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Web Design & Hosting

The Internet truly levels the playing field for the small business CEO. Whether you need to establish your web presence, add a store to your existing website, or payment-enable an existing online store, we have the tools to assist you.

Your company’s online presence begins and ends with your website. Our creative design professionals can make high-end websites with high quality design accessible to your small business. We’ve developed a stress-free process that turns your business objectives into a productive website strategy.

Online Stores

Easily “bolt on” an online store to your existing website. This solution combines a robust shopping cart with an integrated credit card payment gateway. Extremely feature-rich with support for many payment and shipping options, full inventory control, promotional tools, and many other eCommerce selling features.

Online Ordering for Restaurants

The simplest and most cost effective online ordering solution available for restaurants. All we need is your menu and we will build out an effective ordering platform that will modernize how you take orders. Motivate and retain your patrons with automated loyalty and eCoupon capabilities. Receive orders in your restaurant via computer, FAX, email, or text message.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual Terminals are web-based, real time credit card payment applications that enable you to process and manage payment card transactions quickly and easily in a back office, phone, or billing environment.

“OneClick” Report Generator

Merchants have quick access to all of their transaction history. Reports from our virtual terminal can be viewed online or downloaded for import into third party applications.

Automated Recurring Billing

Create a reoccurring payment schedule with EMS Virtual Terminals. A great fit for merchants such as Health Clubs, Subscription Services, ISPs, Schools, Insurance, Utilities, Daycare Centers, etc.

Recurring Customer

Create customer database records, including secure storage of payment card information, for convenient reuse when payment amounts are not the same. With EMS Virtual Terminals customer database management is easy.

Shopping Cart Compatibility

Already integrated for “plug and play” installation with most shopping cart applications.

Ready to Learn More About EMS Virtual Terminals? Click below.

Social Marketing

Facebook is a marketing machine, plain and simple! They have built an amazing digital marketing system that your small business can profit from. You should be leveraging the 156.5 million US users on Facebook, that on average check their newsfeed 11 times per day.How we can help you grow your business through harnessing the marketing power of Facebook:

Get New Customers

Target ads on Facebook by gender, geography, hobbies, interests, age, homeowner, pet owner, etc. Hundreds of selections.

Retain Current Customers

Make sure you’re always in front of your customers and staying top of mind on a daily basis with Facebook Ads.

Reactivate Old Clients

Best kept secret: Your inactive customer list can be a gold mine. Allow us to show you how to bring them back to life with Facebook Ads!

Market to Website Visitors

Build and evergreen a Facebook audience of website visitors and give them a reason to come back.

Web Integration

API Integration

Our payment gateway API allows you to seamlessly connect your application to the credit card networks and streamline your transaction processing.

We provide developers with user-friendly, flexible payment integration methods and access to a sandbox account to start testing your integration with our service. The sandbox account provides a full simulation of the production gateway.

Shopping Cart Plug-ins

Payment Gateway Plug-In functionality is pre-written for most commercially available shopping cart applications. The majority of these third party applications require no programming to complete the link directly to your own merchant account with Electronic Merchant Systems. This will dramatically save on setup time and costs.

EMS Insights

EMS Insights monitors what matters to your business so you can make smarter decisions about marketing, operations, and employee management.


Turn your future credit card sales into cash

Working Capital Advances provides business owners with the ability to raise needed capital.

How it works…

Merchant funding between $5000 – $250,000. We retrieve a fixed percentage of your daily VISA/Mastercard/Discover sales when they are settled at the end of the day.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Loyalty Cards

Altus Premier’s loyalty functionality helps you engage, retain and grow your current customer base. It is proven that small reductions in customer defections dramatically increase profitability.

Gift Cards

Gift cards provide a simple, effective way to increase sales and are increasingly being used as an alternative to deep discounts. Generate new customers when used as gifts to customers’ family and friends.

Custom Card Designs

Think of your loyalty and gift cards as miniature billboards in your customers’ wallets. That’s why we produce uniquely customized cards for your business. Our in-house graphic designers will work with you in molding your vision into a plastic card masterpiece.

Retail Sales


MAXXPAY® Tablet & Mobile POS Solutions

MAXXPAY® POS is a tablet based point-of-sale solution that seamlessly connects an entire store with its customers. EMS’ MAXXPAY® is scalable for small businesses requiring simple to more complex POS functionality with variations available from single to multi-station units. Our solution is fully PCI compliant and is certified to work with EMV and NFC enabled readers. Capture signatures using the tablet at or away from the counter; perfect for retail line-busting or simply allowing customers to pay at the table. The options are endless.

Mobile Loyalty

Your Own Custom Loyalty App

The ultimate mobile loyalty program for savvy local retailers. Flok is a mobile loyalty and engagement platform designed to maintain effective relationships with your customers.


Everybody understands a punch card and it is at the core of this revenue driving program. Your customers can punch at checkout or get automatically punched by the included beacon device.


Use reward campaigns to drive new and repeat business. Welcome rewards, birthday rewards, visit reminders, facebook check-in rewards, geo-targeting rewards, happy hour reward, and many more.


Spark customer engagement and drive activity to your social sites. Reward customers for sharing their passion for your business on social media with their friends and followers.

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