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5 Keys to Building an Effective Small Business Website

Cole Godsey

Building a website for your small business involves more than simply signing up for a site-building service and going online. For your small business site to be truly effective, you must first define clear objectives and goals. There are many things to consider, but five of the most important questions you must answer are highlighted below. Once you’ve identified the direction of your website with respect to these key areas, you’ll be ready to begin building an online asset that will help your business grow.

1.) Define Your Objective

Every website is designed with different goals in mind. Do you want your site to be an online shopping destination? Are you looking to increase signups for an email newsletter? Is there content you’re hoping your visitors will share on social media? Whatever your objective is, be sure to define that internally before developing your website. Then, build your framework and content strategy with that specific objective in mind.

2.) Develop a Content Platform

Determine what your brand is looking to say or stand for and build a content platform designed around furthering that message on your website. Create content in a highly visible blog that invites people to share your articles or pictures on social media. This content platform would serve as the home base of sorts for your small business message, with your social media properties being used to drive eyeballs to the content created on your website.

3.) Highlight the Problem You Solve

Your small business exists to solve a problem for someone. Identify what that problem is on your website, what could happen if it’s not addressed, and then how you will be able to solve it. This should be clear to a visitor upon arrival, and help create a sense of urgency for signing up or purchasing the product or service you’re offering.

4.) Capitalize on CTAs

Create clear call-to-actions that are identified throughout your website. Do you want people to click on a phone number and call? Do you want them to signup for your email newsletter? Whatever the objective you defined is, include CTAs throughout your site to increase those conversions. Learn more, call now, signup, are all phrases that could be used in different instances as effective CTAs.

5.) Personalize Your Brand

Tell your personal story somewhere on your small business website. After all, you’re a small business and not a corporation. Capitalize on that intimate connection with your customers by sharing the story of who you are as a person. What motivated you to start this business? Who helped you along the way? Answer these questions in the About section, perhaps, and help differentiate yourself from other competitors in your space.

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