Best Credit Card Processing for Your HVAC Company

Are you an HVAC business owner looking for the best payment and credit card processing? 

Whether you want to cut rates and fees or are looking to add the new payment technology, Electronic Merchant Systems has you covered.

As you know, in extreme temperatures people trust their heating and air conditioning systems to function properly. You want to supply customers with peace of mind and the ultimate comfort with as little stress as possible. It's all about the customer experience.

That is how we view payment processing.

Just because you may need to require updated payment technology or mobile credit card processing does not mean that it has to be hectic.

Our job is to ensure you can accept various types of payments seamlessly with ease. Keep reading to discover more about our secure payment processing solutions for your HVAC company.


Credit Card Payments Acceptance for HVAC Businesses

More and more people are wanting to use their credit cards to pay for high ticket items like HVAC repairs. It's the simplest payment experience. They do it for ease and for the benefits the card offers. As a business owner, you may wonder is it really worth it?


Some trade business owners look at some of the credit card processing fees associated with credit card payments and think it is too expensive.

However, a recent study showed that businesses that had multiple pay options increased their revenue by 30%!

A 30% increase in revenue would be a significant jump for any business. The added fees from credit cards would be a small part of the increase in revenue and cash flow. Plus, many consumers prefer a business with multiple payment options. 

This also makes payments quicker to your business.

You don't have to wait for checks to be mailed to you or to clear the bank. The credit card won't go through if they don't have the money and your money comes much faster.

Less Headache

Many companies still go through the many steps involved in billing and waiting for customer payment. This can bring a lot of extra steps to the payment process.

When you have credit card options, payments can happen on the spot. It completely revamps your payment method.

This makes the whole process easier on the customer and you as the owner.

You don't have to wait for payment or worry about paperwork. Payment automatically takes place and you can move on to the next job.

If you want to start simplifying your payment processing while simultaneously making life easier for you and your customers, click below to get started with EMS today.



How EMSmobile Can Benefit Your HVAC Company

When your technicians are out on the field, being able to collect credit card transactions and payments on the go is crucial. 

That is why we are excited to offer HVAC businesses EMSmobile. Accepting on-the-field payments has made the entire process so much easier.

The EMSmobile software transforms your standard smartphone into a fully functional credit and debit card acceptance device, enabling you to collect payments at your customer's home or company. Mobile credit card processing is critical.

Additional benefits of Electronic Merchant Systems’ Virtual Terminal include:

-Email Invoicing: If your customer had to step away at the end of the day, send them an invoice via email instead. This allows them to securely pay online with a simple click. Plus, you can see which invoices have been viewed and paid via the Merchant Console.

-Mobile Payments: Use your mobile smart device or tablet to accept payments of all major credit cards - including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. It is the ultimate mobile payment processor. Essentially, a hassle-free payment option.

-Secure Vault: Secure storage of customer credit card data for convenient re-use.

-Recurring Billing: Schedule automatic billing for service agreements. Any updates will be synced to all your EMSmobile devices in real-time.

-Business Management Tools: The Merchant Console, EMS' cloud-based tool, enables you to manage both your business and customer transactions. You can check the status of email invoices, inventory management, monitor all transactions, online payments, and much more.


Why HVAC Companies Choose Electronic Merchant Systems

For over 30 years, Electronic Merchant Systems has provided exceptional credit card processing services to local businesses.

From accepting credit and debit card payments to providing the most intuitive POS terminals on the market, EMS is dedicated to helping companies grow and thrive.

Just check out our 975+ Google Customer Reviews.

We consider customer security and privacy as an utmost priority, which is exactly why EMS has been a certified level 1 PCI provider for over a decade

We also offer 24/7/365 customer support. Trust us, every single one of your business days is one of our own, as well.

So, whenever you need help, you'll be speaking with a real, knowledgeable customer service agent.


The Top Payment Processor For Your HVAC Business


If you want the most updated payment processing services and technology with minimal stress, you need Electronic Merchant Systems.

We take pride in our dependability, security, and integrity at EMS. In addition, you can look forward to:

  • Providing the top payment processing tools and opportunities
  • Improving your cash flow
  • Email invoicing and online payments
  • Streamlining your business operations
  • Providing the best credit card rates
  • Minimizing your exposure to fraud losses

If exceptional mobile credit card processing sounds like a great opportunity, fill out the form below and discover how EMS can help grow your Heating and Cooling company today.

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