Custom Payment Processing Solutions for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Studios

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ, is a form of martial arts based on grappling and fighting on the ground. Its main focus is on being able to control your opponent and force him or her to submit.

Because it allows a smaller, weaker individual to employ leverage and submissions to defend themselves against a larger, stronger opponent, it takes satisfaction in being known as the "gentle art."

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is good for the mind because people who do it have to use a lot of strategy and technique to beat their opponents.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu puts you through an emotional roller coaster that not only makes you stronger physically but also mentally and emotionally. You must be willing to fail, learn from it, and move on.

A good BJJ studio will have a friendly environment where students support one another in striving for excellence.

As the owner of a BJJ gym, you have a lot to do, and you're always looking for ways to make your students' time with you as rewarding as possible.

Streamlining your payment processing is one of the easiest ways to make sure that everyone who rolls in your gym has a great time.

At Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS), we work closely with small businesses like your BJJ studio to ensure long-term payment solutions that promote success.

We make this possible through our exceptional products and services.

With over 1000 Google Customer Reviews, it's clear that we have successfully helped many businesses grow.

EMS has your Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym covered, from top POS systems and mobile payment processing solutions to completely customized gift cards.

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Top POS Terminal for BJJ Gyms

EMS has powerful and easy-to-use POS terminals for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu business owners.

Our credit card terminals offer a modern and efficient way to process payments.

Accepting payments should be as easy as a rear naked choke.

For BJJ  Studios, we recommend our MaxxPay® Mini.

MaxxPay Mini is a powerful payment solution that takes up little counter space without sacrificing quality.

Benefits of the MaxxPay Mini include:

Quick Payments

The speed of MaxxPay Mini lets your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students pay quickly and get to the mat. All major credit cards can be used to pay with the MaxxPay Mini including contactless, chip, or swipe.

High Functionality

Managing the sales of merchandise, class, and memberships can be challenging for BJJ gym owners. Fortunately, MaxxPay Mini simplifies this for you. Just enter your inventory, prices, and other information, and MaxxPay Mini handles the rest.

Easy-to-use Interface

The MaxxPay Mini offers a simple interface on an LED touchscreen.

Cloud-based Back Office

You can access our cloud-based back-office reporting anywhere with an internet connection.

Looking for a more advanced POS system? Check out MaxxPay Pro.

Gift & Loyalty Programs for Jiu-Jitsu Gyms

Repeat customers are essential to the success of your BJJ studio.

Gift cards and loyalty programs reward repeat customers and encourage customer loyalty.

They're a great way to entice your customers into coming back.

Gift cards benefit everyone. They're like free money for the person who gets them, and they give your BJJ gym:

  • Greater customer loyalty
  • A higher volume of purchases
  • Increased profit and cash flow.

BJJ gift cards and loyalty programs engage your customers and attract new ones.

Close to $3 billion in gift card money was never used in 2019. That money turned into 100% profit for businesses like your BJJ gym.

And your gift cards will look great. Along with our in-house design team, your gift cards will fit the aesthetic of your gym.

Customer loyalty programs are an excellent way to increase sales and retain your current clientele.

EMS's flexible loyalty program setups are a benefit to your gym's bottom line.


Choose the Best Credit Card Processing Solutions For Your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gym

Electronic Merchant Systems is ready to help your BJJ studio improve its merchant services and payment processing.

We are proud to offer services and payment options to make it easier for you to run your jiu-jitsu gym.

As the owner of a BJJ gym, your days may be busy and your list of things to do may seem never-ending. We want to make your life easier by simplifying your payment operations.

EMS has the Skills and Experience to Serve You

Electronic Merchant Systems has been a pioneer in the payment processing industry for over 30 years. We provide unmatched experience in merchant services that will help ensure the success of your gym.

In addition, EMS has been a certified level 1 PCI provider for over ten years. Security is of the utmost priority.

24/7/365 Customer Support

We have a team of dedicated professionals ready to answer your questions and address your concerns. You'll never be alone if you work for EMS.

Our friendly support staff is available whenever you need them, day or night.

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Electronic Merchant Systems is dedicated to handling the merchant services needs of your BJJ gym, including:

  • Providing the top payment processing tools and opportunities
  • Improving your cash flow
  • Gift & loyalty programs
  • Providing the best credit card rates
  • Streamlining your business operations

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