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Using Facebook and Twitter’s Ad Platform to Promote Your Business

Cole Godsey

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites in the world as you probably already know. It has ad platform that allows you to promote your business to the specific audience that you want to reach. Facebook alone has over 1.4 billion users throughout the world and over 900 million of those users visit the website every day. Using Facebook Ads for social media marketing is a great way to expand your other marketing efforts and capitalize on this massive source of traffic.

Facebook Ads allows you to target your specific audience

One of the main advantages of Facebook Ads is the fact that it allows you to target your specific audience. Other types of advertising campaigns are just 38% accurate on average by Facebook’s estimate, while Facebook is 89% accurate. Facebook users can be targeted for a specific city, including a particular radius from a city. Users can also be targeted based on gender, age, education, field of work, and relationship status.

For example, if your small business sells jewelry in New York City, you can easily set up your Facebook advertising campaign to target women between the ages of 18-50 within a 5 mile radius New York City. With this specific targeting, you can send out promotions for your business that are much more likely to be effective at driving leads and sales.

As an extra bonus, you can also target users by their interests, likes and hobbies, which gives you more to work with when designing a targeted campaign. For example, people on Facebook who are interested in wedding photography and fashion may also be interested in buying jewelry, and you can target these users for experimental campaigns.

Behaviors are another unique feature of Facebook Ads

You can also target your campaigns by behaviors. Behaviors are determined using Facebook’s own data as well as data from third party partners to give a comprehensive view of the person’s online and offline decision making and buying activity.

To target behaviors, you simple choose a category followed by a sub category. For example, you can choose the category Jewelry which will target all of the people in households that have purchased jewelry in the past on Facebook.

All of these targeting techniques are highly useful and allow you to create well defined campaigns that are laser focused on the specific users that you want to reach: the ones who are the most likely to buy your service or product.

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