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National Tenant Network


Throughout the US, National Tenant Network (NTN) helps property owners and managers make the best leasing decisions possible.

NTN’s resident screening reports help property managers and owners identify whether an applicant is likely to be a good tenant or a problem tenant. NTN proudly maintains the largest resident history database in the country and are able to create customized analyses of the screening results for each of our subscribers.

Partnering with EMS


Since National Tenant Network has partnered with Electronic Merchant Systems, they have been able to property managers and owners the following benefits:

  1.  Easy Rent Collection and Invoice Payments
  2. Secure Payment of Online Application Fees
  3. Acceptance of Both Credit and Debit Card Payments

Since 1988, EMS has been providing innovative business solutions to clients throughout the US.

 From Mobile Loyalty to Gift Cards, EMS has the tools for success.

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About EMS

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, EMS currently operates in over 100 U.S. cities providing trouble-free deployment of custom solutions that will increase your profitability. Our solutions are tailored to businesses in all stages of growth, giving you an important advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Quality Service

To ensure maximum return on your investment, EMS will educate you on the best techniques and methods to accept non-cash forms of payment. To protect your bottom line, we also provide suspicious transaction assistance and charge-back assistance at no cost.