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Payment Processing & Merchant Services for Medical Services

Medical Office

Healthcare merchant services and payment processing are unique within the medical industry, as charges range from planned, preventative services to unexpected, emergency charges. Fees range from small costs to large sums that require financing and payment plans.

With the range of charges that your healthcare patients might face, it is vital that your medical clinic utilizes merchant services that streamline patient care and payment processing that is simple and convenient for your office management and patient satisfaction.

Electronic Merchant Systems offers healthcare merchant services that deliver operational improvements by meeting HIPAA requirements, securely storing patient data, tracking recurring payments, and more.

Payment Processing Benefits for Health Care

Whether you’re a chiropractor, pediatrician, or podiatrist, partnering with Electronic Merchant Systems means you receive credit card payment processing that is safe and secure.

At Electronic Merchant Systems, we know that healthcare organizations are required to comply with a selection of regulations regarding PHI pr protected health information. With these requirements, it is important that you do not compromise patient data and put your organization at risk by using unsecure point of sale systems. We provide payment processing solutions that are designed to make your healthcare payment processing safe, simple, and secure while safeguarding your patients' sensitive data.


Health Care Merchant Services

EMS' Virtual Terminal

Our healthcare merchant services deliver payment solutions such as the Virtual Terminal, which allows your practice to utilize:


  • Email invoices - send off an instant email invoices that detail the amount due and stays with the client as a permanent record. This allows your clients to track payments and maintain records simultaneously.
  • Instant money transfer – the money arrives as soon as the client authorizes the payment.
  • Recurring payments – set up recurring payments for those patients who may be using a payment plan to pay a large bill. Once you enter the patient information, the payment gateway will automatically process the payment each month.
  • Secure Vault Storage - securely store patient credit card information to process future payments with a simple click.
  • Set and Forget Ongoing Payments - schedule recurring payments for those patients on payment plans and the gateway will automatically process the payments.

With the comprehensive virtual terminal, you are guaranteed superb results with privacy, professionalism, safety, and convenience.

Why Medical Services Should Choose EMS

We at Electronic Merchant Systems take immense pride in serving our clients with security and transparency. We want to help you stay risk-free while simultaneously sharing the crucial information you need regarding your payment processing.

We also pride ourselves on offering high-quality solutions that produce high-quality results.

The ultimate results you will get by using our healthcare merchant services and credit card payment processing services are:

  • Private data protection
  • Instant payments
  • Fraud and risk protection

We are in full compliance with Level 1 PCI DSS security standards, meaning we undergo regular audits for security vulnerabilities and flaws. We safeguard private data and constantly monitor our systems for any hiccups.

Over the course of 30 years, we’ve made many clients happy with the quality of our services. So much so that we have over 900 Google reviews, with their average score of 4.7 out of 5 stars. We are happy to read these reviews and see how much our customers appreciate the 24/7/365, US-based customer support we provide.

Start Accepting Credit Cards Today

Credit Accept Card Payment Processing

When you establish your partnership with Electronic Merchant Systems, you’ll receive so much more than just payment processing. Our healthcare merchant services are extensive, but on top of those, we even offer additional services that can support your medical organization.

Once you’re ready to run, we can also provide you with:

  • Gift Card and Loyalty Options
  • Mobile Payment Options
  • Website Design

Choose EMS For All Your Health Care Payment Processing Needs

The world needs healers, but healers also need to get paid fairly and on time. Let’s make medical services convenient, accessible, and flexible for everyone.

Adopt EMS credit card payment processing and make the payment process as painless as possible.

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Learn More EMS' Virtual Terminal

  • EMS' Virtual Terminal helps Travel Agencies with the following benefits:

    • Online Payments
    • Simple Payment Processing
    • Email Invoicing
    • Customer retention
    • Significantly increased convenience

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