Bakery Credit Card Processing

Partnering with Electronic Merchant Systems is the best way to grow your bakery to its fullest potential.  

Have you ever been to a wedding reception and seen a cake that looks incredible? Its decoration's pop, and you can't wait to taste it. They finally get to the cake cutting portion, and you waltz over to pick up a slice.

You notice that something doesn't look right, but you move on and take a bite. Then it hits you. The custom cake is all show with no substance. Somehow, whoever made the cake forgot that taste should be a big part of it.

As bakery owners, you know that running a business creates lots of choices. You need the right ones to make your business prosper. Payment processing has a lot of options, but you need to find what works best for your business. 

Many bakery's use big-name payment processors, but are they the best credit card processing option? Just like you want the best ingredients for your cake, you should seek the best ingredients for your bakery's payment systems. 

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Payment Processing on the Go

Maybe you are just starting your bakery and it is a one-person show! You have to do everything yourself so you need solutions that save you time. Merchant services can give you mobile processing options.

This gives you the ability to take all cards and use your phone to process the order. The great thing is all the backend is taken care of. Your money isn't held in a large account and paid once a month.

You can get your own merchant account and get paid daily. The payment can register in your accounting software so you don't have one more thing to do. Plus, this is all done with full security that is PCI compliant. 

There are also inventory counts that can be updated with every transaction. No more counting and double-checking, you can always know how much of something you have.

You can also have online payment processing for small businesses set up so your customers can pay and reserve orders before they even show up. These tools can help your startup bakery thrive as you build it up.

payment processing on the go can be established by electronic merchant systems.

Your Bakery's Loyalty and Gift Card Program

Bakery owners want to build up a loyal following. Those consistent customers can become the foundation of your business. Why not create a loyalty program for them? 

Merchant services can help you establish a loyalty program for your customer to encourage their patronage. It could be a buy 9 loaves and get the 10th loaf free type of loyalty program. Make them feel special and create raving fans.

You can also have a gift card program that encourages people to come to your bakery to use their cards. Your regular clients can give them as gifts and your business can increase.

All of the software and other items needed for these programs can be worked into your system by a merchant service company like Electronic Merchant Systems. They specialize in helping businesses build great loyalty programs.

A Partner Who Can Support Your Growth

The goal of every bakery is to grow! You want to build your customer base and grow your business. The beauty of setting up your payment processing through a merchant service company is they can help start with something that scales.

Many bakeries have grown but then encounter the headache of having to learn new software for all their payment processing. This can slow down their growth and cause headaches.

EMS often recommends a cost-effective solution that can start with you and grow with you. The MaxxPay POS system has three options for businesses. There is the MaxxPay® Mini, Pro, and Premier.

Each system comes with the software and hardware for whatever level your bakery is at. The strength of the system is how each level is tailored to the size of your business. So as your bakery grows the system grows with you.

The foundation of the MaxxPay system is essentially the same so you won't have to learn a whole new system as you grow. This is just one example of how a merchant service company can empower your bakery at all levels. 

electronic merchant system is a partner who can support your bakery's growth.
electronic merchant system can see your bakery customized.

Your Bakery Customized

There is so much more to the payment processing world than just swiping a card. Too many bakeries are missing opportunities by not having a customized plan for their payments.

This is where a merchant service provider can help you. They come alongside your bakery and develop a full plan for all your payment processing needs. They also help you with software and hardware needs for your bakery.

Using one of the big-name processors is like going to the grocery store for a cake. It is edible (usually, but not always) but it isn't as good as a custom cake. A merchant service opens up a whole world of options for your bakery.




Let Your Focus Be Set Free

Your bakery is your baby. You have built it up and made it into the business it is today. You want to focus on making it the best it can be by producing the best-baked goods for your customers.  

Don't let payment processing headaches take away your focus. With the right merchant services provider, bakery owners like you can be free to focus on building their business. 

EMS loves to tailor custom solutions for your payment processing needs. They build custom processing solutions for businesses. Contact them today for a free no-obligation call.

They can explain how they help your bakery on the front-end and the back-end. Let them focus on your payment processing so you can focus on building your bakery. 


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