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Best Gift Card Solutions for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you know that sometimes just getting customers in your store is half the battle. That isn't even taking customer retention into consideration.

Excellent service/products that withstand the test of time should be at the core of your business, but a little extra assistance getting some sales wouldn’t hurt, right?

Sure, there are promotions and referrals and endless “gimmicky” approaches you can take. But why not utilize a method that is tried and true?

We are talking about Gift Cards.

Did you know that 44% of consumers visit a store they would not have visited otherwise because of a gift card?

How valuable would it be to start reaching new customers? And that is just one fantastic facet of what gift cards can bring to your small business.

Let’s talk about more benefits and features.

Benefits of Gift Cards

Gift Card Benefits for Small BusinessesSmall Business Marketing Opportunities

You like data and facts, right? Here are two more statistics for you about Gift Cards:

  1. 93% of consumers will buy or receive a gift card this year
  2. 72% of customers spend more than the value of their gift card

So what does this mean?

Well, it means that gift cards are being circulated a lot and customers aren’t accepting them at face value, so to speak.

If someone visits a retail shop with a $25 gift card, and they find that top they just can’t live without, but it costs $30, they aren’t thinking, I’m spending $30 on this blouse.

They are thinking, I’m getting this blouse for $5, what a deal!

The customer is happy and you, the business owner, profit.

Here are two more benefits of gift cards that you may not have considered:

  • Marketing: Gift cards are like tiny, marketing billboards in your customer’s wallets that get shared and passed around. That is fantastic for brand awareness and getting people in your store. To the recipient, it is free money!
  • Lost Gift Cards: Even you have likely been guilty of this. It’s the holidays or your birthday, you receive a couple of gift cards, but in the packing and the hustle and bustle, you lose or misplace the card. If your small businesses's gift card is lost and never redeemed, you have just made a profit without having to supply any goods or services.

Want to learn more about gift card benefits and features?

Check out our PDF document.

Best Gift Card Solutions.PDF

Implementing Gift Cards

Leveling the Playing Field

Not only do gift cards benefit both you and your customers, they also help you develop a relationship. Your small business is more likely to acquire repeat customers and bring in a lot more foot traffic.

Electronic Merchant Systems offers small businesses an excellent and dynamic gift and loyalty program.

Altus Premier is a tool that is specifically designed to help small and medium-sized businesses attract new customers (and keep them coming back).

EMS’ in-house graphic designers create customized cards that match your business’s brand and style.

Speaking of cards, gift cards are still massively popular, especially around the holidays and birthdays, but no one can deny the incoming freight train that is mobile use.

EMS also offers merchants mobile loyalty, including apps with push messaging and even bluetooth beacons that send out deals, promotions, and more to your customers when they enter the store.

Embrace this digital age we live in and learn more about EMS’ mobile loyalty program here.

With EMS’ gift card and loyalty program, your small business can stay top-of-mind the people that matter most, your valued customers.

Why Choose EMS?

Small Business Gift and Loyalty CardsTrust Beyond Gift Cards

Running a small business can be stressful and is typically a lot of hands-on work.

Your focus and attention is already spread thin with the various tasks you need to finish, let EMS worry about your gift cards.

But why should you choose EMS?

We thrive the same way your small business does, we excel at our service and our customers know it.

Throughout the past 30 years of dedicated service, EMS has accumulated over 800 Google reviews and our average is 4.7/5.

Feel free to take the time and look through the comments of our valued customers. We remain confident in the security, reliability, and transparency that we offer all of our merchants.

At EMS, we employ knowledgeable customer service representatives that are willing to assist you 24/7.

Yes, 24/7.

That means if it is midnight and you need assistance with your gift or loyalty card and call our customer service, you will be met by a friendly voice that is neither automated or foreign.

This is just one of the many reasons why EMS resonates so well with our merchants.

Take the First Step Today

Choose EMS For All Your Payment Processing Needs

Don’t fall behind those Big Box companies. Don’t lose your customers to the pull of the competition.

With gift cards from EMS, you will:

  • Generate sales by raising customer spending
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Direct new customers through your door
  • Enhance your profits with lost cards and unused balances

Why not utilize EMS’ excellent service for payment processing?

In addition to our excellent gift and loyalty cards, EMS is known for being a top-rated payment processing company.

From credit card machines, to complete cloud-based POS solutions, to virtual terminals for convenience email invoicing, EMS has excellent products and services to benefit any small business.

Our payment processing is always tailored to your needs and is paired with tools to help you streamline operations, drive more sales, and save money.

Click the link below and our representatives will reach out shortly to discover precisely what your specific small business needs are and how we can assist you today.

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Learn More about Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift and loyalty cards are excellent at helping Small Businesses in the following ways:

  • Generate sales by raising your customer's overall spending
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Direct new customers through your door
  • Enhance your profits with lost cards and unused balances

Fill out the form to learn more about our Gift and Loyalty Cards and how EMS' Payment Processing can benefit your small business today.