EMS Agents Can Help Merchants Offer the best payment processing services.

Why Should I Partner With EMS' ISO Agent Program?

Buffalo's economy was based on manufacturing but has transitioned into healthcare, technology, light manufacturing, and services. 

Some of the largest employers in the city are M&T Bank, which is headquartered there, Tops Friendly Markets, and Kaleida Health.  With a diversified economy, Buffalo offers ISO agents a chance to successfully sell merchant services and become leaders in the payment processing industry. 

Buffalo also has a thriving food scene that draws in many tourists since it was listed as one of The World's Top Ten Food Cities by National Geographic. 

In addition to people traveling to take in the cuisine, people worldwide travel to visit Niagara Falls, ride the Maid of the Mist, or spend time taking in the views of the Falls from Prospect Point Park.  

In addition to tourism for Niagara Falls, sports fans travel yearly to watch the Buffalo Bills or the Sabres of the NHL. 

With the amount of tourism and the economy's resurgence due to its diversification, local companies need efficient and secure credit card payment processing products and services to handle their busiest times.

When you partner with EMS' merchant services agent program, you'll have the credit card processing solutions to offer mobile payments and online payment options to help your clients be where their customers are.

Not only will you have the service and support you need in the merchant service industry, but as a successful sales agent, you'll also get access to credit card processing services like:

  • Credit Card Not Present Options
  • Near Field Communication Options
  • Innovative Point of Sale Solutions
  • Credit Card Terminal
  • Mobile Pay Solutions
  • Online Payment Gateways

When you have the support and access to an innovative credit card processing suite and merchant processing solutions, you'll be able to have the success you deserve in the credit card processing industry.

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Discover a Better Partnership with Solutions that Sell: 


With our ISO program, we empower our Merchant Service Sales Agents by providing a full credit card product suite while maintaining transparency and providing impeccable support. When you join the EMS Agent Program, you'll be offering true payment solutions that sell.


credit card processing solutions

Card Present Solutions

With an array of state of the art point of sale systems, EMS can deliver in any retail environment industries.



Card Not Present Features 

 Providing convenience to your client's customers while maintaining a secure environment for the merchant. 



Value-Added Features

Products that allow current customers to remain loyal gain new customers and allows merchants to run their companies more efficiently. 








What Benefits Do I Have Access To When I Join The EMS Agent Program?


When you find the right merchant services partner, you'll be able to provide services to merchants in Buffalo with the payment processing solutions that they need. As one of the leading merchant services providers, we know the challenges you can face and can help give you the advantage you need for success.

When you become an independent sales rep with EMS,  you have the chance to build a great portfolio, network with professionals in the industry, and wonderful benefits for being part of our team. 

You will also get access to a wide range of benefits, like:

Daily Residuals

One benefit that our merchant payment processing agents get is daily residuals. You have access to your residual income any time you need it. With daily residual payouts, you can receive your residual income in no time. And with MyPortfolio, which operates with complete transparency, you can check all payouts to the penny on the agent portal.

The Most Sponsor Banks

EMS cooperates with more sponsor banks in the merchant processing industry than its competitors. This means that you won't have to limit the types of businesses you approach and can get into challenging verticals you need for success.  It also allows you to get more merchant approvals and get them approved sooner.

Thanks to this, your clients will recognize you as an expert and come to you for all their merchant processing needs.

They'll trust you as their merchant services agent and refer you to other business owners to grow your pool of potential clients. 

Sponsored ISO Registration

Are you ready to take the next step in the merchant services industry? We can help you become a registered ISO and enhance your brand by adding your company logo to merchant applications, statements, and more. 

Becoming a registered ISO on your own can be expensive and complicated. EMS has the experience and knowledge to help you gain your iso registration.

White-labeling Agent Portal

Another benefit when you partner with EMS is the ability to use our tools as your own. With us, you can white-label your sales agent portfolio. You can have a professional feel and look without any additional expenses.

Customized Agreements

Even though creating one universal offer for all businesses sounds simple, it isn't easy. There are no two businesses that are the same, and offers should be flexible. 

With customizable agreements, you can tailor a proposal that would suit your client's needs perfectly. This way, you show not only professionalism but also an individual approach to the merchant.

Comprehensive Sales Portal 

At EMS, you have access to MyPortfolio, allowing you to manage your business anytime and anywhere seamlessly. It is a user-friendly and simple platform that can help you to succeed. 

You can track your payouts and check how your business is doing, too. MyPortfolio makes your work transparent and effective. 

Constant Support

Besides having a dedicated relationship manager, you also have 24/7/365 US-based customer service and support to ask about your payouts or clarify some doubts that can appear during the selling process.

If your merchant asks you a difficult question that you don't know how to respond to, don't worry, our support team will have an answer for you.



EMS ISO Agents can offer top of the line credit card processing solutions


Sell Merchant Services In Buffalo
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Our number one priority is to provide you with a solution that can help you succeed. With the resources you'll have access to, you will be a leader in the payment processing industry. 

As a part of our merchant services agent program, you'll have the knowledge and tools to offer credit card processing services to multiple verticals, whether it's a restaurant, retail stores, small or large businesses, as well as online payment integrations for e-commerce merchants.

With the EMS's support, you'll be able to succeed as a merchant services sales agent. Our products and payment processing services are among the main reasons so many ISO agents work with us. You can present merchants a great deal with the payment processing options that they need.

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