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Best Payment Processing Services for Landlords

As a property manager, you oversee the real estate buildings that you own or manage, and the properties you rent out, whether commercial or residential, are paid for every month. Many of our clients in this situation prefer to send invoices via the web, automate payments online, or have renters schedule out their payments for ease of settling their monthly bills.
Give your renters the convenience of paying online rather than filling out a check and mailing it to you a week or so in advance and grow your business and customer satisfaction.

Electronic Merchant Systems has the perfect solutions for your payment processing options as a landlord or property manager.

Benefits of Payment Processing for Leasing

Merchant Services for Landlords

Business owners and clients alike want quick, seamless transactions for their financial needs. With landlord payment processing and merchant services from Electronic Merchant Systems, it is convenient for your tenants to be able to make payments online with a secure system and even easier to keep track of submitted payments and late fees.

Avoid dealing with checks, secure deposit locations, and limited payment times. It makes it a hassle for tenants to pay you and a hassle for you to get the payment.

Make it simple and easy with online payments that can be done at your tenants preferred time. This system not only helps with the payment process but also with keeping positive relationships with your tenants.

When choosing virtual payment systems with us, you'll also enjoy:

  1. A Recurring Payment System
  2. Email Invoicing
  3. Prompt Payments

EMS' Virtual Terminal

Merchant Services with Property Managers in Mind

As a property manager, you understand fully the benefits of getting payments on-time from your renters, processing payments as quickly as possible, and having the option for automatic payments.

You can count on our Virtual Terminal to keep track of past and future payments. Our Virtual Terminal keeps track of and secures customer information − such as identification, sensitive card information, and more. With the Virtual Terminal, you can look up tenants by their name, DBA, or unique customer identification. With this information stored in the Virtual Terminal, you and customers can set up automatic payments to be charged every first of the month (or whenever the rent is due).

As a property manager who utilizes our online payment processing system, you can automatically run charges when rent is due, set up a monthly payment frequency, and set fixed bill amounts.

Managing several properties is undoubtedly a lot to keep track of, so Virtual Terminal takes some of the stress off of your plate.

Why Landlords Choose EMS?

About Electronic Merchant Systems

Secure Rental Property Payment Processing

Since 1988, Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) has grown to become the largest privately owned and operated payment processing company in North America.

Although we have grown as a corporation, we pride ourselves on maintaining a strong local presence in our merchants' communities, with 11 regional offices across the United States. We have established a range of clients, including landlords and property managers across the nation.

Over the past three decades, we have grown a loyal customer base because of our dedicated 24/7/365 customer service team, innovative products, and unparalleled services.

EMS has been certified as a Level 1 PCI Provider for over 10 years, and our processing terminals have been rated safe and secure by the PCI DSS. Our customers feel the same and have rated us 4.7 stars on Google with over 900 reviews, while the Better Business Bureau has rated us an A+ for our outstanding customer service.

Top Reasons a Property Manager Should Consider EMS

  • Our strong local presence. With headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, 10 other regional offices, and 100 sales offices, EMS is always near.

  • Variety of products and services. No matter if you are looking to upgrade to mobile pay, keep your online presence fresh with our Web Design, or go paperless with a Virtual Terminal, we have the tools to help you thrive.

  • Our ability to customize our products to you. Unlike other payment processing companies who may just have basic options and no customizable features, EMS can fully design gift card faces, online processing terminals, and point-of-sale systems specifically for your company.

  • Our unparalleled customer service team. Our support team is trained to answer your questions, help you overcome challenges, and educate you on our merchant services and payment processing solutions. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Discover Credit Card Processing for Property Management


No matter if you just got into the landlord game or have been managing properties for a while, EMS can help your business stand out from the competition.

When you are looking to outfit your renters with automatic payments, online invoicing, and 100% assured security, Electronic Merchant Systems is your answer.

If you are a property manager looking for a simple credit card and automatic payment processing solution, EMS has the keys to unlock your businesses potential.

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Learn About EMS' Virtual Terminal

EMS' Virtual Terminal assists Landlords with the following benefits:

  • Online Payments
  • Email Invoicing
  • Recurring monthly payments
  • Customer retention
  • Significantly increased convenience

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