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Payment Processing & Merchant Services for Medical Services

Medical Office

Although some patients may choose to delay Medical Services until the last possible moment, the care you provide is still important.

People delay the visit because they are afraid of what the medical professional might find, what tests will need to be run, and how much they will be billed.

We shouldn’t blame people for being afraid, since there’s a pervasive idea of medical services being outrageously expensive. Prevention is the key to avoiding a health catastrophe, which saves money and could even save a life.

We should make prevention as convenient and accessible as possible, urging every patient to get checked up regularly.

Whether you’re a chiropractor, pediatrician, or podiatrist, a simple regular checkup can save someone a small fortune in medical costs further down the line. 

So, how do you make regular checkups quick and easy for your patients? By adopting credit card payment processing for medical services.

Cash only takes you so far in growing your medical service business.

People who want to see a doctor might not carry enough cash with them for procedures you'll need to complete on the spot.

With credit card payment processing, you are free to offer added services and be thorough, knowing you’ll get paid.

Payment Processing Benefits for Health Care

Credit card payment processing for medical services takes advantage of the fact that digital money is safe and convenient to transfer with today’s technology.

Combining safety and convenience of digital payments means you have more time to actually provide medical services rather than:

  1. Refusing clients because they don’t have enough cash.
  2. Having to accept installments instead of the full amount at once.
  3. Embarrassing your clients by making them feel they can't pay.

With a payment solution such as a Virtual Terminal, your practice can:

  • Email invoices – send off an instant email invoice that details the amount due and stays with the client as a permanent record. This allows your clients to easily look back at what procedure was completed and when.
  • Instant money transfer – the money arrives as soon as the client authorizes the payment.
  • Recurring payments – set up recurring payments for those patients who may be using a payment plan to pay a large bill. Once you enter the patient information, the the payment gateway will automatically process the payment each month.

Once you eliminate all the awkwardness and embarrassment that comes with cash-only payments, you’ve taken a major step towards having your clients relaxed and actually enjoying the checkup.

Credit card payment processing also takes advantage of emails as a free, instant, and convenient way to log visits.

Our system is built to allow you to take on 10 times as many clients without unnecessary costs.

Once you try digital payments, you won’t be able to imagine going back to handling cash and checks only. You will open a whole new world of possibilities.


Health Care Merchant Services

EMS' Virtual Terminal

Just like the human body has different systems interacting to keep us going, EMS has a system to process digital card payments.

You don’t expect your clients to understand all the features and functions of the human body, do you? In the same way, we don’t expect you to know our payment processing system inside out before using it.

We’ve simplified everything you need into a single solution called a virtual terminalThis payment solution offers incredible benefits for your office, including: 

  • Email Invoicing - send your patients their bill via email and reduce clutter or traffic jams in the office. 
  • Secure Vault Storage - securely store patient credit card information to process future payments with a simple click.
  • Set and Forget Ongoing Payments - schedule recurring payments for those patients on payment plans and the gateway will automatically process the payments.

In short, this gateway is like your personal doctor for payment acceptance. You are guaranteed superb results with privacy, professionalism, safety, and convenience.

We simply ask you to give us a chance and observe the results, just like your clients do with you.

Your branding, marketing, and reputation will be untouched by EMS. We triple-check all the components of our payment system through automated processes.

Our medical service clients are impressed with how our virtual terminal automates all the tedious work they used to do by hand.

Once you start getting more payments faster, you’ll be impressed too.

Let’s go into more detail how EMS works.

Why Medical Services Should Choose EMS

We at Electronic Merchant Systems take immense pride in serving our clients with security and transparency. We want to help you stay risk-free while simultaneously sharing the crucial information you need regarding your payment processing.

We also pride ourselves on offering high-quality solutions that produce high-quality results. 

The ultimate results you will get by using our credit card payment processing services are:

  • Private data protection
  • Instant payments
  • Fraud and risk protection

We are in full compliance with Level 1 PCI DSS security standards, meaning we undergo regular audits for security vulnerabilities and flaws. We safeguard private data and constantly monitor our systems for any hiccups.

Over the course of 30 years, we’ve made many clients happy with the quality of our services. So much so that we have over 850 Google reviews, with their average score of 4.7 out of 5 stars. We are happy to read these reviews and see how much our customers appreciate the 24/7/365, US-based customer support we provide.

Start Accepting Credit Cards Today

Credit Accept Card Payment Processing

Taking baby steps is always fraught with uncertainty but also excitement and a sense of accomplishment.

Take the first baby step right now to dispel the uncertainty until there’s only excitement and accomplishment.

Once you’re ready to run, we can also provide you with:

  • Gift Card and Loyalty Options
  • Mobile Payment Options
  • Website Design

Choose EMS For All Your Health Care Payment Processing Needs

The world needs healers, but healers also need to get paid fairly and on time. Let’s make medical services convenient, accessible, and flexible for everyone.

Adopt EMS credit card payment processing and make the payment process as painless as possible.

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Learn More EMS' Virtual Terminal

  • EMS' Virtual Terminal helps Travel Agencies with the following benefits:

    • Online Payments
    • Simple Payment Processing
    • Email Invoicing
    • Customer retention
    • Significantly increased convenience

Fill out the form to learn more about how EMS can help your Travel Agency provide exceptional payment processing.