Taking Advantage of New POS Technology

For as long as I can remember, shopping has always been a routine written in stone. One browses, selects, then pays at the counter.

While it seems like there is no way to streamline this process without forcing businesses and customers to adopt new and confusing payment technologies, the reality of the point-of-sale landscape is that payment processing is becoming easier, safer, and more mobile. So what does this mean for your business?

Picture this: You’re in line at the grocery store and notice some chapstick on display at the counter. You think to yourself, do I have chapstick in my car? Do I have any chapstick?

You shrug, pick it up and buy on impulse.

Now, as a business owner, imagine being able to turn any part of your store into the counter. Not only do the chances of impulse buying increase, but your employee who runs the register can now also run the sales floor.

New Point of Sale Opportunities

With new point-of-sale technologies, this isn’t merely a hypothetical--it’s reality. The days of impulse buying at the point-of-sale will never fade, so it’s time to reconsider what a counter truly is.

Surveys show that shoppers who interact with a sales associate are 43% more likely to purchase a product, and in turn they spend 81% more at the point-of-sale.

Basically, data shows that a true “counter” isn’t just becoming unnecessary, but that it’s extremely beneficial to shift employees from being behind a counter to being on the sales floor.

Mobile POS technologies offer businesses the tools to increase revenue and customer convenience. By changing where the purchase takes place, businesses are able to get more valuable sales associates involved in the purchasing journey, upping both the number of purchases and their raw value.

Electronic Merchant Systems offers an extensive line of POS systems ranging from stationary solutions like MAXXPay to mobile solutions like EMS Mobile that can help a business of any size increase its revenues and grow.