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Help New Employees Seal The Deal

As a successful business owner, you want to continue to grow your business. With the growth of your business comes bringing on new agents.  

You want them to have success, but it takes time to get them trained and familiar with all the products and services that you offer.  You want to make sure that they have every opportunity to close the deals when they’re out in the field, but you can’t go on every visit with them. 

Your agent is meeting with the owner of a restaurant that has three locations and they are interested in using a mobile payment processing solution to replace their old system.  The new mobile system will allow them to better serve their customers by taking care of the bill at the table versus making the customer come to the cash register creating a bottleneck and congestion in their restaurant. 

The owner starts asking your agent about the specifics of the processing system, and he doesn’t have all the answers.  What do they do?  

He could try to reach out to you, but you are running a business and may not be available at that specific time to help him.

If he’s not able to reach you, he may have to leave the meeting without answering their question and more importantly, not closing the deal.  Not only can this kill the deal but it also affects the confidence the customer has in your company to handle his concerns.  

What do you do?

Best ISO Agent Program | EMS

With Electronic Merchant Systems, the above scenario can be avoided.  If at anytime one of your agents is out in the field and has a question regarding an unfamiliar product or service, they can contact the EMS support team to help them with their questions. 

No longer do you have to worry about employees leaving a potential deal on the table.  Your customers can have 100% faith that any of their concerns can be handled and that they, and their business, are well taken care of.  

With EMS you can run, and grow your business while having faith your employees are able to get the answers they need to close the deals

Allow EMS to provide you with the answers you need to get the deal done. 

Click HERE to partner with EMS today.

Get Your Deals Done - Every Time

We don’t have to tell you how diverse the Merchant landscape is. From retail to restaurants to random mom and pop shops, the variations of Merchant’s industries is vast.

As payment processing trends are evolving at an unprecedented pace, do you feel like you are able to stay competitive in the merchant processing industry?

Or do you feel limited?

It can be frustrating when you put all of the work and effort in that is needed to close a deal and you have the merchant on board, only for the deal to fall apart due to your bank support.

It is discouraging and may cause you to pass up on great potential Merchants. 

If you want to gain the freedom to approach Merchants and confidently know that if you do your part, the bank will do theirs, you need to discover Electronic Merchant Systems’ ISO Agent Program.

EMS’ is backed by 6 Sponsorship Banks. That means if one of the banks won’t close your deal, you have 5 other options seamlessly at your disposal.

Get the support you need to get the deal done every time by clicking HERE to learn more about EMS’ ISO Agent Program today. 

Build Your Brand And Your Business With The EMS Agent Program

As a successful business owner, you have worked hard to grow your business. It has taken time and a lot of hard work to grow your business.  You’ve added employees that have helped take your business to the next level.  

You need a management system that can help you monitor your customers’ transactions and to help you stay up to date on what your agents are earning.  

Building this type of system can take time and a lot of money.  Both of which are at a premium for you. You can’t wait a long time for a company to build your portfolio management system.  You need it now, and you don’t want to spend a fortune in getting this created.  

Typically you’ll have to pay a large amount of money upfront and then a monthly maintenance fee to make sure that it continues to operate smoothly.  

Not only that, but nothing that is created from scratch optimally runs the first time it goes live.  

What if you could cut through the cost and time of having to develop a back-office tool to help you manage your portfolio?

What if you could have a portfolio management system that already has a hierarchy structure that allows for ease in managing your sub-agents?

With Electronic Merchant Systems MyPortfolio you can have a powerful, flexible, transparent, and simple to use portfolio system that can eliminate the time and investment you would need to create your own.

EMS ISO Agent Program | MYPortfolio

Not only will you receive the use of MyPortfolio and the transparency to show the most complete and current data for your specific needs, but we can also White-Label it for you, as well. 

With EMS’ MyPortfolio you can continue to build your brand and build your business.

Click HERE to take advantage of the industry’s best back-office tool.

Get Paid Your Way with Daily Residuals

As an Agent, you completely understand the term, “Client Facing.”

You’re on the move, traveling, and finding new customers. From city to city, and town to town, you’re on the hunt to close more deals and provide excellent services.

However, as we all know, life happens.

Let’s say you are traveling to a town with three potential clients, and you are feeling good. You’re feeling like these deals are basically in your pocket.

But, then your car dies. The battery is dead. Sure, you could get a quick jump-start, but does that really solve your problem? It’ll get you to your first customer, but what about the rest?

You could call a friend or flag down an Uber, but again, these are temporary fixes.

Now your eyes dart to your phone’s calendar. When is the next payday? Is it coming up in a few days or did you collect your residuals a few weeks ago?

You’re stuck deciding how to budget your income and find a way to get your car fixed while surviving until the next payday. 

This may not be a situation you have directly dealt with, but is there even a chance it could happen in your current situation?

This is why you need to consider how and when you’re paid.

Life comes at you in more ways than broken cars. Illnesses, injuries, fires, floods are just a few more.

With Electronic Merchant Systems’ ISO Agent Program, you can receive Daily Residuals. That means you get paid your way. You have the ability to receive an immediate, daily payment which is fantastic for life’s unexpected moments, along with overall monthly budgeting.

If the idea of receiving Daily Residuals sounds good to you, click HERE to learn more about EMS’ ISO Agent Program

Take the First Step Today

Choose the Best ISO Agent Program For You

Best Merchant Services ISO Agent Program

The above scenarios may not be specific issues you have faced in your business, but life and business can present you with unexpected moments.

Wouldn't it be good if there was a company that was able to help you?

With Electronic Merchant Systems Iso Agent Program, you can rest assured that we will be there to help you. Not only in those unexpected moments but also to help your business to take the next step. 

From our industry-leading payment processing solutions to our unparalleled customer service EMS will be with you every step of the way.  

To see how the EMS' Iso Agent Program can help you stand apart from other payment processing service providers fill out the form below and let's get started today! 

"I really appreciate all of the work EMS does for my agents and how quickly you respond to my inquiries. It has been fantastic working with EMS over the past 7 years, I've tried a few other Agent programs over the years, and honestly, very few I deal with besides EMS. Thank you again for all of your hard work!"

Agent Testimonial

"There are many instances this year where I quickly needed a response on a prospect or some customer service issue. EMS always answers me directly and with a great solution. On two occasions EMS' responses were very timely and gave us some extra information to help us write the merchant and ultimately get them approved."

Agent Testimonial

See How EMS' ISO Agent Program Sets You Apart

EMS' ISO Agent Program offers you:

  • 6 Sponsor Banks
  • Daily Residuals
  • White-Labeing Agent Portal
  • Sponsored ISO Registration
  • Surcharge Program
  • Innovative POS Solutions

Fill out the form to learn more about how EMS' ISO Agent Program can assist your business goals today.