Personal Training Payment Processing Solutions

Personal trainers help individuals set and achieve their fitness goals. They provide expert guidance and support, ensuring that their clients are using safe and effective techniques when working out.

Personal trainers can also educate their clients on topics such as nutrition, injury prevention, and overall wellness.

Overall, personal trainers help their clients to improve their physical fitness, reduce their risk of injury, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Every personal trainer should look for ways to improve the overall experience for their clients.

Simplifying the payment processing is a great way to ensure a smooth transaction for everyone that trains with you.

Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS), works closely with small businesses like your personal training business to provide lasting payment solutions that foster success.

With over 1000 Google Customer Reviews, it's clear that we have successfully helped many businesses grow.

EMS offers advanced POS systems, mobile payment processing, and customizable gift cards.

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MaxxPay Mini for personal trainers

Top POS Terminal for Personal Trainers

EMS provides dependable and easy-to-use POS terminals for personal trainers.

Our credit card terminals allow you to quickly and easily collect payments from customers.

For personal trainerss, we recommend our MaxxPay® Mini.

MaxxPay Mini is a powerful and dependable payment solution that takes up little counter space without sacrificing quality.

Benefits of the MaxxPay Mini include:

Quick Payments

The MaxxPay Mini is designed for fast transactions, allowing your customers to quickly and easily make purchases. It is capable of accepting all major credit cards, including those with contactless, chip, or swipe technology.

High Functionality

Personal trainers can have trouble managing their sales and customers. Fortunately, MaxxPay Mini simplifies these processes for you. Just enter your prices, and other information and MaxxPay Mini handles the rest.

Easy-to-use Interface

MaxxPay Mini has a straightforward interface on an LED touchscreen.

Cloud-based Back Office

With our cloud-based back-office reporting you can access your reports anywhere you can connect to the internet.

Looking for a more advanced POS system? Check out MaxxPay Pro.

Merchant Services for Personal Trainers

Merchant accounts for personal trainers offer a range of services that can enhance the efficiency and customer service of your business. These accounts allow for the acceptance of credit card payments from any provider and any location.

One major advantage is the quick, secure, and easy tracking of online payments. In addition to this convenience, merchant accounts also provide other benefits beyond simply accepting credit cards, including:

  • Recurring payments—People who sign up for personal training have different needs. Some clients only need a session or two to learn how to use equipment, while others want multiple in-depth training sessions each week to get back into shape. Payment processing is great for clients who train often. All you have to do is set up when and how much the payment will be.
  • Email invoicing—Email invoicing is like an electronic receipt. Your clients get an automated bill for your services. It's simple and easy to understand. This cuts down on the number of calls people make to ask about their bill.
  • Get paid faster—Once you're paid by your client, you can get right back to training. This allows you to get a lot more done in much less time.

Choose the Best Credit Card Processing Solutions For Your Personal Training Business

To enhance your personal training business' payment processing and merchant services, contact Electronic Merchant Systems.

We offer services and payment options that can simplify your operations.

As a personal trainer, you have a lot to handle and may feel overwhelmed. That's why we strive to streamline your payment processes to help you focus on what is most important to your business.

EMS has the Skills and Experience to Serve You

For over 3 decades, Electronic Merchant Systems has been the leader in the payment processing industry. We're ready to help you with your merchant services.

In addition, EMS has been a certified level 1 PCI provider for over ten years. Security is of the utmost priority.

24/7/365 Customer Support

Working with EMS gets you access to our knowledgeable and friendly customer service reps at any time.

Our customer service team is available around the clock all year to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

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Electronic Merchant Systems can handle your merchant services needs as a personal trainer, such as:

  1. Improving your cash flow
  2. Providing the top payment processing tools and opportunities
  3. Gift & loyalty programs
  4. Streamlining your business operations
  5. Providing the best credit card rates

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