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Credit Card Payment Processing Services for Travel Agencies

If you want to grow your business and serve thousands of travelers, you need the best credit card payment processing service for travel agencies you can get.

Traveling is all about convenience and growing your travel agency requires you to think globally and get involved with credit card payment processing.

By partnering with Electronic Merchant Systems, you’ll discover a travel agency merchant account with an extensive range of services that include reliable payment processing solutions and more.

Payment Processing Benefits for Travel Agencies

Credit Card Processing

A successful travel agency merchant account isn’t just about getting your travel agency to grow by having the service providers sated; it’s also about benefiting your clients.

Your travel service streamlines vacation plans for client after client. Why not look for the same benefits in a merchant account for your own business operations? In addition to reliable payment processing solutions, you’ll unlock a range of services like email invoicing and recurring payment capabilities. You’ll partner with a trusted team of experts in the merchant services industry. And you’ll grow your revenue by paying lower monthly costs that are customized for your agency’s needs!

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EMS' Virtual Terminal

When you are ready to set up payment processing with Electronic Merchant Systems, we will make your transition foolproof by using a virtual terminal.

When your clients decide to travel, they want simple solutions. In the case of credit card payments, that means installing a virtual terminal solution. With a virtual terminal, you can provide your clients with:

  • Email Invoicing - send your clients their bill via email and keep payments simple.
  • Secure Vault Storage - securely store client credit card information to process future payments with a simple click.
  • Set and Forget Ongoing Payments - schedule recurring payments for larger trips and the gateway will automatically process the payments.

Email addresses are designed for convenience, so why not use them to make your job easier and your clients’ travel more convenient? Payments are meant to be as fast as possible, with automatic sending of receipts, so you can focus on the real challenges of running a travel agency.

There is no threat to your marketing, branding, or reputation as you start using EMS. We check, recheck, and triple-check everything all the time through our automated systems.

Why Travel Agencies Choose EMS

Travel Agency

When it comes to credit card transactions, security and transparency come first. You need to have all the information to stay secure and make the right choices. With EMS, you always know what’s going on and there are no hidden fees.

We comply with Level 1 PCI DSS security standards, meaning we’re audited regularly for security flaws and vulnerabilities. We protect cardholder data and constantly test our system for any problems.

We’ve been working in the payment processing industry for more than 30 years, always putting our clients first, and we have a range of travel agency clients who are satisfied with their merchant accounts.

Whenever you need information or assistance, our dedicated customer support team members are standing by. Our US-based customer support team is and available 24/7/365, whether you call on a holiday or on the busiest hour of a workday, we’ll always be there for you. We’ve received more than 900 Google reviews from happy EMS customers, netting us 4.7 out of 5 stars.

We’re proud of being so beloved by our clients, but we’ll always work to improve and provide the very best credit card payment processing service for travel agencies and more.

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Choose EMS For All Your Travel Agency Payment Processing Needs

Our mission is to help businesses like yours grow.

Small businesses are our specialty and our pride and joy. After we get you outfitted with a virtual terminal solution, we can talk about some of the other products and services we offer, such as:

  • Website Design
  • Gift Card Options
  • Mobile Payment Options
  • Online Payments

Just like you’re making your clients’ lives more convenient, we too want to make your life more convenient and help you achieve your goals.

Come join us on this exciting journey and let’s give every traveler a trip to cherish.

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Learn More EMS' Virtual Terminal

  • EMS' Virtual Terminal helps Travel Agencies with the following benefits:

    • Online Payments
    • Simple Payment Processing
    • Email Invoicing
    • Customer retention
    • Significantly increased convenience

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