Cryptocurrency Processing

Electronic Merchant Systems provides merchants with a unique opportunity to get ahead of the curve with cryptocurrency processing, an emerging technology with unlimited growth potential and a new approach to getting paid.


Accept Crypto and Get Funded in US$

Cryptocurrency is a payment method that lets merchants move beyond traditional credit card processing options. Logistically, the customer pays in cryptocurrency, but the funding received by the merchant (to their bank account), is cash, not crypto. Merchants have been hesitant to adopt cryptocurrency due to lack of knowledge and volatility in the crypto markets, but those objections can now be overcome by the settling of purchases into merchant accounts of fiat currency (US$) and eliminating both the volatility and the fear of the unknown. 

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Benefits of Crypto Processing

Transaction funding is in cash not cryptocurrency
Simplify international payments by eliminating foreign transaction fees and currency conversions.
By leveraging blockchain technology, cryptocurrency can also help payments move more quickly, letting merchants avoid the traditional wait time associated with global transactions.
Additionally, by using decentralized blockchain technology, merchants can more easily prevent fraud. The digital structure of cryptocurrency minimizes the likelihood of counterfeit and chargeback fraud.
Competitive Advantage by being one of the first to offer this alternative payment method to customers. 

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