Why Cryptocurrency Processing with EMS is a Good Business Decision

Why Cryptocurrency Processing with EMS is a Good Business Decision

As an Agent, it’s your job to help merchants make good business decisions. Merchants trust you to sell them powerful solutions that will suit their needs and help their business grow. They also see you as an expert, so it’s important to stay informed of the latest industry trends, advancements, and opportunities.  


Table of Contents

  1. Crypto: A High-Tech Opportunity
  2. Eliminate Risk with a Trusted Processor
  3. Crypto Processing with EMS


Crypto: A High-Tech Opportunity

One of the latest high-tech investment opportunities in the industry is cryptocurrency. We know what you’re thinking – isn’t crypto dangerous and made to serve the dark web? That’s a common misconception. Digital currencies are evolving, and so is their adoption. The truth is, more consumers today want to use digital currency to pay for everything from their sandwich at lunch to a new couch for their living room.

To accommodate this need, more and more businesses are beginning to accept cryptocurrency payments for their goods and services. Among these businesses are large retailers like Lowe's, Whole Foods, and Nordstrom, but small and mid-sized businesses are starting to follow the trend as well. After all, it just makes good business sense to give customers what they want. 

Unfortunately, some small businesses have unknowingly exposed themselves to unfamiliar financial and security risks by accepting cryptocurrency. These risks vary widely, so it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific threat that SMBs should watch for when they start accepting crypto. However, we do know this: the likelihood of financial loss due to devaluation, theft, or fraud increases when SMBs hold crypto assets instead of converting them into dollars.


Eliminate Risk with a Trusted Processor

Electronic Merchant Systems eliminates all common crypto threats with our cryptocurrency processing services. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say your merchant is using EMS cryptocurrency processing and accepts a crypto payment from their customer. That payment, whether Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, makes its way through our processing system and is funded directly into the merchant’s bank account. That’s in cash, not crypto. This way, the merchant never has to handle the cryptocurrency on their own, which means the common risk of losing money to theft or fraud that we mentioned before is completely erased.

It's important to educate small business owners on the risks associated with accepting crypto on their own. To protect themselves, all they need to do is choose cryptocurrency processing with EMS. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to keep their business protected.


Crypto Processing with EMS

If you have a merchant interested in accepting cryptocurrency, help them make a good business decision today. It’s crucial that they don’t try to take crypto on themselves. Encourage them to make the investment in a trusted cryptocurrency processor and keep their business safe while improving the customer experience.

By choosing EMS as that trusted cryptocurrency processor, you merchant will realize the following benefits:

  • Eliminate chargeback risks. Purchases made with cryptocurrency are exact and final, unless the merchant chooses to process a refund.

  • Payments move more quickly, which helps merchants avoid the traditional wait time associated with international transactions.

  • Accepting cryptocurrency helps to simplify international payments by eliminating foreign transaction fees and currency conversions.


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